Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

Ok... are you all sitting down? No? Ok, I'll wait....

How about now? Are you sitting? Ok good. I can tell you then. I am lacing up my sneakers and getting back to running. No really! I am! Or at least, I'm trying to. I signed up again this year for the Stridebox Two Week Virtual Marathon, and I'm committed to getting it done. Even if I have to walk some of the miles.
The Stridebox Virtual (2 week) Marathon runs fromMay 30th and goes through June 13th. Runners can log their miles in anyway they wish within that two week period. The proceeds benefit Warfighter Sports, so aside from getting me fit, it's also a great cause!
To help me get started, I got a couple of new pairs of Mizunos. Hey, Zulilly had them on sale and they were practically two for one. Plus I love the Wave Sayonara models, and they're a little harder to find sometimes. Gotta stock up while you can! Here they are:

I wanted to take full advantage of the day off work to get a jump start on my 26.2. So after doing barn chores, many loads of laundry, and straightening up the house, I hopped on the treadmill. I opted to stay indoors because the humidity outside was oppressive and it was getting late. I did a modified version of the first week of couch to 5K. I wanted to start easy because I haven't run in so long, and also because my room was 78 degrees. The first week of couch to 5K has you alternating between running and walking every 60 seconds. I decided to walk for 1 minute and run for 2 instead. It went great! I kept it very slow, and I'm happy to report I made it to 3 miles and nobody died! 
That's a win! Three miles down, 23.2 to go! Let's hope I can make this happen.

Have you been getting any exercise in? Have anything on the horizon you'd like to participate in? Or do you need to confess your lack of exercise (like I normally do)?


  1. you go girl! (are we still saying that?)

    I have NOT been exercising as much as I should be, as evidenced by my close-to-death feeling at the end of this weekend's XC course. So I am back to jogging (which I hate!) and gymming (which is less bad) and not eating like an idiot!

    1. I hadn't been either... Running sucks.... but sometimes it brings fun things? Like 5K's when there's free wine at the end!
      I haven't done well with the not eating like an idiot. Oops. Mmmm chips....

  2. I actually ran for the first time in a while on Saturday... 2.5 miles and nobody died. It wasn't hard for my heart or lungs, but my ankles were dying (I have compartment syndrome). Then rode 11 miles on my bike yesterday with my dad. It was a short, easy ride, but it still counts for something. Gonna try to keep running 2-3 days a week, if I can keep my ankles under control.

    1. Oh man, that sounds painful! I had to google what it was. I would definitely use that excuse to never ever run. I just found out I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis, and have been trying to use that as an excuse not to run. My Dr told me to suck it up buttercup though, so here I am... (How bad ass does my disease sound though?)