Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday's Threads


Outfit day! I've been collecting the components for this outfit for a really long time, and figured it was finally time to put it all together. So here it is!

Black and Rose Gold! Fun, but classy (ish). This came together better than I'd hoped. I wasn't sure Eros was going to pull off the rose gold that well, but I think he's working it just fine.

Let's start with horse outfits since that's always the most fun.

Bridles: HKM/Waldhausen Hybrid
Bits: Sweet Billy's

I couldn't find a full bridle with rose gold accents that I liked. So I haggled with an Ebay based tack store to get a great deal on all four and built what I really wanted (Doable because I was still gainfully employed plus these are really inexpensive bridles). Except that it's not quite exactly what I want because neither horse likes the crank noseband. I just leave them super loose, but I wish they were regular. And also yes, this hunter princess now owns these black bridles... I still am not sure how I feel about it. I do occasionally search the interwebs for a brown version. But the outfit is black, so I'm sticking with what I have.... Maybe I could get the nosebands altered to be regular ones. I'll have to look into that.

Boots: Punk Ponies

I LOVE these boots from Punk Ponies. They were a limited edition run, and I jumped on them immediately when they were available. They made full sets, but I really don't use regular saddle pads much, so I just got the boots. 

Saddles: Shiny- Custom Saddlery, Eros-Butet
Saddle Pads: Shiny- Echt-Lammfell, Eros- Smartpak baby pad, Ippico half pad

You've seen Shiny's pad a bunch, and I finally remembered to look at the brand for you guys... Ebay special! I get really excited whenever I can find the built in half pad type pads for under $100. Eros' baby pad is from Smartpak, but I embellished it with the Cricut. The bit pattern is on both sides, and I really like how it turned out. If it looks familiar, that's because I did this one in rose gold, but I also did one with holo bits which I think you've all seen. 

Okay, my turn! Here's what I wore:
It took my a long while to find a shirt for this outfit... I'm not entirely sure why I didn't just make one with the Cricut. Maybe I'll still do that for a black and rose gold outfit part II. 

Helmet: One K MIPS CCS Wide Brim
You've seen this one a lot, I know. But I think it looks especially nice with this outfit!

Top: San Soleil
I dragged my feet getting this top because I think San Soleil shirts are stupid expensive. But I found it on sale from a golf website and finally bit the bullet. I'm glad I did, it's super cute. Also, I didn't notice until now that my belt was falling off in this photo... Lol. Should have cropped it... Didn't. #lazyblogger

Belt: Harry's Horse
This belt... It's pretty. But it constantly comes undone. I finally punched a smaller sized hole and it stayed on, but I might now be keeping this one. 

Breeches: QHP
I really like these breeches. The waist is a touch small, but well... maybe that's my fault. I've been enjoying some snacks of late... But otherwise, they fit great, and I love the rose gold details. They have rose gold zippers on the back, but they're fake, no actual back pockets, so no weird pocket lumps on your butt. I actually got this black pair, and also grabbed a pair in tan. 

Boots and spur straps: Celeris UK
Spurs: Punk Ponies
This is my OG pair of Celeris and I think they still look great! And I pretty much never clean them, so that's saying something. They are a little too big for me these days, but since they leather is pretty thick, they stay put anyway. Thank goodness. I can't replace all my boots!

Crop: Fleck
I don't ride Eros with a stick usually, but Shiny jumps with one (she flats with a dressage whip). I love this stick from Fleck. They really know what they're doing when it comes to crops. The weight is just right and it has the perfect amount of flexibility. I've had it for awhile now, and it's holding up great too!

That's it from here today! Any favorites from today? 


  1. I saw a pair of rose gold stirrups that were really pretty…..just sayin’. ☺️

    Also, I love that shirt.

    1. I've accepted that I'm too lazy to change stirrups. haha! But I agree, those stirrups are beautiful!

  2. Outfit goals right there! Looking good. Love the punk ponies boots too.