Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Horse Box

I've been saying forever that someone needs to put together a horse box sub, and finally someone did! Yay! A Horse Box is a monthly subscription box for horse owners/riders. It's $22.00 per box, but if you subscribe for 3 months, it drops to $20, and if you subscribe for 6 months, it goes down to $17.00. Shipping is free. I opted for the six month sub, and received my first box today! It shipped Friday, so took just under a week to arrive from Florida.

There wasn't an info card, but I did get a lovely welcome note!

The first item was for me! An apple flavored chap stick with SPF. Retail about $1.50

Cavalor horse feed sample. I'm reluctant to change up my horses' feed, but I will let them taste a little as a treat to see if they like it! Retail: $0 (sample size)

Any horse owner keeps these on hand for unexpected injuries. I was so excited to find this in the box!
Retail: $1.49

Re-Vitalize for horses is a supplement for horses under stress from competition or rehabbing. I am going to ask my vet about giving this to Rio, as he's supposed to have his stress managed to keep the EPM at bay. I was really impressed to find this full size container in the box! Retail: $54.99

I haven't seen these for horses ever! Nicker Bait is like a pill pocket for horses. My horses aren't taking any pills, so I'll probably just feed them as treats. They look delicious! Retail: $0 (sample)

No sub is complete without a cute sticker! I'll have to check out this website and see what goodies they have!

A Horse Box is having Christmas in July this month (I sure picked the right month to sign up!) so every box has a raffle ticket inside. Everyday from July 21st until the 31st, they will be giving away different items on their Facebook page. You can enter for free via rafflecopter, but also for each item, they will choose a ticket winner as well. So fun! Hope the boys and I win something!

All totaled, I came up with a value of $57.98. Which seems very high, though most of that value is in the one supplement. Regardless, I am excited to try some new products, and be introduced to others. If you're interested in trying A Horse Box, click here to get started! As far as I know, they do not have a referral program, so I do not benefit in any way if you sign up.

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