Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

I have another lobster based confession today. This one is particularly heart breaking if you're a lobster lover like me...
So this past weekend was my family's annual lobster fest. My dad buys 75 lobsters and invites over 30 of his closest friends (and kids) and we all stuff our faces into oblivion. It's one of my top ten days of the year for sure.
This year's lobsters were quite a bit larger than normal. This is both exciting and mildly problematic. I can normally eat at least two, and this year because they were large I only made it through one and a half. I'm pretty disappointed in myself. I wasn't the only one, meaning we had a lot of leftovers. So that there is fab news, because who doesn't want lobster rolls for days?!

Behold: The Lobster Pyramid
I got to take home one of these to go containers stuffed to the brim with lobster meat. And here's where it all goes bad. I hung around chatting for a bit before heading home with my stash o'lobster. I got home at the same time as my friend who rents the apartment on my property. We got to chatting, and next thing I know, my tub of heaven has been sitting in my car for over an hour.
You guys. You DON'T eat lobster that's been out for that long. I really considered it for awhile. But decided it really wasn't worth the risk. I still have PTSD from the stomach bug I had last winter. No reason to bring on that misery... not even for a giant tub of lobster.
And so, today's confession: I threw out probably $60 worth of lobster meat. Sad day my friends.

Have you ever ruined something fabulous like that? Didn't get to finish some leftovers you were super excited for? Anyone else get this attached to food, or is that just me?

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day! You can tell you've reached the end of a season when you stare at your closet for half the morning not wanting to wear any of them. Although a significant part of the problem is that I haven't done laundry in like three weeks... Summer, don't go. I still have plenty of clothes to wear, I just have to wash them! This is what I finally decided on:
Nothing screams professional like rhinestone flip-flips... Right? Ha. Let's look closer!

Top: Loft
I've had this t-shirt for maybe 100 years... Or five. One of those. The real miracle is that I've had a white shirt for that long and it does not yet have any stains. The day is young though.

Jeans: Vineyard Vines
I found these printed jeans at the Vineyard Vines outlet when I accidentally when shopping in Vermont. They were marked down to Cheap Stacie pricing so I had to get them obviously. I really like the pattern and they fit really well. Shocking because Cheap Stacie is also Lazy Stacie and I hadn't tried them on.

Belt: No brand
I wanted to mix things up from the "H" buckle I frequently wear, so I took to ebay to find an "S". I like this one and it fits all of my belts that the "H" usually goes on.

Shoes: Rocket Dog
Still need a pedi... If anyone knows of a mani-pedi place open past seven in my area, please enlighten me! These flops are great. The foot bed is a little soft so they're super comfy. And Rhinestones. Look shiny!

Arm Party!
Lefty has on an anchor wrap bracelet from Pura Vida. I thought the kind of heathered look to it was perfect with these pants! And also you'll recognize the apple watch.

Righty is adorned with a couple of stretch bracelets that I cannot recall where they're from. Like really no idea at all... Express maybe? I dunno. Next up is a GORGEOUS macrame bracelet from Nicole's Creations. Don't forget that I'm still reviewing my monthly surprises from Nicole over on Beeju Boxes! Definitely head over there and take a look at the amazing bracelet that came for August! And last is a tiny black and blue anchor bracelet from Pura Vida.

I have a dirty riding outfit for you today too! Not dirty in an inappropriate way, like LITERALLY it's dirty. I forgot what day it was until after I'd started riding, so I was already my typical mess when I took photos.

Posing with Jampy is nearly impossible. He's the itchiest horse I know...

Anyway, let's talk about my riding clothes!

Top: American Eagle
Just a plain old polo shirt in a pretty moss green!

Breeches: Romfh
I think the snake print on these is super fun without being too crazy. I sized up in these since I hadn't bought the brand before, and I didn't need to, so they're a little big. But better too big than too small! I really like the quality of the Romfh breeches, and would definitely buy more.

Belt: Gucci
I am loving the florals this year in fashion. I always was all ew florals. And then wore them briefly in the early 90's. Then I was ewww florals! Until now. Apparently they're cool again, and I am a sheep. But whatever, look how pretty!

So that's what I'm wearing this week! What do you have on? Any favorites featured today?

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday! Just barely at this point. Long day today. (Aren't they all?) It's been a relatively uneventful week as far as the four leggeds are concerned. Over the weekend I rode the Badger who was a wee bit full of himself ALL WEEKEND. Where do these kids get all that energy?! And why don't they share it?!
Thankfully, his sassiness is pretty controllable, but we opted to stick with flat work so nobody died.

Speaking of sassy kids... This one is becoming a sass-monster:
His current likes include scooting and spinning 180 degrees. Dislikes include going forward and paying attention. I predict some trainer rides in his future.
Romey gave me a little scare on Saturday though. He had reined in the sass that day and earned himself a walk/graze in the yard when we were done working.
I noticed after a little while that he was breathing awfully hard, so I got him walking. He wasn't catching his breath, so I got off and hosed him down with some lukewarm water. Still puffing like a dragon. Yikes. I hand walked him for awhile in the shade and finally he started to breath more normally. I gave him one last rinse off for good measure and stuck a fan in front of him for a bit.
That did the trick. I still don't know why he over heated like that though. We didn't work particularly hard and it wasn't all that hot out. I guess some things just stay a mystery.
Rio is still milking his fat back legs. He's finished his antibiotics, but still stocks up quite a lot when he's not moving around. I'm keeping him wrapped when he's inside to keep that to a minimum. Poor boy.
Jampy had a great jump school this weekend. I left the single jumps low, but I put the oxers out of the combinations up to 3'3". Maybe not big for real, but big for us lately! I stuck my phone in the fence and set it on video so I have some screen grabs to share!

After looking at all of the photos, I hiked my stirrups up a bunch. Look at that straight leg?! How did my stirrups get so long? And why am I laying on his neck? So many questions. I'm hoping to jump him again tomorrow. Will work on not standing on my toes and not laying on his neck.
A few weeks ago there was a deal on doggyloot.com for a pencil drawing of your pet for $35.00. I've been wanting to get a drawing done of Rio for the longest time, and that price was certainly right. Since I have no self control and am lacking in decision making skills, I ordered four drawings: one of Rio, one of my old horse Bud, and one of each of the pups. I'd like to get Jampy done eventually too, but I'm not totally irresponsible with money. Anyway, I got to see previews of the drawings!

I love how they came out, though I wish I had sent a photo of Rio with his ears perked a little more. I can't wait to see the doggies'! The artist is Debbie Sampson. She's actually selling prints of the Bud drawing (the horse at the top) on ebay and etsy! My boy may find himself hanging in homes all over! Debbie has a deal for a colored drawing up on Doggyloot now for $45.00. It's such a great deal, so if you've been wanting an artist's rendition of your favorite pet, definitely check it out here!
Friday night I was up braiding until 2 am. But I have to say, they all came out great! And then I'm pretty sure all rubbed them to fuzzy nubs by morning... Worst. I seriously take photos just to prove they looked nice when I put them back.

The pugs have been so neglected of late. Thankfully they're pretty happy to just hang out. Such good kiddos. I can't wait to spend more time with them this weekend!

And that's pretty much all that's up this Wednesday Thursday! What's up with you?

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Truthful Tuesday: Vain Edition

A few weeks ago, I received an e-vite to a celebration for a friend of mine from college. She had finally finished her Ph.D program, and her family was throwing her a big bash to celebrate that achievement. And then I saw on the very bottom of the invite: Black Tie.
Black Tie events are a rarity for me. When I was a kid, I went to a black tie bar mitzvah but other than that, most events I attend are either cocktail attire or completely casual. I LOVE getting dressed up fancy. Which is shocking because 99% of the time I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. Anyway, back to my confession... So this event was scheduled for this past Sunday at 5 PM. Tricky. I needed to ride 3 horses and hand walk Rio, run a couple of errands, and be Black Tie ready by 4 to reach the venue in time. You guys. I had to get ready in 25 minutes. I think I did ok though:
I went with the fail-proof braided bun for a hairdo since it requires zero hair drying/straightening. The only real hole in my appearance was my nails. They really needed to be filed at minimum, but truthfully are desperate for a manicure. Oh well. Something I've grown to realize about getting prettied up for events like this: the night is not about me. I used to really stress about looking just right for weddings, and what not. But I finally realized, as long as you show up clean and appropriately clad, that's fine. People aren't there to admire my appearance. They're attending for whomever the event is celebrating.
I totally felt awkward when one of my friends said we were going outside to take photos of each other by the flowers... but honestly, I'm kind of glad we did. It was fun! And I love this dress so I'm happy to have some photos in it.
Do you tend to run out of time to prep for events? Do you have a go-to quickie hairstyle for such occasions? Dressing up: yay or nay?

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursdays Threads!

Happy Outfit Day everyone! It's another awesome summer day here in New England, and nothing screams New England Summer like Flamingos! Oh wait... no. No, we don't have Flamingos here in New England. Whatever. I'm wearing them today anyway.
I'm making casual Thursday a thing. Also, please take notice of the puggie in the window. Alright, let's look closer!

Top: Kate Spade
If you aren't on Kate Spade's email list, you should get on there asap. They have incredible sales every so often and you can find their ridiculously expensive items for actual reasonable prices. This t-shirt is a prime example. I love that it says Strut Your Stuff down there by the flamingo's long legs. So cute!

Pants: Celebrity Pink
These pants WOULD NOT photograph their actual color. It's definitely closer to what you see above in the full length picture. Anyway, these pants have become a favorite. They are SO SOFT and SO STRETCHY! Like wearing classy jammies. I found these on the Facebook trading page for Moxie.Style. They were too short for the lady who bought them, but they are perfect on me!

Shoes: BucketFeet
So you don't know this because I'm ridiculously late every morning and don't have time to change my purse. BUT I have a Kate Spade tote and wallet that match these shoes almost exactly. I had hoped to bust them out today, but it didn't happen. The shoes are still super cute with the t-shirt though.

Arm Party!!
 Lefty is wearing the exact same thing as last week... Geeze Lefty, change your clothes! The two cuff bracelets are from Swanky Saddle and the watch I'm sure you recognize by now.

I have zero idea the brands on any of these bracelets. So my apologies for not helping you google search them on your own. But everything except the flamingo came in a stack from Zulily. The Flamingo I bought from an indy store that has since gone out of business. I love the colors on all of these and they go perfectly with today's casual outfit!

Riding outfit, lazy edition...
I wore this outfit last weekend at the horse show. I felt a little awkward taking outfit photos in public, so I tried not to let anyone see... the result? Lazy photos. And a finger over the top of the lens. Blogger photo fail! Whatever, the outfit is still cute.

Top: US Polo Association
This is one of the tops I found when US Polo Assn was on Zulily about a month ago. The tops run a little small in the shoulders which is a bummer, but I love the colors!

Breeches: SmartPak
I really like these denim breeches. If comparing to actual denim, I'd say they're like jegging material. Nice and stretchy, but thick enough to not feel like pull on breeches. (They are not pull ons!) I like the light colored stitching on them too. Makes them a little extra cute.

Belt: Mane Jane
Well if that's not an awkward photo, I don't know what it is.... My apologies for the crotch shot. Perhaps I should have edited this one. Angles aside, how awesome does the Mane Jane navy, patent croc belt look with this outfit?! Perfect.

Boots: Parlanti
I wore my Parlanti's at the show. I brought them in case by some miracle I actually got to compete, and decided to wear them anyway to make sure they still fit. They do! I'm starting to love these boots.

That's it for Thursday's Threads today! What are you wearing? Have a favorite piece from above? Let's talk clothes in the comments!