Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

I have a couple confessions today... We'll start with the most fun one. I got to take a lesson yesterday! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow, but my confession is that I learned that I am SUPER dependent on my spurs. Like mega, super dependent. And as a result, I am sore from head to toe. Literally. Everything hurts. Like, I was squeezing that horse so hard, my ribs hurt. So my takeaway is that I am far more out of shape than I thought, AND I need to ride without spurs more often.

less of these I guess...
 Confession number two: the fomo is a little too real lately. As we're approaching the start of a new show season, one that I really thought I would get to partake in, I'm feeling REALLY sad to be once again sitting on the sidelines. Don't get me wrong. I'm extremely grateful to get to ride every day finally. Even if it's just light flat work. It's just that this will be my FOURTH year of not showing. I know I dabbled a tiny bit last year with Eddie. Problem is, that made me really hungry for more.
Ero's says "Patience Grasshopper" 
I'm ready though! I maybe have a lovely espresso Motion Lite coat on the way... And my Parlanti's are polished. So at least I'm prepared?


  1. UGH I'm so sorry you once again don't have shows on the calendar -- FOMO is THE WORST. Let's have some wine and cheese together, kay? <3

  2. i feel ya on the fomo too, and am sorry that things don't feel as hopeful on that front as you maybe thought they would. but hey, at least should the opportunity arise you'll have all the right clothes!

  3. The FOMO is real! Our show season has been going on for weeks now ! Damn you Thermal. I hope Eros gets better soon so you can take him in a couple classes!

  4. Full confession: I had to google fomo. :) But I often feel that way.