Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursdays Threads

Outfit Day! We're still in the thick of our heat wave (which I'm loving by the way) but I was feeling particularly unmotivated when trying to dress myself today. So I went for casual and comfy.
T-shirt and jeans for the win! And obviously some super cute shoes.

Top: Rue21
I buy my dogs their food at our local outlet mall, so when I stopped for that on Saturday I took a little detour to Rue21. I had to have this cute t-shirt, I love the colors! It may only last a few wearings, but for the super low price tag, I don't mind.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I think you've all seen these before. I found them in Florida over the winter at Marshalls on the clearance rack. I have no idea why they were there. They're perfect, and I love them. And especially since they were under $20.

Shoes: RedHawk
As a teen in the 90's I spent my summers in white hurachi shoes. They've since made a come back and I was pretty eager to hop on that band wagon. And when I found them in mint?! I hit add to cart and checkout now so fast my credit card didn't know what hit it!

Arm Party!
Lefty is sporting that bracelet I "made" a few weekends ago. Maybe that's why I loved the t-shirt so much? Because it went perfectly with my new bracelet? Probably. I'm pretty shallow like that.

Righty is wearing a Stella and Dot wrap bracelet along with an H bracelet. The colors didn't come out quite right on these photos though. They actually are more turquoise than blue and go very well with my top.

I have a riding outfit to share today too!
I'm totally digging button downs and breeches lately. I love this look. Though the long sleeves in this weather can be a bit much...

Top: US Polo Association
I ordered a couple of these button downs by US Polo Association from Zulily recently. They are very lightweight and perfect for summer. They'll be nice layered in the fall too.

Who am I kidding? I totally didn't ride in that last night, it was hot outside:
To be fair, that sensor was in the sun. I think it was really about 92. Not so bad. But not long sleeve weather. I actually wore this scandalously low cut tank top instead. Don't tell anyone. (This is why riding in my back yard is awesome. I can wear inappropriate tank tops and not get judged by anyone other than myself.)
Tank: Old Navy
I wish I could live my life at this angle. I look so slim! (#delusions) I have a bunch of these Old Navy tanks. They used to be cut a little higher which I liked for riding. But what can ya do? I don't make the tops.

Belt: Designer inspired
You'll recognize this one, I know it was on here recently. It's the world's worst Gucci knock off. But I like the white and gold so it gets a lot of wear.

Breeches: SmartPak
I found these denim breeches during one of Smartpak's sales. They're very comfy most of the time. Yesterday though, they were doing the saggy crotch thing that I hate! Hopefully it was just because I was so hot and sweaty. I don't want to hate these pants.

Boots: HKM
I love the look of these SO MUCH! But sadly while riding in them last night, I've decided I don't really like riding in them. Now that they're broken in, they're too big. I don't have a good feel of my horse because I'm slipping around in there. I think I could probably wear them with jeans though, no? They're just so pretty!

Well, that's what I'm wearing today. What do you have on? Have a favorite from above?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

This week has been pretty low key around here. We're definitely in those hazy, lazy days of summer, and I LOVE it! It's been in the low 90's and although it's humid, I really can't complain. I just love summer. Wish it would last longer!
I even wore shorts. Which happens maybe once a year. You may require sunnies to view this photo of my never exposed legs.

The pugs, however, think it's too hot:
Pug puddle

so hotz. can't move.
The horses have been "working" all week... But I use that term loosely. After my time away, Jamp is having a hard time settling back to work. Also I moved the jumps finally so he seems to think he's moved across the country. There clearly are nothing but dragons in every part of the ring now. It's not easy being Jamp.
New course that I have yet to jump because monsters.

Prior to moving jumps

Also before moving jumps

Mommy... Did you SEE THAT?! No Jamp. I didn't.

That fence keeps the monsters in the ring. Safe for snackz

Mom, enough with the selfies.
don't make me go out there.

 Romes has been really good! I've been trying to get him to stand and relax when he hears the campers being rowdy on the other side of the woods, or the loudspeaker from the triathlon. Some days are more successful than others of course, but he's definitely making the effort. I like this little horse so much!
The grass is KY was way better than this...

I'm so handsome in an app!

not scared of fake flowers

I thought I was scared of this, but no. No monsters here.
Since Rio is still fighting off whatever it is that's making his legs big, I wanted to make sure he got out for a walk everyday. With the heat I didn't want to do too much with him, so we either hand walked or tack walked around the property. And maybe had some grass too...
Mom, this isn't my best side.

riding snackzzzzz!

This shadow makes me look fat.

Damn Pokemon are all over the arena.

Past my bedtime.

Handsome in any filter.

Also handsome sans filter.
I had a nice flat on Badger Saturday and was hoping to jump him Sunday, but he threw a shoe. This horse... I'm telling you, he's thrown more shoes since I've owned him than I think any of the others have total in the last five years. Trainer let me ride one of her Grand Prix horses Sunday instead though, so that was super fun.
One more selfie, and I'll take off a shoe.

Told you.
After horsing around (literally) all day on Saturday, I was DYING for a lobster roll. Because New England Summer, duh. And then I remembered that they have them at the Snack Shack! I was super excited because the Snack Shack is located at the lake that's just around the corner from my house. Walking distance! (And you pass a pokestop on the way...)

Best. Decision. Ever.
After stuffing my face, I had a few errands to run, so that obviously culminated in a little frozen yogurt. I mean, when it's still 91 degrees at 9 pm, you need a cold treat, right?

I'm also getting organized to post some more reviews over at Beeju Boxes. I have Heart to Horse Box, Barkbox, and Nicole's Creations almost ready to post. So be sure to head over there to see what goodies arrived this month!

After a long weekend of horsing, eating, and moving jumps, I realized the Pugs had the right idea so i joined them in their loafing.
And that my friends is what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do anything fun this past week? Any horse shows or road races? Tell me what you've been up to in the comments!
I shall leave you with last night's gorgeous sunset.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

You guys. I did it. I downloaded Pokemon Go. I couldn't resist the peer pressure. I have a few thoughts on the game to share:
1. Those Pokemon are really cute

2. Except this one, this one is not at all cute.

3. It's kind of a boring game once you've run out of Pokeballs and there's not a single Pokestop at any of the places I go to regularly.

4. I must resist BUYING Pokeballs.

5. I really can't figure out why people are running into streets and off cliffs playing this game? The pokemon don't run away from you. Natural selection at work I think.

Are you playing Pokemon Go? It's ok, you can tell me. Judgement free zone here!