Thursday, December 1, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It's actually my Fake Friday this week. I could really get used to these three day work weeks! I'm heading south to visit Badger tomorrow for the weekend. But that's in the future, we're here to talk about the past week, right?
Last week was a short one at work since Thanksgiving was on Thursday. This is the second year in a row that I didn't run the Turkey Trot in the morning. Our local trot is a 5 miler, and given my current lack of running, that seemed a bit out of my reach this year. Maybe next year! Instead, I got up early to turn the horses out and clean their stalls. It was a really nice morning, not too cold, and the horses had a fun morning.
Obviously I had to wear my turkey hat for morning chores. I bought it a couple of years ago to wear at the road race, but haven't run it since. Barn chores is also a good venue for a turkey hat. In case you were wondering where to wear yours.
There was a Thanksgiving miracle that morning:
Jamp actually wandered more than halfway down the ring without panicking! I've never seen it happen. Never.
Once chores were done, I had literally 20 minutes to shower and get to my brother's house. Good thing they live close! It was a great day with my family. My younger brother was home from Vermont, his 95 year old Grandma and her nurse were there, my dad and step mom, my Mom, my older brother and his family (obviously since it was their house), and my sister-in-law's mom were all in attendance. I'm still full, there was so much food!
My work closes the Friday after Thanksgiving too, which is awesome. It was another nice day, about 50 degrees. I spent the first half of the day with my best friend. We haven't seen each other in a bit so it was great to catch up. After that, I rode Jampy and Romey (kind of). Jamp was great oddly enough after a few days off. Unfortunately, just as I was getting on Romey (in the dark) the neighbors two houses down decided to start working on their dirt bike engine. It was ridiculously loud and they were trying to talk to each over the noise which really was just yelling. Romes couldn't deal. And I couldn't blame him. So we called it a day after a few laps of walk.
Saturday was new shoe day for the ponies.

Romey unfortunately has a quarter crack so we decided to pull his shoes since he's barely working anyway. Of course after pulling them, he was really lame, so my farrier is coming back out tomorrow to investigate. Always something with these horses. Always. I rode Jamp in the afternoon though. Trying to get as much riding in as I can before the cold weather comes to stay. Unfortunately, Sunday was the last day I got to ride. Monday was pretty cold after work, and I was just not that into it to be honest. So instead everyone got extra curries and their manes shortened. Tuesday and today it was POURING rain out after work. We really need the rain so I'm not complaining too much. But it's such a bummer when it's fairly warm and I still can't ride! Hopefully I'll get some saddle time in Florida.
The pugs loved having me home for four days. They showed their love mostly by sleeping.

Though they did wake up long enough to watch some of the dog show on TV.
They're not going to love getting up early tomorrow to be at their Grandma's by 8! (They really aren't morning pugs.) I'm sure they'll have a fun weekend with their aunty Prada the pug though.
That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? How do you celebrate?