Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Ugh. Wednesday's are starting to kick my expanding butt! Fortunately, I don't have a whole lot to report on from the past week.
The most exciting thing is that I got to see Badger! I was supposed to ride him Saturday morning AND Sunday morning, but that stinker threw a shoe on Saturday. Despite my trainer's husband being his farrier, he wasn't able to get it back on in time. They only ride in the mornings over there, so I wasn't able to ride him later in the day. (This is why I like my horses at home! So I can ride WHENEVER I WANT!) Anyway, I did get to stop by and see him so that was a nice consolation.
Please excuse his awful looking face. He's having a tough time with the CT bugs. He will adapt though. They all do.
Not a whole lot to report with any of them this week really. They're holding steady in their respective levels of fitness and naughtiness. (Come on guys, BEHAVE ALREADY!) With the cool temps and all the wind, they've been a little wild. Even Rio! But I can't blame them. Hoping the weather turns around soon. Hoping so hard....

"Did you hear that? DID YOU?!" No Jamp. I did not.
The Puggers are hoping for some nice weather and more walks too. But in the meantime, they're enjoying being lazy. Because really that's what Pugs do best.

That's about all I really have to tell you today. Seriously boring week over here. I played with my favorite app Super Photo a little bit:

Oh and in case you were wondering what Flat Rio is up to:

He's just showing off his old ribbons. No big deal.
I guess that's all I have for you today... I'm sure I'll have much more to share next week! (Hopefully. Or you may stop reading!) I shall leave you with a photo from my ride on Romey last night.