Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day! You can tell you've reached the end of a season when you stare at your closet for half the morning not wanting to wear any of them. Although a significant part of the problem is that I haven't done laundry in like three weeks... Summer, don't go. I still have plenty of clothes to wear, I just have to wash them! This is what I finally decided on:
Nothing screams professional like rhinestone flip-flips... Right? Ha. Let's look closer!

Top: Loft
I've had this t-shirt for maybe 100 years... Or five. One of those. The real miracle is that I've had a white shirt for that long and it does not yet have any stains. The day is young though.

Jeans: Vineyard Vines
I found these printed jeans at the Vineyard Vines outlet when I accidentally when shopping in Vermont. They were marked down to Cheap Stacie pricing so I had to get them obviously. I really like the pattern and they fit really well. Shocking because Cheap Stacie is also Lazy Stacie and I hadn't tried them on.

Belt: No brand
I wanted to mix things up from the "H" buckle I frequently wear, so I took to ebay to find an "S". I like this one and it fits all of my belts that the "H" usually goes on.

Shoes: Rocket Dog
Still need a pedi... If anyone knows of a mani-pedi place open past seven in my area, please enlighten me! These flops are great. The foot bed is a little soft so they're super comfy. And Rhinestones. Look shiny!

Arm Party!
Lefty has on an anchor wrap bracelet from Pura Vida. I thought the kind of heathered look to it was perfect with these pants! And also you'll recognize the apple watch.

Righty is adorned with a couple of stretch bracelets that I cannot recall where they're from. Like really no idea at all... Express maybe? I dunno. Next up is a GORGEOUS macrame bracelet from Nicole's Creations. Don't forget that I'm still reviewing my monthly surprises from Nicole over on Beeju Boxes! Definitely head over there and take a look at the amazing bracelet that came for August! And last is a tiny black and blue anchor bracelet from Pura Vida.

I have a dirty riding outfit for you today too! Not dirty in an inappropriate way, like LITERALLY it's dirty. I forgot what day it was until after I'd started riding, so I was already my typical mess when I took photos.

Posing with Jampy is nearly impossible. He's the itchiest horse I know...

Anyway, let's talk about my riding clothes!

Top: American Eagle
Just a plain old polo shirt in a pretty moss green!

Breeches: Romfh
I think the snake print on these is super fun without being too crazy. I sized up in these since I hadn't bought the brand before, and I didn't need to, so they're a little big. But better too big than too small! I really like the quality of the Romfh breeches, and would definitely buy more.

Belt: Gucci
I am loving the florals this year in fashion. I always was all ew florals. And then wore them briefly in the early 90's. Then I was ewww florals! Until now. Apparently they're cool again, and I am a sheep. But whatever, look how pretty!

So that's what I'm wearing this week! What do you have on? Any favorites featured today?


  1. I want to say you're inspiring me. Except I am not actually making any changes in my outfits and wear the exact same thing every day (jeans + t-shirt + sneakers). But I feel inspired.