Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Truthful Tuesday

Today I'm confessing to spending far too much money on... a belt. I've been lusting after this belt for a couple years now:

Only in black or dark brown not this tan color. Problem is, this belt retails at $700. Now we all know I waste money on pretty things. But not like that. No no no.
Whenever my dad takes us on a family vacation, he gives us an allowance for shopping fun. It's a pretty generous allowance... (My dad's an awesome guy.) So while wandering around downtown Nantucket, I saw the above belt at the polo store. Still for $700. I obviously did not buy it. But it did bring back all my repressed feelings for that belt. That was on Saturday.
Sunday morning while my sister-in-law and I were hitting up all the stores we missed on Saturday, I stumbled across this belt:

Only in black. It was at a cute little boutique and NOT made by Ralph Lauren. It was ohhh... I dunno, about $500 dollars less. Still quite pricey, but far more attainable. I did not buy it... not right away. But I told my dad about it as I had mentioned the Ralph Lauren belt the night before (in this vein, "who in their right mind spends $700 on a belt?!). His response to my less pricey find? "So go get it." And so I did. And I still stayed within my allowance! <pats self on back>
Yep. I spent $200 on a belt. And honestly, I'm only mildly ashamed. Next task is finding something to wear it with!

Do you ever overspend, especially if it's not really your money? Have an item you're lusting after? Feel ashamed for lusting after material objects?


  1. well it is an insane amount of money to spend on a belt, but when you compare it to the 700 dollar belt its justifiable? haha life is short- enjoy the belt its cute :)

    1. My thoughts exactly! Plus vacation allowance is use it or lose it, so...