Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Flamingo edition

Pammon and I both got all decked out in flamingos this week. Flamingos everywhere!
I probably owe him an apology for this.
But I just realized I forgot to use the bonnet! I have a flamingo bonnet that matches, and I forgot all about it. Bad blogger. Sigh. Anyway, here's what I wore to ride last night:

Mint and pink! So much pink... On a chestnut... It's something for sure.

Helmet: Harry's Horse
I've had this for awhile now and haven't gotten around to wearing it until last night. It's ok. It has a dial to make it nice and snug, but it's definitely a bit more round than my oval head. I have a tiny noggin, so I can usually get away with round helmets on my oval, but this one JUST makes it. By my second horse I was looking forward to taking it off. I'll keep wearing it though, cause LOOK AT IT! Pink, sparkles... it's pretty fab.

Tee shirt: Kohl's
Pretty sure I got this last fall at Kohl's. It's just a plain tee with a couple of cute flamingos snuggling.

Belt: C4
I know, right?

Breeches: Piper by Smartpak
I wish they would make Hadley's in all the cute color combos like the pipers. I'm not a piper fan really other than the aesthetic. That said, LOVE this color!

Socks: Lettia
My calves are huge so they always distort my socks. But you can still tell these are adorable.

Boots: Cavallo
Spurs: Color Tack
This is my second time riding in these, and generally they're pretty comfy! They need a few more rides to finish breaking in though. The fit is kind of amazing on me. Normally boots are just a hair too short if I get standard height, but talls are way too tall. But these standard height boots are PERFECT. I love the glitter top. So fun!

Pammon got in on the flamingos too, though I'm not sure how thrilled he was. Shiny was left out, poor girl, but I did just get her a saddle pad second hand that will fit with the color scheme for next time. (It hasn't arrived yet.)

Baby Pad: Lettia
Half Pad: Ebay
Saddle: Hermes
Girth: Tough 1
Stirrups: MDC
I really like the Lettia baby pads. They tend to fit really nicely and don't bunch up usually. They have a little wither relief to them which I think helps. Plus, how cute is that flamingo?!

Boots: Pfiff
Indeed, that flamingo is sporting a top hat! They don't make these in Shiny's size which I think is really sad.

Bridle: Royal Sports
Browband: Dark Jewel Designs
Bit: Evo Equine

These photos don't do justice here... The browband has unicorn beads that match the unicorn bit. But these photos didn't really pick up the colors very well. I'm so sad I forgot the bonnet!

I figured I might as well keep up the trend, so I wore flamingos to work today too.
But they're hard to see from this photo....

Top: Old Navy
There they are! I used to wear these tie tops back when I was a little girl in the 80's. I wasn't so sure I could pull them off anymore. I'm still not sure. But I did it anyway!

Belt: C4
Yep, same as yesterday! It doesn't exactly go with the outfit... but it'll do.

Pants: Kut from the Kloth
Relaxed cut, capri length jeans are one of my favorite summer staples. I should wear them more often.

Shoes: Vera Bradley
Flops! I never really intended to wear these to work. But here I am. Figure I need to wear flops while I can before the seasons change!

Arm Party:
Lefty is wearing this fun pink wrap bracelet with a pyramid clasp alongside the apple watch.

Righty is wearing my new pink fitbit bracelet with a couple of flamingo bracelets that don't seem to have brands.

And that's it for today! Opinion on flamingos? What do you think of Pammon wearing pink? I'm on the fence... But we'll probably do it again!


  1. Your flamingo outfit would be perfect for the Beach Party horse show in NorCal!

  2. of course you have a baby pink helmet haha, of course! tho really... shouldn't we all??/

    also i almost never get those cute patterned tall boot socks bc it's too depressing to see those cute patterns totally distorted and stretched beyond recognition once i actually put them on LOL

    1. Yes. Baby pink helmets should be required! I actually have another that's lilac and baby pink. #shoppingproblems

      And I know about the socks. It's so demoralizing!

  3. I have those pipers in full-seat and I love them!