Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursdays Threads

Outfit Day! It's a short one today. Due to all the rain, I didn't ride yesterday so no riding outfit. Apologies.
Currently it is not raining. But it's dark and dreary and probably WILL rain at some point. So I dressed accordingly.
Gray from head to toe. Seemed appropriate, no? Let's look closer:

Top: Unbranded
I have no idea who makes this because there's no tag in it! So odd! But it's cute. It is a sweater/sweatshirt hybrid type material. The hood and front pocket are all decked out in sequins. A little bit of shine for this dreary day!

Jeans: 1st Kiss
I've had these quite awhile... But it seems they've done some shrinking in the closet. I mean, it's definitely not that I'm larger. That couldn't be it.

Shoes: Sperry TopSider
You've seen these a few times I'm sure. And I'm also certain you will see them again. I hesitate to use the word favorite... But they're right up near the top of the awesome list. I'm trying to think spring so ditched the socks. Since I'm always cold, these are perfect because they're lined with sheepskin. Cozy!

Arm Party!
Lefty is adorning my pretty new Alex and Ani that my friends gave to me for my birthday. It looks perfect with the apple watch!

Righty decided to go big or go home today! I love this rhinestone horseshoe bracelet. I found it on Zulilly a few months back. I may or may not have also gotten a tan version...

So that's it for today. I kept the colors drab to match this depressing weather, but threw in a little sparkle and shine to try and lighten the mood.
What are you wearing today?

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