Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Truthful Tuesday


Heh... This is a good one... So last week the day after Al arrived, I headed to the barn armed with all my saddles to find the best fit for him. Turns out none of my saddles fit him all that well, but what can you do? The closest fit for him was actually Shiny's old saddle, but it kind of rocked on him and I wasn't at all comfortable in it. So for now, he and Eros are sharing. It's not a terrible fit, but I'll need to get him his own soon. But here's the funny part (and my confession). I mixed up Pammon's and Eros' saddles! So for two days poor Eros was riding in a saddle that slightly narrow on him. Oops. He didn't go any differently so I don't think he minded all that much... but boy did I feel like an idiot! Al wasn't subjected to it because it was the two days I used Shiny's on him.  Perhaps it's time I put nameplates on to tell them apart... 

And because you all want more Al... Please enjoy this gratuitous photo of us from the weekend:


  1. Replies
    1. LOL! I didn't do anything embarrassing with him just yet! More Al talk tomorrow!

  2. Nawww he sooo cute cant wait to see you jump him! how big are you planning to jump on him?

    1. I can't wait either!
      Not sure what we'll do eventually, but he's capable of the 1.3 meter jumpers.

  3. #100%here4theGratuitousAlPhotos

  4. If you makes you feel any better, I tacked Cinder up with Peebs' bridle last week. Cinder goes in a double jointed D ring with a regular nose band and a blue browband while Peebs has a single jointed full cheek on a figure 8 with a green browband. At least your saddles look alike!