Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday's Threads: Bargain Hunter Edition

Happy Thursday friends! I have an outfit I've been DYING to wear on a Thursday to show you all. It's totally silly and kitchy, and I think it's super fun. But alas... you're going to have to wait. It was snow flurrying this morning, and I'm not allowing the shoes out in "weather". I'm sure the suspense is killing you, but I think you'll enjoy today's second choice outfit too. I hope so anyway, because I love it!

What's not to love?! My favorite boots, my favorite color... My second favorite purse designer. Yay! Let's break it down:

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Blue Label
This is photographing really olive colored, but it's more mossy in real life. More like the full length photos above. So I know what you're thinking, how can anything Blue Label be a bargain? I know. But when I went to FL last month, I found some great deals. And this was one of them. It's a very soft wool blend that looks and feels like cashmere but isn't. Originally it was:
But I found it on a 40% rack. 40% off this price that is:
Yep! This baby was $41.40. What a deal! AND it's my favorite color! The other great feature, is that although it's a cowl neck, the neckline isn't actually low. Which means it's warm. I love cowl necks, but when the air conditioning is blowing in my office (in the middle of winter... Grrrrr!) I don't want my neck exposed! I think this sweater is perfect.

Pants: Union Bay

These are borderline "jeggings". But they have an actual button and fly closure, and real pockets, so I'm calling them jeans. I love the dark blue color and the contrasting stitching. Plus since they're thin, they don't make my boots super tight.

Boots: Seychelles
You've all seen these before. They are probably my most favorite boots. EVER. Mossy green, leather. Ahhhh. Hi pretties! I hope they live forever. I got these a couple years ago from Rue La La. I can't remember exactly what I paid, but I think it was around $70. Money well spent for sure.

Belt: no brand
How cute is this leather belt? I also got this one in FL. I've been looking for a tasteful gold belt, and when I saw this I was all YES! It's real leather, but I can't find a brand on it. I got this at the Festival Flea Market. If you're ever in South Florida, you seriously should check that place out. It's an indoor flea market. You can find all kinds of crazy things inside. And also the best pickles in FL. Probably because they are shipped in from NY. But no matter where they originate, they are delicious.

Arm Candy:
The rope bracelet was at the checkout when I got the sweater. How could I not buy the matching bracelet? It was on sale too, and I think maybe $6.00. Next to that is my photo bracelet I showed you last week. I got a piece of gold leather for it instead of the brown you saw last week. And you all recognize my trusty watch of course!


You guessed it! I made more name bracelets with my horses' names on them. So the first three are made by me, and feature turquoise stone and brass beads. I used the horses' show names for these because they are longer and I wasn't sure I had enough turquoise otherwise. I love how they came out, this photo doesn't do them justice. And next to them is my Gucci snakeskin bracelet. One of my faves!

Purse: Emma Fox
By now you're probably thinking, ok the sweater was on sale, and the boots weren't too pricey, but how is this a bargain edition? Well... I found Emma here on clearance at Marshall's. For $99. And I didn't buy it! Well not at first anyway. I saw it the day before I found the sweater. And I wanted it SO MUCH! But I was trying not spend money like that. So I didn't get it. But then the next day I found the sweater. And I knew Emma here would match perfectly. So then I had to go back and get her. She's so buttery soft. I love her so much! SO MUCH! Plus look:

Good deal, right? It would almost be shameful NOT to get her. I was so relieved she was still at the store when I went back the next day. I know she'll get lots of use.

So that's it for today! What are you wearing?

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