Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Hey guys! It's almost Friday, but it's not yet, so I can still call this Thursday's Threads. In today's edition I wore a sweater that perfectly depicts my life at work this week. So we shall start there.
What you see here is the asteroid killing the dinosaurs. Work is the asteroid. I'm the dinosaurs.

Sweater: Modcloth
The metaphor was not lost on my coworkers. They all wanted one.

Belt: Buckle Down
Dino belt. To match the sweater, obviously.

Jeans: True Religion
I think these are fun with the random stitching up there. Plus they're super comfy.

Shoes: Vans
Dino shoes! These dinos are happy though. They have no idea the asteroid is about to strike.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning my newest addition to the arm party family. That slow twist D in the middle. The sides are laced like reins. It's from Loriece Jewelry. The others you'll recognize as my fitbit and trusty apple watch.

Righty kept up with the t-rex theme. First up is a bangle from Coach featuring Rexy. Middle is a leather bracelet purchased second hand from Poshmark, and lastly is another t-rex. That one I think was from Etsy.

So that's what I wore to hell work today, but I have a riding outfit to share too! This one is far less depressing.

Representing my favorite color and my alma mater!

Helmet: One K
Same old, same old.

Sweatshirt: Skidmore College
Yep, our mascot is the Thoroughbred! I picked this hoodie up at my last reunion. It's ridiculously soft.

Belts: Boy O'Boy Bridleworks

I love my Boy O'Boy belt! I think I should have done the logo in green, but whatevs, it's still cute!

Breeches: Dover Wellesley
This is my favorite pair from Dover. I mean... they're my barn colors!

Socks: Dreamers and Schemers
Shoes: Ariat
Love these Ariat cruisers that are basically also my barn colors. And also love my custom D&S socks with my farm logo on them.

Boots: De Niro
Still rocking the navy boots. So far so good on the zippers!

And that's it for today! Any favorites? How's things? I'm behind on blog reading, but I'll catch up this weekend. Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. That is so neat about your mascot, my ungrad mascot was the banana slug, and my grad school mascot was a Chimera lol.

    1. Banana Slug?! for real? Ew. Chimera is kind of bad ass... but definitely not as awesome as a Thoroughbred.

  2. Love the dinos, although they should maybe look up for the meteors??

    I had to google my uni mascot as I totally forgot - it has been that long. It is the "Gee-Gees" with a horse head. I actually had to read up on Wikipedia to understand what the heck it meant. lol

    For fun: The name is a result of a progressive evolution. Similar to many older institutions, their teams were long referred to by the school's colours as the Garnet and Grey (French: Grenat et Gris). Eventually, members of the media began to refer to the teams simply as the ‘GGs’, providing a nickname in both English and French for the bilingual school's teams. The nickname stuck and would eventually be combined with a horse racing term (where a gee-gee is the first horse out of the starting gate) to create the current Gee-Gees team name.

    1. That's so interesting! And yay for being horsey themed!