Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What's Up Wednesday... night.

These Wednesday are killing me... Actually I think maybe this WEEK is. I feel like I'm doing so many things, but then they're just getting nullified. Here are some examples:
I thought I sold this PJ saddle:
But then it didn't fit the pony. So it's coming back. That's not so bad though.
I called to schedule my annual furnace service before winter really gets here. Two weeks ago. They were supposed to call me back. No such luck.
I called to schedule the service on my car. That REALLY blew up in my face. I needed a loaner because my dealership is 40 minutes away from my work. They told me they wouldn't have one for a month. But I could RENT a car for $35.00 a day. They also had no problem with me suggesting I may need to go to their competitor for the service. Yeah... guess where I won't be buying me next car!
And the best one of all? I called the vet to get the necessary paperwork for Ducky's big move to Wisconsin. My vet is awesome and they sent the paperwork via UPS so I would get it the next day. It arrived on my doorstep along with my brand new leather halter for the new horse (from an online tack store... two separate shipments arrived at the same time). By the time I got home for lunch, the packages had been swiped. FROM MY DOORSTEP! And yes I'm sure. I called UPS and they touched base with the driver. He was insistent that he left the packages on my doorstep as he always does. Even came back to see if somehow I just didn't see them. No such luck. They are gone. UGH! Thankfully my vet said they can send new paperwork tomorrow. Seriously if this horse can't ship...... AHHHHH!
Other than all that, not too much went on around here this week. No horse shows or road races but we did get a hay delivery! And it smells so gooood. I spent Saturday morning getting the hay barn all cleaned out for the new load.

Then I rode Jampy and grazed everyone before the new load arrived.

That's about all the excitement at the farm. I did attend a late Halloween party this weekend, so that was pretty fun! It's nice to get out and talk to humans once in awhile. The party theme was video game characters. I went as Yoshi.
The best part was that when I got there, I found my posse...
Hahaha! Unplanned group costume? Totally unplanned, I only see these people at this party once a year. Clearly great minds follow the same path.
The pugs are pretty much hibernating from now until spring:
That's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Have you accomplished that to do list?


  1. Ugh, I hate it when car dealerships are like that! The lone Subaru place in Tulsa is AWFUL and I hate it, but I really like my car. :(

    Sorry to hear about your packages- that's terrible!

    1. The worst part is, I've always had great experiences there. They made me feel like they appreciated my business, even though I have the cheapest car they make. Not sure what changed, but it's so disappointing!
      Good news, packages have turned up! They were picked up in error by a Staples delivery man.

  2. Check the shrubs around your house! When we lived in GA, packages would get swiped all the time from our doorstep (one of the many reasons I hated it there). But if the little crooks didn't like the contents, they would just chuck it in the shrubs. Most petty thieves probably don't want paperwork and a halter so maybe they tossed it nearby. Ugh, what a pain!

    1. UGH! What is wrong with people?! Thankfully, it turns out a different delivery guy picked them up by mistake! Called me this morning and dropped them off. I can't make these stories up!