Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday again already! AND it's my fake Friday. I'm heading back to VT to see my baby Badger this weekend. It's supposed to rain and be super hot... Woohoo!
This was another fairly quiet week. Work, ride, repeat.
Jampy has jumped a few times, and we even had a helper out to video and set jumps. SO MUCH EASIER when someone is there to help. Seriously. I didn't put any video on line because I'm lazy and it's not exciting. But I had some fun with photo apps and really, that's more fun than a boring video anyway. For your viewing pleasure:
Combination off the right...

And the other one off the left!

Blurry photos still look cool when you run them through an app...

Not sure why I like this one so much, but I do.

no filter here, and it's blurry. But he looks so happy!

My new wallpaper on my work computer. I have it tiled. It's awesome.
Sunday was a beautiful day at the farm. Badger was up in VT, and other than errands I had the whole day to give to the ponies. After riding, everyone had a chance to walk around the yard and eat some grass. The grass is in a sad state since we're in a bit of a drought. But they were happy anyway. Even Romey had his first under saddle walk outside the ring. He has been testing me to the max lately, and while I thought I was failing his tests, after the last few days, I think maybe I passed one or two... Babies are tough!

You caught me, this clearly wasn't the same day. But how cute is Romes?!

Why are the ears so big on this cob sized bonnet?!!!

I model like Rio.

Mouth full... can't chew all this.

I thoroughly embarrassed Jampy when I made us wear matching clothes...
I feel like the summer is definitely slipping away. I'm having more and more rides like this:

And I'm not sure I'm ready for night time rides... But you can't control the seasons, so hopefully the kids will be good once we're in the dark again.
The short kids don't really care if it's light or dark out. They just like to do this:
Me too short kids, me too.
And that's about all that's going on here. What's up with YOU this Wednesday?!