Wednesday, March 10, 2021

What's Up Wednesday


Big week over here... the vet was out Thursday, and he gave Eros the green light to start jumping! So last night we hopped over a couple tiny jumps for the first time. Guys. I forgot what a freight train he is and did not put the right bridle on him... It's funny to me how a horse that is SO broke on the flat is so different and STRONG as soon as we add jumps to our ride. No media from last night, but hopefully we'll get some next time. So excited to get going with him! In lieu of exciting media of Eros jumping, here's a photo of him in his more natural state:

Doc took a look at Pammon too, since he's clearly very back sore still. He does this horrific little shuffle when I get on, and I feel like a horrible person riding him that way. But alas, back sore horses need to work I'm told so we keep at it. Doc double checked his saddle fit and watched him move under tack. He recalled that we discussed injecting his SI a few months ago, but since the Robaxin had made such a big improvement we put it off. Now is the time though. It was late when Doc was out, so that will get done the end of this week I think. Hopefully that will have Pammony feeling 100%. Doc was also thinking he could be ulcery so we've added some Omeprazole to his diet for a little while.

We did still have lesson number 2 this past weekend though! It went fine, and we jumped a teeny bit bigger (some jumps not all), putting together a little course. We had some hiccups (homeboy can root something awful when he thinks I've waited one too many strides...) but overall it was a good lesson. Video below of our last course.

We didn't pull Shiny out for the vet since it was so late when he arrived and Pammon seemed the most urgent, but we did talk a lot about her. Since I've seen very little improvement in how she's going we decided to try treating her for Lyme. It's so common here where I live that most horses will get it at some point. And it's pretty common to have a false negative test. So far I haven't seen a difference with that antibiotic either, but it's been less than a week that she's been on it, so waiting to see... (I feel like I do a lot of waiting.) Looking forward to getting to ride her outside though, because I think she kind of hates the indoor.
I wasted a bunch of hours playing with apps the other day... 

In other news, my Celeris sample boots arrived and they are a perfect fit! Like... maybe I should use that person's measurements next time because they fit better than mine do I think.

My last bit of news is that my state has lifted restrictions on office capacity. I don't fully understand why they are making changes already when the vast majority of people still aren't eligible to be vaccinated yet. While I thought for awhile that my company cared about our well being, it seems they only cared about being compliant with state regulations. They haven't said when yet, but they are planning to bring us all back to the office soon. I let them know I have serious concerns about returning before I'm fully vaccinated, but I'm not sure if that will actually be heard. Looks like I have some decisions to make about the ol' future... Should I stay with the company and return to the office, I will have to make some changes to my riding schedule. Once the horses are home, it won't be too much of an issue since I can ride whenever I want, but while still boarding, I'm not sure how I'll get everyone ridden everyday. Might have to explore a different boarding option for next year if that's the case. More waiting to see I guess!


  1. So while wild boots are not typically my style, I actually really love those and they appear to fit you really well.

    I am glad Pammon is jumping again...I love watching your videos. I'm glad Eros gets to start jumping too! Lyme is such a sucky thing. One of my friends treated her pony for a long time with antibiotics and they didn't really work for him. Then he became sound for a while, then got EPM, had a serious shoulder injury (sweeny shoulder I think) and is now sound again. This has been a 5+ year process for her. I hope the antibiotics help Shiny!

    Ugh on your work situation. Definitely a tough choice, but at the end of the day you have to make the best choice for you. It would be a bummer to have to switch boarding barns, but completely understandable with the limited hours they're open.

    Guess what? I just found out at 4:30 this morning when I was feeding the baby that my trainer is selling her barn and moving. I am so so bummed.

    1. The boots are so fun! Glad I bought them impulsively...
      Thanks on the boys! I'm excited too! There are a lot of different treatments for lyme, and you have to try the different ones to see what works for your horse. Jamp had to get some IV tetracycline for his infection, but Ducky used to do well with doxycycline feed through powder. We're not even really sure she has it, but figured we should explore the possibility. She isn't unsound, just has a terrible attitude and work ethic right now.
      That's so sad about your barn. Fingers crossed someone great buys it and you can stay!

    2. Her pony did the doxycycline. I hope Shiny is back to her less sassy self soon!

  2. Those boots are EVERYTHING oh my gosh.

    Sucky about your job :( I have been pleasantly surprised by my agency's reaction to all of this, which sort of makes sticking it out with the lowest paying state in the nation worth it I guess? Hopefully your office makes some better choices about bringing people back to work, or you're able to find a job that lets you stay remote!

    1. Aren't they?! I can't believe how well they fit. It's a miracle!
      That's great that your work has been so flexible! I'm supremely disappointed with mine, but things will work themselves out one way or the other. Eventually!

  3. so exciting for Eros! am curious about what sort of omeprazole you're feeding. i've used the powdered stuff before for 30 day treatments, but was never totally sure if it was actually getting where it needs to go. am considering doing another 2wk treatment, but maybe with the actual patented ulcergard stuff this time? idk. anyway, good luck with the doxy for Shiny. sometimes that stuff can work miracles, even if it isn't lyme!

    1. We're doing powdered omeprazole. I think Gastroguard is the way to go if you sure it's ulcers. From what I've researched it really is the best out there. But doc said to try this for now, and it's cheaper, so we'll see what happens!
      Doxy has some anti inflammatory properties which I think is why we often see a difference when they're on it even if they don't have lyme.

  4. Woohoo for the all clear for Eros!