Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Most of the past week was spent enjoying the Florida sunshine! Sorry to rub it in. But it was warm. And sunny. THE ENTIRE TIME! It was glorious.

I arrived on Wednesday evening with just enough time to grab some dinner at a local Italian restaurant. It happens to be right next to my favorite Froyo place too so...

I was in Florida for 4 days and managed to get Froyo 3 times. That's a successful vacation if you ask me.
Thursday I was at the barn to see my boy at 9 am. He was happy to see me! (I mean maybe not, but let's pretend he was.)

That face! I can't believe that face is all mine. I CANNOT WAIT for him to get home. We rode really quickly and then went with my trainer over to the horse show. WEF is over, but they have a spring circuit happening now. No rest for the weary!

She and her horse Artie (who's show name I can never remember...sorry) were showing in the welcome stake. It was Artie's first time in the 1.40 M. He was really good but had a few rails down. Not a bad first try! Especially in that enormous international ring! My buddy Charlie showed too in a smaller ring. He did a 1.15 class out of convenience and was awesome! Just 1 rail in the jump off. Pilot error. Hey, it happens!
After the horse show we had lunch and then I headed back north to run a few errands. I had a quiet night, and was back at the barn at 9 am on Friday. I had a bit of a break through with GTO (who is also called Badger now. After Honey Badger. Cause Honey Badger don't care. And nothing phases this boy)! I've been riding him like a china doll which really means I wasn't really riding him. And as a result NOTHING I was doing really went that well. Never bad, just not great either. Finally I realized I could RIDE the horse. He doesn't get mad when I actually tell him what I want. He just does it. Imagine that?! Ugh. He's such a nice horse!

After riding and our big break through I was pooped! I headed back to the house to enjoy some sunshine before picking up my dad and step mom at the airport. We seem to be on the same Florida schedule this year.
Saturday morning came super early. Artie had a 1.35 meter classic and Charlie was doing another 1.15 M class. Both classes started at 8 am, so I had to leave the house at 6:15. Not too bad though. Most horse show mornings start much earlier! The horses were great again! Artie had a few rails in the middle part of the course, but he jumped amazingly after that. Charlie was great too, but his human forgot where she was going and had to circle. Oops.

I rode GTO when we got back from the horse show and had a lesson. He's such an understanding boy.... Ugh I have SO much work to do. Seriously. It's like I can't even canter a raised cavaletti! Oye. Thankfully no matter how many times I mess up, GTO just keeps trying. Seriously. Such a good pony. I hope I don't mess up this one. We didn't do very much Saturday so we could do more on Sunday. Baby steps for my ammy brain!
When I got back home, the parentals invited me to get a mani pedi with them. You don't say no to a sponsored mani pedi! Especially after a butt kicking lesson. Those foot rubs were much needed.

Yes, I wear jeans when it's 85 degrees. 
After that it was dinner time, and then I pretty much fell asleep. Holy long awesome day! Zzzzzzzz....
Sunday was a normal morning at the barn. I got there at nine and got to flat Charlie finally! Yay! He's so much fun!

And then we continued my lesson with GTO. I think it went pretty well for the most part. But Ugh! I'm really in a bad place considering how soon show season is. Might have to focus more on lessons and less on showing for awhile. (#firstworldproblems amiright?!)

After riding, I joined the parentals at the driving range. Which is funny because I have absolutely no idea how to hit a golf ball. You should have been there...

I am not in this photo. It's for the best. Really.
It's important to note, that my step mom is pretty tall and I was using her clubs. You can use your imagination, but I'll help some. My club destroyed more grass than it hit balls. I did get a few to go up and straight though! Not bad, not bad... Also not good... Ha.

My dad had to drive up to Orlando for a marketing group meeting Sunday night, so my step mom and I headed to the local Mexican restaurant. My dad isn't a fan of Mexican food (I know, how is he my dad?!) so we figured it was the perfect place to go without him. It did not disappoint.
And just like that, it was time to come back north. To the land of 40 degrees. But also to all my four legged kids. So that part was nice. My flight actually landed a little early, and I was home before five to unpack, feed the tall kids, and get the short kids at their grandma's house. I really miss those kids when I'm away!

I probably should have ridden Monday night, but I didn't since I wanted to get the pugs early. Then Tuesday it poured rain for half the day. It was actually gorgeous in the evening, but my ring was a sloppy mess, so riding had to wait. Booooo. Forecast is looking great for the weekend though so I'm hoping to get these wild animals tamed by next week! Hahahahaha, I can't even type that without laughing.
Well that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Have you been riding much? Running? Something else fun?


  1. Replies
    1. It has been busy! Looking forward to getting back into a riding routine.

  2. Sounds like a SUPER fun trip to FL!

    1. So fun! I hope I get to have a horse down there next year... Fingers crossed!

  3. You won't mess him up. That face is too cute to mess up!

    1. Haha! I hope you're right! He's a good egg, that's for certain.