Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Outfit day! It's freakin' freezing outside today... No it's not literally actually. But it feels like it. It's about 40, damp, and windy. So it feels like it's freakin' freezing. I opted for casual and cozy today.

Sweater weather! Literally! Ha.

 Sweater: Olive and Oak

It was nearly impossible to photograph the color of this sweater. It's definitely a pretty teal color and not gray like it looks in the top photo. I found this one in a flash sale from I love how it looks kind of curly.

Jeans: Levis
These have been around awhile. They're a little short, I think maybe they're ankle length? But that's pretty perfect for wearing with tall boots!

Boots: Two Lips
I got these either last year or the year before. I love that you can adjust the height on them. Since it's cold out, I opted to wear them as tall as they go for as much warmth as possible.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning a mixed media bracelet from Ettika. I love that the beads are all different shapes. It's nice and heavy too, so it feels like a really quality piece of jewelry. Looks fab with the apple watch too!

Righty is wearing all gray bracelets. The first comes from Nicole's creations, and has some purple beads in it though they photo didn't really pick them up well. The other two come from Pura Vida. I can't believe how well these two brands matched each other!

That's what I'm wearing today. Sorry I forgot to photograph my riding outfit last night, but it wasn't anything exciting anyway. I wore my gray Rider's Choice denim breeches and the same sweatshirt I showed you Tuesday but in a dark blue.

What are you wearing? How's the weather where you are?


  1. Same weather here, it's been in the 40s and I think it's freezing, but it's not actually freezing; I'm just a wimp.