Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! You guys, it's going to be 90 here today! Ahhhh! I love summer. I love it so much. SO MUCH! I've also had a lot of coffee... sorry for abusing the exclamation points. And the caps lock. Anyway, I'll start with today's outfit first, but keep reading because I have a really cute riding outfit below!
So summery!!! I can't wait to switch over to all my cute summer clothes. Let's look closer!

Top: Dylan
I found this at Marshalls when I was in Florida this winter. I almost passed it by because it's an XS, but it fits great. So glad I took it home with me!

Pants: Celebrity Pink
These are from Moxie.Style and I actually bought them from another shopper there rather than through the site. The previous owner was too tall for them, but since I'm stubby, they are perfect! They're SO COMFY! Really stretchy and soft.

Belt: Mane Jane
You all know my love for Mane Jane. I don't need to reiterate. Go get one though! You won't regret it.

Shoes: Sperry
Seriously. How cute are these?! I accidentally found myself on the TJ Maxx website and there they were... In the clearance section, no less! Flamingos, woven bottoms, Sperry... They have everything I love in a shoe!

Arm Party!
This wrap bracelet was part of a stack by Tokyo Bay that I also accidentally found on the TJ Maxx website. Hey, I needed to get to free shipping! I think it looks perfect with my watch!

The first six all came in a stack by Zad. Yes... same shopping trip at TJ Shut up. I know I have a problem. The chain bracelet behind it is actually all one bracelet and it comes from Ettika. They go together perfectly! And they match my pants. Win!

Now for the fun riding outfit, which happens to be a similar color scheme with today's outfit.

How about those breeches?! I know you love them. I love them too. We'll talk more about them below.

Top: US Polo Association
I stocked up on some new polo shirts when Zulily had them featured recently. And yes, that little pony emblem matches my breeches EXACTLY.

Breeches: Annie's Equestrian
This color is called green tea, and I LOVE THEM. They're kind of a turquoise color. I think the contrasting gray patches are perfect. Annie's apparel is designed by a kid, can you believe it? Her mom runs the shop and handles the tough stuff, but the designs are all Annie's. I think that's awesome.

Belt: LV maybe?
I found this on Ebay and paid all of about six dollars for it, so it's authenticity is unlikely. But it fits well with the small belt loops on the Annie's breeches, so I love it for that. Also, it's crocodile embossed and is PERFECT with my boots today!

Boots: HKM
I'm FINALLY breaking these bad boys in. How gorgeous are they? I'm so in love with them. No, I would never ever wear them in the show ring, but they're awesome to wear at home or for schooling. They're still pretty awful to walk around in (I've only worn them one day) but they are awesome for riding. I barely noticed that they were new.

I forget the brands on the spurs and straps, but I had to show them off because they're so cute. Little horse shoes with rhinestones in the middle adorn the spurs, just on the outside so they won't rub on your horse. The spur straps are crocodile embossed to match the boots and my belt.

And that's what I've wearing today (and last night)! Do you have a favorite? What are you wearing today?