Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

There's not a whole lot up this Wednesday in all honesty. I spent the days working, and the evenings riding. We've already talked about Rio's little episode on Truthful Tuesday, and other than that things have been pretty quiet. I was supposed to have a couple horses to braid on Saturday, but my clients decided to go unbraided since the entries were really light at the show. Story of my summer! I really didn't mind, it was nice to have the night off.
I rode everyone this weekend. Rio just tack walked, but it still counts right? Jampy finally jumped around the course I set last week, and was actually more or less a good pony.

These pics are rough I know... But I took them from my watch's timer. Which is only 3 seconds. And really useless when you're also trying to ride... Longer timer please apple watch!
I took selfies with the other kids:

Rio was weird:
"I give kisses to mommy"
I finally busted out the grooming gloves for Rio too. He's already prepping to grow his winter coat. How depressing. But he LOVED the gloves. I think I will bite the bullet and get a pair each for the other horses too. I hate sharing grooming tools.
Ahhhh Mommy, that's the spot!

And the short kids did a lot of this:
They live the life. I made sure to take a few minutes to stuff my face as well. After riding Badger Saturday morning, I stopped at Dunkin for a muffin, coffee, and some pokemon time. (Finally I got some Poke balls!)

Sunday, I was dying for another lobster roll at the lake. I had a few errands to do so I drove over this time. It was delicious, and no complaints about the view:

And I was SUPER excited when I got my pics from Saratoga finally!
Photos by Shawn McMillen

Seriously, how huge is Venti. Such a good boy. I wish I could lease him for Medal Finals in two weeks. (Spoiler alert, I'm not going.)
And I guess that's about it... Oh! Like everyone else, I've been playing with Prisma too.

I think SuperPhoto is a superior app personally, but this one is lots of fun too.

What's up with you this Wednesday? Do anything fun this past weekend? Play with Prisma? Do you know how to save the Prisma photos without the watermark in the corner? I don't.


  1. Yeah I'm just not into Prisma. Your show photos look very nice :)

    1. To each their own ;)
      Thank you! Not bad for never riding him before!

  2. I posted about Prisma too. There's a toggle in settings to turn of the Prisma logo.

    1. I saw! I loved the pics of your dog!
      Thank you!!! I suppose I should have tried settings...