Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day!!! You guys, I was such a good blogger this week. I didn't get to ride last night because we had book club, so I remembered to take riding outfit pics on Tuesday. What a good job, self. Pat on the back. So let's start there.
I did forget a helmet pic, but I wore the black one K snakeskin. Also, any one else getting a little tired of sweatshirt season? Come on spring! You can do it! Let's see 60 degrees! Please?

Top: TKEQ Shop
TKEQ Shop had a big sale awhile back, after the holidays I think? And I snagged a few shirts. This WOAH sweatshirt was one of them. I love it! It's big and comfy, and it's pretty thick too.

Belt: Mane Jane
I grabbed the old buckle in a hurry, so please excuse the scuff marks!

Breeches: Riding Sport
I picked these up back in December, but hadn't worn them yet. They're not super thick, so I was saving them for a day above freezing. I have to tell you, they are SUPER comfortable. They were on sale for $25, and I really wish I had gotten more colors. They don't have any left in the most popular sizes (28-30, I'm a 30) but if you're pretty much any other size they still have a lot of options. The green (these) are sold out though.

Boots: TuffRider Regal Patent
Yesterday I mentioned having to let my Regals retire due mostly to some sad zippers and partially to some very well loved soles. So I finally put these patent regals into the rotation. I think they're cute for everyday, and as always with Regals, are super comfy. They did take a little more time to break in, I think because the patent strip up the back is a little stiffer than just plain leather, but by a little longer, I mean 2 rides vs. 1. Love me some Regal boots. These are on clearance for $106 at Horseloverz. Pretty good price for super comfy tall boots if you ask me.

That's what I rode in on Tuesday, but I have a work outfit too!

I went super casual today, because I have a half day to go meet the vet. (Spring shots, and new x-rays for Jampy!) I figured I should wear something that I can horse around in too. I'll change to breeches after to ride, but may keep the top half the same. Yay for casual wear!

Jacket: The North Face
Top: CasaLee
I've been building this fun comic strip outfit for like two years... And I'm finally getting around to wearing it! I have a few other pieces so I can do a second one some other time. Including a pair of shoes that I need to re-discover... sometimes I'm not as organized as I like to pretend.

Belt: Unbranded
I think this belt, though a bit EMO, is pretty awesome. It's leather covered almost entirely in pyramid studs, which were then painted like a comic strip. I just think think it's super fun. I found it second hand on Ebay in the UK.

Jeans: Rue 21
I was going to wear some fun black, moto jeans with this outfit, but I was looking a little TOO Hot Topic, ya know? So I switched to some blue jeans.

Socks: Feat
I can't remember where I got these, but I'm thinking probably Zulily. Perfect match!

Shoes: Blowfish
I have a pair of cute flats that say POW on them, but they really don't work with socks. And it was 29 degrees this morning, so I need socks. I also have a pair of oxford shoes somewhere for this outfit, but, well... I gotta find those. So I went with these neutral ones. Match the jeans pretty exactly!

Purse: Save My Bag
I don't know if any of you follow Fab Finds by Sarah, but she has a little boutique at some of the horse shows. She's at WEF in the winter, and I think Tryon in the summer, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, she had these really fun neoprene bags awhile back. They're in the shape of the Hermes Birkin, but made out of washable neoprene. The solid ones are pretty classy, but we all know I lean toward the ridiculous, so I was drooling over this one. I found one for significantly less money on Ebay, straight from Italy where they're made. It's really fun, and I'm so glad to have found one that fit in the budget.

Arm Party!
Why yes, that IS a slap wrap! Zulily had these awhile back in a multi pack. There are four colors with different words on them. I couldn't resist. Looks just right with my fancy apple watch... Hahaha!

Yes... you're seeing that right. I'm wearing an Apple watch on one arm and a Fitbit on the other. My work is doing a step challenge, but it's not compatible with the Apple so I had to get a Fitbit. I have a cuter outfit for it on the way. And then next to that is a rubber band bracelet also from Zulily. These compliment the slap wraps quite nicely! Ha! Sorry. I'm a total child.

That's it for today! Any favorites?


  1. Wait, there's such a thing as looking too Hot Topic?

  2. i love the pockets on those breeches!! also those bracelets haha, that's dedication!

    1. I hope they make those breeches again! I had no idea how much I would like them. And for $25?!
      The bracelets are HILARIOUS!

  3. Those breeches are super cute! I like the comic book theme - too fun! The bracelets are great. :-)

  4. I like the plaid detailing on the breeches

    1. Thanks! Me too. I like that it's fairly subtle. SO wish I had bought other colors!