Thursday, December 29, 2016

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Outfit Day, everyone! Today was an extra fun day because I met up with Devon at WEF and we swapped horse stories ALLLL DAY!

It was so much fun, and I can't wait to meet up again soon. Hopefully later this winter in fact. Any other bloggers coming down to WEF? I haven't booked my trips yet, maybe we can plan a meet-up!
In my excitement to ride Badger and then head to the show grounds, I forgot to take photos of my riding outfit. But I am well overdue for sharing a riding outfit, so I give to you Flat Stacie:
If I stop eating chips and cookies, I might be able to resemble Flat Stacie again someday... But it's not looking likely. Anyway, let's look closer!

Top: Abercrombie Outlet
The holidays really took their toll on my waistline (and butt... and thighs....) so when I stopped at the outlets the other night to exchange a sweater for a bigger size, I decided to also see about getting some larger polo shirts. Most of mine are slim fit, and well... I'm not that right now. Abercrombie had some for half off, and this pink version was one of them. I love the color even if it is a lovely shade of pepto. I've never been a huge Abercrombie fan. I think they're expensive and the clothes aren't the greatest quality. But I do love the moose. And for $15 I was sold.

Belt: C4
I have resisted jumping on the C4 bandwagon up until Equine Affair when I discovered they had Thelwell belts! Not only that, they had like five to choose from. It was not an easy decision. But I went with this one. And there's a chance there could be more in my future. I LOVE Thelwell, and if you don't know what that is, please go Google "Thelwell Ponies." You can thank me later.

Breeches: Tredstep
I picked these up at the retirement sale for one of the local tack shops that's closing down. I love them! I think the shape of the patches is really fun. I also like that there's just a little bit of pink. Not too much, just enough.

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
I had also resisted buying Dreamers and Schemers socks until I discovered they sell their mess ups at two for one. They look just fine to me! You don't get to pick your pattern, but really they're all pretty fab so who cares? I was beyond excited to get these unicorns. Also, these are the "Party On the Bottom" version which means they are black at the very top. They do that just in case your sock peeks out over your boot, it won't be very noticeable.

That was my riding outfit today, and now on to my normal outfit!

We're having a casual evening tonight here in Florida. So I opted for jeans and a comfy tee. My head looks oddly small in this photo, doesn't it?

Top: Fabletics
I guess this is meant to be worn as a yoga top, but I would think the hood would be really annoying in certain poses. I like it as a casual top though. The fabric is amazing on this one. So soft!

Belt: Mane Jane
I know you've seen this a million times, but I have so much love for this belt! It's reversible, the other side is patent navy crocodile. Best belt ever... Besides the Thelwell one of course.

Jeans: Vigoss
Nothing too exciting here. These are mega stretchy which is fortunate after the holidays.

Shoes: Eastland
How could I NOT own Yankee boat shoes? I love these. I don't want anyone to hear me say this... but they're more comfortable than most of my Sperry's. Shhhhhh.
I don't have an arm party to share today. I have plenty of bracelets I brought down with me, but I'm feeling pretty lazy so I didn't put any on today. I AM on vacation after all!

So that's what I've been wearing on this balmy 84 degree day. (Sorry, I had to rub it in a little.) What do you have on today? How's the weather where you are? Thoughts on Thelwell?