Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What's Up Wednesday

Time is a funny thing isn't it? I feel like I just wrote last week's What's Up Wednesday, but then it also seems like my trip to Florida was months ago. I'm glad I keep track of things here on the blog, or I'd be completely lost in space. Probably literally.
With the exception of last night as you already read, the horses have been working pretty steadily. Jamp has worked everyday up until yesterday, and Romey most days too. Rio has it a little easier, but hey, he's retired! Things are going ok with them. Jamp is a spookasaurus rex, but let's be real. He's always like that. I'm the most uncertain about how things are going with Romey. I really need to teach him to lunge. Or find someone to come teach him. Because he's getting really wild and I'm not turning him into the lovely horse I know is in there. I'm not sure if it's in his best interest to wait for my trainer to come home and help with him, or if I should do something sooner. Such decisions. #firstworldproblems
Anyway, here are some photos of them being adorable this past week:
View from Romes

I don't lunge at night Mom.

No place like home... and by home I mean Rio's back

Most handsome almost 20 year old in all the land
If nothing else, at least they're all really photogenic
 The boys got new shoes this weekend which isn't all that exciting except for the fact that it was Romey's first pair! Not ever, I'm sure he wore shoes to race. But his first pair since living with me. And they're so teeny tiny and cute! (As compared to the warmbloods anyway.)

Saturday was like grand central at the farm. Before the farriers arrived, I also got a new load of hay. Should get us through most of the summer.
The rest of the weekend was primarily consumed with getting the place ready for Rio's birthday party this coming Saturday. Believe it or not, so far none of the people selling me things for the party have laughed at me! Not the cake people, not the guy at the liquor store... not even the pizza truck people! The guy at the liquor store actually told me about the 70's themed costume party he threw for his bulldog's first birthday. Those are the kinds of people I like to do business with.

Whilst preparing the barn for visitors, I cleaned out the utility room. Which is code for bathroom/laundry room. Part of that job was moving the extra blankets out of the canvas bags they had been stored in and into some rodent proof tubs in one of my sheds. And that's where things got exciting. While I was taking blankets out of one of the bags, something moved. "AHHHH!!!!" and I ran away. But then I remembered that I live alone and that it was still my problem. So I tiptoed my way back to the shed, armed with a rake, to investigate further. It was a little field mouse and her kids. Ugh. Ok. The bag had handles. And I had a rake. Clearly I could handle this situation. I hooked the bag handle with the rake and dragged them out to the edge of the woods to free the family of giant rats field mice.

Mom took off with one baby and left me to deal with the other three. Nice. Guess who's not getting nominated for mother of the year.

It took some nudging with the end of the rake to get them off my ruined blanket. But everyone survived and that dead beat mother did come back for the others. Glad that's over.
Sunday morning I decided before doing anything else, I owed the dogs a walk. It was gorgeous out and I had not gotten them out to enjoy it the day before. I think a mile and a half was bit much for them though. They both decided to plop down in the shade and refuse to go any further when we were on our way back. Thankfully after a photo shoot they got up and walked home.
I got to meet some customers for lunch yesterday so had an easy workday followed by my slacker evening with the horses. Back to the grind today though!
And that's what's up this Wednesday. What's up with you?


  1. I taught my greenie to lunge!!!! It's not too hard, you can do it!!

    1. Give me pointers! My horse things the whip means "come play chicken with me!"

  2. My trainer had me use a rope halter first (gasp, I know). The lead part of them are usually pretty long so you can you them to circle work at first then progress to a lunge line. You try to send them out of the circle & use the end of lead to twirl at them for motivation. At first you have to kind of walk with them a bit until they get used to walking past you

    1. AH! That's a great idea! Ordering one right now!