Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thursday's Threads: Holo edition (I took it too far.)


OUTFIT DAY! Guys. I got a little more extra than normal this week. MAYBE a little too much... Whatever, it's fun, and I ride in my backyard. Also, holo is awesome and all, but you have no idea how awesome until you use it at night. Seriously. Anyway, I'll start with the ponies this week.

Yeah.... the bridles are definitely extra. For sure not for everyday use. But still... Fully awesome. Especially at night.

Bridles and Bits: Punk Ponies

Are these top quality buttery soft bridles? Nope. Of course not. But they are shiny and super fun. My only real complaint is that the noseband buckles are on the wrong side. Not a big deal, but kind of weird.

Boots: Punk Ponies

DO YOU SEE THAT HOLO AMAZINGNESS ON SHINY?! Do you?? Seriously. This stuff was made for night rides. I had no idea.

Saddles: Butet
Eros' Pads: Halfpad is Ippico, baby pad is Smartpak and I decorated it
Shiny's Pad: FSS

My friend that borrowed my saddle was really thoughtful and cleaned and conditioned it. But it's kinda gross and sticky now (I'm sure will come clean when I actually clean it) so forgive its weird appearance. I used the Cricut to decorate Eros' baby pad, and I love how it came out! I did one with rose gold bits too which you'll see soon. This one has holo bits which are a little difficult to photograph, but they for sure match the rest of the outfit. Trust me. I DO have holo stirrups too, but I've decided I'm far too lazy and particular to be switching those around. So these are plain.

That's what the tall kids wore... but here's what I wore:

Yassss.... Holo sweatshirt!!! I'm dying a little waiting for my holo helmet. It won't be here for like a million years. (Or like five more weeks, same thing.) But seriously. You think we were extra today... wait till that gets added to the mix!

Helmet: One K

I mean, this one is totally doing a stand up job here. It's more or less the right color, and it has plenty of shininess. BUT, it's not holo.

Sweatshirt: HDE
I totally ordered the wrong size on this. I thought it was fine though until I actually wore it and missed the return window. It's cool though, I have the appropriate size on the way. And maybe I'll sell this one if anyone's looking. It's a large cause I evidently don't check my orders. Oops.

Belt: Tailored Sportsman

I don't normally spend money like these TS belts cost, but I had been hunting for a holo belt FOREVER. When this one popped up at Jods, I had to have it. I really like the Jods lady though, so I justified it by telling myself I was supporting a small, woman owned business. They didn't actually have my size, but these are cut to size anyway. She cut it down for me, AND emailed me to let me know in case I didn't want that. Which I think is nice service.

Breeches: Some rando generic brand black pants, decorated by me

So the iron on I used for these wasn't really the right one because it doesn't stretch. So the bits broke a little when I put them on, and I'm not sure they'll really last too many rides. But whatever. I can always redo them with the correct material down the road. I think they came out kinda cute! 

Boots: Celeris UK

I mean. I already loved these boots. But then I wore them in the dark, and they are AMAZING. Look at them! Ah! Celeris is releasing something awesome Friday (I can't say what yet...) and I want that thing to match these. (And the cow boots...)


Lefty is donning a bit bracelet that I made along with the apple watch.


Righty is donning a different bit bracelet that I made along with the Fitbit in a Tory Burch holder. The leather on that one is about spent though, so I think I will replace that soon.

And that's it for this week! For sure it's extra, even for me... But it was so fun to put together! And discovering how much more awesome the holo is at night was a total bonus. Any favorites?


  1. You are ready for a space journey with all the hologram stuff!

    1. Just preparing in case we have to leave after the election...

  2. Too much? Nah!
    but I would love to see a photo of you mounted to get the full effect. :)

    1. I know! I was kicking myself for not charging Pivo for this ride. Next time!

  3. I'm actually dying I love all of this so much hahahahaha.

  4. I think this is my favorite outfit ever hahaha!!

  5. I'm kind of sad that this only happens in your backyard because like... this shit needs witnesses.

    1. Hahahahaha! I'm weird, but I'm not sure I'm that brave.

  6. I also got that bridle (though not from Punk Ponies) and a matching saddle pad and it's just amazing. Though not for 6 mile trail rides in the mountains. The thing just does. not. breath.

    1. Yes, I have the rose gold version pads, and I'm selling them. Too thick and non breathable for my taste.

  7. I am always so impressed by your outfits, but man those boot are AMAZING!

  8. This outfit is absolutely amazing! All the shiny holo <3
    Mind if I ask which cricut you have? Thinking of getting one but I can’t decide which model to go with!!

    1. Thank you!
      I have the Cricut Maker. If you wait a little bit, there will probably be some Black Friday deals I bet!

  9. Love it!! As usual... :-) Your commitment to a theme is exceptional.