Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day!!!! As always, my favorite day of the week (other than Saturday of course). It's a gorgeous summer day here: low 80's and not a cloud to be seen. PERFECT! Too bad I'm working...
Here's what I wore today:
Yep! PONY PANTS! That's a find. But we'll chat more about them later. Be warned, PONY PANTS deserves to be capitalized every.single.time.

Top: Max Azaria
I haven't decided if I love this top yet. I definitely love the top half. But the elastic bottom I'm still on the fence about. It works great with the PONY PANTS though. So there's that.

PONY PANTS: Paige Denim
They are easily the coolest pants I've ever owned. Easily. Sometimes when work is slow I do silly things like search for "Horse, pants" on ebay. This is the result. They were no bargain, I assure you, but worth every penny if you ask me. I would wear them everyday if I could.

Belt: Gucci
You can't even actually see the belt today because my shirt covers it. But I figured a spur belt would go well with my PONY PANTS.

Shoes: NYLA
Ugh, I need a pedi in the worst way. Last time I got one was in FL... In March. So my apologies for showing disgusting feet. But these sandals are super cute. I figured they matched the belt. I also think brown leather screams pony time, so they totally work with the epic PONY PANTS.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning a stretch bracelet that I made awhile back. It features a sparkly pony and some natural stone beads. Along with the bracelet comes my trusty apple watch.

I just couldn't let the horsey theme go. And why should I? Righty has on a Spartina bracelet, and an unbranded bangle with a chevron pony. Perfect!

I have last night's riding outfit to share too! Complete with terrible lighting:

Told ya. Bad lighting. The up close pics are better.

Top: Ralph Lauren
This is totally a golf shirt. But I think it works just fine as a riding shirt too. Yay for big ponies!

Breeches: Goode Rider
I'm really into the denim breeches right now. I think they're probably on their way out of style since they seem to be on sale everywhere, but for now I'm embracing them! I really liked this gray color, and I liked them even more when they were 50% off.  I find the Goode Rider breeches have a great fit. They're expensive, but they hold up well, and are SO COMFY!

Belt: Unbranded
I found this S belt on ebay for six dollars. Who doesn't need a nice initial belt for $6? I certainly did! The best part is that the buckle is removable and fits all the belts my H buckles fit.

That's what I'm wearing today (and last night)! What do you have on? Any thoughts on the above? Have you tried Goode Rider breeches?


  1. yaaaasssssssssss PONY PANTS! I love them.

    I don't know what's going on with denim breeches- we can't give them away here in the store (do you want some? we have some Goode Riders, Ariats, Irideon that I will be GLAD to sell you for half price and free shipping, email me, I just want to dumb things gone) but the dressage trailer just ordered size runs in THREE DIFFERENT BRANDS. Maybe they're making a comeback in Florida?

    1. Who can make any sense out of fashion? Especially equestrian fashion. I can't buy any more right now... I just ordered a pair, and I already have..... let's just say too many. Let me know if those jasper colored kerrits go on sale though ;)

  2. YESSS to pony pants. I am not even surprised anymore at the outfits you find. After the fast food outfit, anything goes right?

    Thursday threads are my favoriiiiite blog day of the week.

    1. Hahaha! You loved the fast food outfit! I'll have to bring that one back soon.
      Thanks for coming by every Thursday!
      PS: Come ride with me!!!

  3. I love denim breeches. I think it's nostalgic for me back to the days when I rode in jeans. They also stand up to a bit more abuse than regular breeches.

    1. You know, I think you're on to something there! That's probably why I love them too. I hope they don't destroy my pommel like jeans did though...

  4. OMG PONY PANTS! I have never had denim breeches, might have to give some a try.:)

    1. You should! And they're on sale absolutely everywhere right now. So timing is right!

  5. Nice style! You look beautiful with these pants. ^^