Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What's Up Wednesday...

Well this awkward... There's pretty much nothing going on here. I already told you about my exciting new hairdo yesterday. The only thing I didn't share was this awesome photo mid appointment:
You're welcome.

In other news, I haven't sat on a horse in a full week. 7 days. SEVEN! Ugh. Thankfully I have way too much to get done in the next two weeks to really miss it that much. However, when I get back to Florida and Badger promptly bucks me off again, we'll all know why.
Though not riding, we've done plenty of grooming. Sometimes we groom in their stalls because I'm too lazy to sweep the aisle.
When that happens sometimes they try to ear their clothes. And then they complain that they taste like poop.
Sunday morning I realized I better start preparing the ring for winter. But that doesn't mean I took down all the jumps like a responsible stable owner. It just means I removed the broken standard that was laying on the ground and then marked anything shorter than 2'6" with reflectors. Last year I nearly killed myself tripping over polls that I couldn't see under the snow. I don't want the old men having such issues this year.
You would think that being so prepared would result in it never snowing this year, but alas there was a little snow Sunday night. It was kinda pretty. Kinda.
Thankfully it was all gone by morning since it switched to rain during the night. We have a cold front rolling in tonight and highs will only be in the 20's. Sadz. I think I'll join Rio here for the rest of the winter:
I have three cookie swaps coming up this weekend, as well as ugly sweater day at work, our company holiday party, and a ride on the Polar Express Steam Train. Hopefully I'll have lots more to talk about next week! And lots of photos of crazy outfits and delicious cookies.
What's up with you this Wednesday? Still getting your pony time in? What's your holiday schedule looking like?

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