Wednesday, December 1, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Holiday weeks are always full of all kinds of things, aren't they? This one is no different! I spent most of Wednesday morning at the car dealer picking up Betty's replacement. You've all heard my car woes all summer, and last month I finally took the plunge and ordered a new car. She arrived Wednesday. Everyone, meet Beatrice Mila Winthrop:

Yes. I bought a green car. And it's a convertible. I think it's clear to all of us that I'm having a pretty solid midlife crisis, what with the horse and the convertible... It sure is fun though!

But you're not here for cars. You're here for horses! Most specifically Al. 

Stands for hoof picking like a champ!

Since he had surgery, then a month of recovery, and then he flew here, we're taking things slowly, letting him get his fitness back. We've mostly just been flatting. But on Sunday, I managed to get on during a quiet time in the ring (VERY rare on a weekend!) and the assistant trainer was riding the barn owner's young horse and having a little school. Barn owner had set a little pile or rails on the ground, and I asked if I could join. She said sure, so I followed the baby horse over the poles. Eventually it became a little vertical and barn owner said to keep going too. So I did! And you guys... Al is wonderful to ride. He's adjustable and feels pretty brave. It was a plain white rail with nothing really under it, so nothing spooky. Not really a bravery test. But he didn't worry when I made him add one too many or kicked up for the long one. He was just like, okay yeah, cool. 

I know you're not supposed to compare horses to each other. But I have to tell you guys. This horse rides EXACTLY like young Rio. Al is a touch more green, but Rio was 8 when I bought him, and Al is just 6. So that's expected. But everything else feels weirdly familiar. Even how he acts when he's fresh. The same. It's crazy! They're not particularly closely related so I'm pretty surprised by the similarities. I mean, I had a feeling watching the videos and seeing how he carries himself. But it's a little mind blowing. I'm feeling VERY excited for the future. We'll probably mostly flat this week, and then maybe start jumping small next week. I don't see any reason to rush into things. We have all winter to get to know each other. 

He's been so cooperative for everything we've thrown at him since he got here. He goes out in the med paddocks next to mares and doesn't misbehave in the slightest (phew). He got worked on by our body worker last week (which I've already talked about, I know) and then on Thanksgiving morning he got shod. 

The farrier took his time, since not all of Europe hot shoes, so who knows if he's had that done before. He wasn't concerned about it, so I'm guessing he has. My farrier pointed out something interesting. Al's outside heels are kind of scrunched up behind. He says that's very typical for stallions (due to um... them doing their job... and also how they stand to accommodate "the jewels") and it will correct itself now that he's gelded. Al will see the vet I think next Friday so they can meet and get a baseline for how he goes and feels. 

I got on Al first yesterday morning. Unfortunately, I was in a big rush because I had to run my dad and stepmom back to the airport, so there were two horses getting rigged while I was trying to ride. Al came out FRESH, so being stuck on a small circle wasn't such a bad thing... lol! He settled down though, once we trotted for awhile and had a nice, albeit short, ride. I put him down for a free lunge today so hopefully he enjoys that and gets some fresh out. I really like how sensible he is, even when he's feeling wild. I hope that feature stays with him!

Everything is going well with the other two also! Eros still hasn't jumped. I need to sit down with the lesson book and find a spot for him. Shiny didn't jump last week either. She normally lessons on Thursday and with the holiday we missed out. I could have put her a different lesson another day, but I figured I'd give her the week since she had all that vet work done the Friday before. We'll lesson tomorrow. 

She is feeling great though! Her canter transitions are feeling better, and her hind end feels so much... smoother? If that makes sense. She's been a little sassy for her first canter lately though, kicking out some. So I'm not sure if something else is bothering her now, or if she's just feeling a little sassy. It's sometimes tough to distinguish with her. She feels very sound, so I'm leaning toward attitude. 

Eros is feeling good too, despite me using the wrong saddle on him for two days. Boy do I feel silly for that! In my defense, they look nearly exactly the same. Heh. Oops.

This isn't my saddle... -Eros probably

But in the more midlife crisis (and non horse) news... Pia is getting a sister after New Years! 

Her name is Rita and she's some kind of Chihuahua cross. There is a pair of sisters who have a pony at the barn and their parents are a vet and vet tech. They've been fostering Rita. She was hit by a car and her former owners surrendered her because they couldn't afford the bill. (Though they also didn't stick around long enough for the x-rays even to know that the bill wasn't going to be too bad... People suck.) Anyway, from the accident, Rita had a broken pelvis and one of her eyes was popped out. Fortunately, the eye went back in with no damage at all, and her pelvis did not require any surgery. She's been on crate rest for a few weeks, and is now having light exercise and doing great! She will be spayed this week (seriously people, do this for your dogs as soon as they're old enough, don't wait!). She's about two years old, so past the puppy stage which is nice. I'm taking a trip after Christmas, so I asked if they could keep her until I get back. Seems unfair to take her, then give her back, then take her again. It would be confusing I think. So they are happy to do that since they also love her. I also feel more comfortable having her rehab with the vet for a little longer. 

Pia and Rita met on Sunday. I had told the fosters, I really wanted Rita, but it was up to P since she's in charge of the household. While I'm not sure Pia loved Rita, she didn't mind her at all. So I think they'll get along just fine. 

So many changes happening over here lately! Horses and cars and dogs... Oh my! If anyone is looking for me, I'll just be over here enjoying my midlife crisis to the fullest. 


  1. Oh my goodness, congratulations! She's so cute! Love the car too.

  2. I love that you got a car in one of your barn colors. Very on brand 😂 Rita is adorbs, I can't wait to see more of her!

    1. Haha! Right? I almost got the 1 series again, but it wasn't available in this color, so I had to upgrade!
      Thank you! I can't wait for her to move in!

  3. Ayyyy we should all do midlife crises as well as you! New horse, new car, new dog :) the trifecta!

  4. Al sounds perfect!!! I keep thinking of that Paul Simon song...You can call me Al.
    And congrats on the new dog!!

    1. Ha! ME TOO! I was singing it every time anyone asked his name.
      Thank you! I can't wait for her to move in!

  5. yes plz i'd like to order a similar midlife crisis kthxbai ;) <3