Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Heart to Horse Box

You all know that I love the concept of subscription boxes. I love getting surprises in the mail! So when I discovered that Stateline Tack has launched a box geared toward horses, I was excited! I've tried out the A Horse Box which I reviewed here, but the products sent were mostly things I wasn't using so I canceled. I decided to just get one Heart to Horse box rather than subscribe, but I think I will try it again next month too!
A little about Heart to Horse Box via the Stateline website:

The Heart to Horse Box offers riders of all disciplines the opportunity to receive horse and rider essentials from top name brands. From tack to treats to apparel and more, this monthly mystery box contains hand-picked products selected by our equestrian experts that are sure to please you and your horse. Whether you choose to order a single Heart to Horse Box, or sign up for a monthly subscription, you can be sure that each box will also be helping horses in need of forever homes. 25% of proceeds from the Heart to Horse Box will be used to help local and community shelters care for abused or neglected horses in need of food, shelter, and love.
Cost: 34.99 per month

I love that a portion of the sale goes to horse rescue. My shopaholic guilt is lessened knowing I'm giving back. Or something like that.

My box arrived today, let's take a look at what was inside!
First looks:

Info Card:

I'm a sucker for a good travel mug, so the first look already had me happy! Let's go item by item:

SSG fleece lined grippy gloves: These are a size 7 which is a little big for me, but they'll work fine to keep in the barn for a spare! They seem very warm too. Retail: $6.99

Bannix Hoof and Wound Care: I got a sample of this as a door prize from one of the local tack stores, but thankfully have not needed to try it just yet. I know come summer I'll have a chance though! Retail: 8.99

Insulated Travel Mug: Who doesn't need more of these?! I have a terrible habit of putting these in the dishwasher, even when they say not to, so they don't last too long around here. Yay for new mugs! Retail: $10.49

Standard size Likit, Mint Flavor: For those of you who aren't horsey people, Likit's are like lollipops for horses. They are designed to not only be delicious, but also to help with boredom in the stall. You hang it in the middle of the stall from a rafter and the horse can bop it around and lick it and whatever else horses do with them. I had Likits for my horses when I used to board, but don't use them here at home since there isn't anywhere to hang them in my stalls. I may just tie this up against the wall instead. It won't last as long, but the horses will still love it. Just need to get some more so everyone can have one! Gotta be fair! Retail: $7.49

Likit Holder: Obviously it would be silly of them to send a Likit without sending a holder! The Likit is cylinder shaped with a hole in middle (kinda like toilet paper). With this device, there's a plastic plate on top and bottom, and a bar that goes through the middle. You snap the rope to the bar and hang it up! I still have two of these, so all of my horses can have one once I get some more refills. Spoiled kids! Retail: $22.49

 Hoofmaker sample: Hoofmaker is a moisturizer we use on horses hooves to keep them from drying out. Hooves are just like fingernails, so some smart human realized this stuff is AMAZING for dry skin and nails. I love that they included this as a human sample.

Dog Treats: Sure it seems odd to have dog treats in a horse box. But I would say the majority of horse owners also have dogs, so it's not that far fetched. Plus they aren't included on the info card and are indeed an extra. They are wheat and gluten free, so Pia can eat them with her dietary restrictions. Sorry Artie... you gotta share with your sis!

January's Heart to Horse box had a value of $56.45, not including the extras. Stateline claims the box has a value of $61.46. Since it ships for free, I feel satisfied with that claim. If you're looking just at merchandise total, it comes a bit short I suppose... But for the 34.99 I paid, I'm really happy! I'm excited to see what's in February's box!

As far as I know, there is no referral program. But if you'd like to give Heart to Horse Box a try, you can sign up here!

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