Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday's Threads!

Happy Thursday! It's OUTFIT DAY! I'm cheating a little this week. I had a rule when I started Thursday's Threads that I HAD to post whatever I was wearing that day. Even if it was pajamas. But today I am breaking that rule. Not because today's outfit isn't cute, but because I LOVED yesterday's outfit so much I wanted to share that one instead. So without further ado... Here's what I wore yesterday:

Cute right? I think I have a different pair of boots I'd like better with the outfit, but these worked okay too. The top and pants both came from but neither are still available. Sorry to rain on your shopping parade. Let's look closer!

Sweater: Le Lis sells mystery boxes where you place an order and have no idea what you're getting. It's a little risky, sure, but you can always return what you don't like. Anyway, when I pulled this sweater out of my box awhile back, I was NOT a fan. I thought ehhh... I don't do poncho or poncho-like tops. But then I put it on. And I fell in love. I wish I could wear this every day. Seriously. So warm and comfy! 

Shirt: Old Navy
Since it was freezing yesterday, I wore this long sleeve waffle tee under the sweater. This one is a million years old, but I'm sure you could find something similar at Old Navy today! I love these for layering. They're inexpensive but wear and wash well.

Pants: Beulah
Sorry for the linty pic. I didn't have time to lint brush in the morning, and clearly I washed these with something fuzzy. Oops. That aside, these pants are really fun. They have stitching around the knees for that "moto" look, as well as some faux leather around the waistband and pockets. They even have zippers at the ankles! So 80's chic. Love!

Boots: Two Lips
I found these a couple of years ago on closeout for next to nothing. They're real suede, and incredibly comfortable.

Scarf: Unsure of brand
This is actually black, sorry for the awful photo. Sometimes they look great on the phone, then you stick the picture in the blog post, and boom! Terrible photo. Oh well. Anyway this is an acrylic infinity scarf. Nice and warm for my freezing cold office.

Lefty has a secret. This is pretty much what Lefty wears every day. Things usually get changed up on Thursday just for you guys. So as you already know, here is my KEEP Collective bracelet and my trusty timepiece.

This bracelet is ridiculous. I found it for 80% off on the Ettika website last week. I LOVE it! I now wish I'd gotten some other colors. Their pieces are always really sturdy and well made. They advertise as BOHO, but I think this piece could work for any style. So fun!

Bonus Riding Outfit Today!
I took pictures after I rode and groomed the horses... so I'm filthy. These aren't bad photos, that's actual dust. You can call my Pigpen if you'd like.

Breeches: Custom Riding Apparel
The lady at the booth told me I really didn't need to size up in these. But my normal size looked really small and I was too lazy to try on so I did anyway. And she was right. But I'd rather my pants be a little loose than too tight, so I don't mind. I'll try drying them and see what happens. How amazing are these plaid breeches though?! So excited I have them!

Fleece: Old Navy
This is ancient. And I love it. It's very lightweight so fits well under a vest. It's starting to look its age, but I'm not ready to let go of it.

Vest: Old Navy
So truth is, I forgot to bring warm enough clothes to ride the other night, and was too lazy to go back in the house. I found this vest in my car. I keep it there for such emergencies. I hope I remember to put it back... This vest is also super old. It's not the fun lightweight down that is popular these days, but it is SO WARM! I hope to keep it forever.

That's what I wore this week... (Nope, not what I'm wearing today. I'm such a rebel.) Do you have a favorite item from today? What are you wearing? How's the weather? Talk to me in the comments!


  1. Cute!!!

    Oh and I love Old Navy vests!!1

    1. Thank you!
      Aren't they the best! Relatively inexpensive, and they seem to be slobber-proof!