Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Truthful Tuesday

Oh where do I even begin with confessions today?! First off, I just now, TODAY, got my holiday cards in the mail. Yep, those aren't arriving on time to anyone... Also, I have extras so if anyone wants one, shoot me an email with your address!
Clearly, I've got a lot of work to do before Chanukah/Christmas this weekend. Oye. Nothing is wrapped, but at least I have everything in my house ready to be wrapped right? That's something.
Next, I'm super behind on my blog reading list. I'm a solid week behind and you all post feverishly! Trying to get caught up, so I apologize in advance for untimely comments on your stories. Similarly, while I've kept up with my posts fairly well here, I have not at all over at Beejuboxes.
This is Boxanne, our mascot
 I have a TON of boxes to review and the site is hating on me and not letting me log in properly. Grrr. Technology kills me.
My last confession is, well... Cookies. I ate almost nothing but cookies all weekend long. I went to three different cookie swaps, so I have TONS of cookies in the house. Tons. Even after eating so many.
work cookie swap

Friday night's cookie swap goodies
Hey, 'tis the season amiright?!
Anything you need to confess today? How are your holiday plans coming together? Have you also given yourself hypoglycemia from massive cookie intake?


  1. Why does no one in my life eo cookie swaps??

    1. The first year I was invited to one I wondered if I was old enough for such a thing. But now that I've been to many, I don't know why we don't start them younger.

  2. None of my friends do cookie swaps. I need more cookies in my life.