Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday's Threads!

Outfit Day! And it's pretty much over already. Sorry. Work is crazy lately! Without further ado here's what I'm wearing:
And here it is ready for the great outdoors:
This jacket is my everything lately. It's super cozy and so, so, SO soft! All faux everything so I don't have to worry about it getting wet in the rain that won't stop. I'm not doing a special photo on the jacket, but it's from Modcloth if you want to grab one for yourself!
Ok, let's look closer:

Sweater: The Classic
I saw this one on Zulilly recently and clicked buy before I even thought about it. Such a good plan. I love the color, the fit, everything! It's warm and cozy. Perfect for winter! And soft too. Love me some man-made yarn.

Jeans: Unionbay
I know you've seen these a gazillion times. They're really thin and stretchy. Might even be considered jeggings? But they have a button and zip fly closure, so to me, that makes them jeans. Really comfy jeans!

Belt: LV
Fancy schmancy... I love a good leather belt. Sorry vegan friends.

Boots: Tommy Hilfiger
These boots! Go find a pair. Seriously. They're ridiculously warm. And comfortable. I also found these on Zulilly. They weren't super cheap, but I see myself wearing them A LOT. They are also all faux everything so the elements shouldn't ruin them.

Arm Party!
Nothing new here today. I wore my small gold H bracelet with my leather Hermes wrap bracelet and my trusty watch. I think it's pretty classy!

Righty is donning a leather and chain bracelet from Fornash. The leather is really pretty, it's a shimmery rose gold. The other bracelet is from Tory Burch. Also leather, but no shimmer to it. I love both of them, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they look together.

So that's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? How's the weather by you?

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