Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's kind of a dreary day here. Supposed to be some weather this evening, so I'm thinking I may go ride Eros and give the kids at home a night in. Nice thing about having an indoor where Eros is! We'll see how the day goes. Anyway, though it's dreary, it's not freezing, which is nice. Should be in the 60's. Not warm, but not too cold. So long sleeves it is! Also, I was running super late this morning and totally forgot to grab outfit photos. So these are... interesting.
Me in my work environment. #deskjob
Long sleeves, but no socks. Cause it's springtime now.

Top: Ralph Lauren
I bought a few of these button down shirts last year at the outlet. They were super on sale, and I just love them! They're knit, so they don't wrinkle that easily, and they have plenty of give to them. Big fan of the lilac color too.

Belt: Mane Jane
I don't have a lilac belt strap. I should probably work on that situation. So I went with this cream colored one since that's basically a neutral. And added the rose gold buckle because pink and purple work.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
Stretchy, light colored denim. Perfect.

Shoes: Sperry
These are a little darker than the top. I do think I have a pair that matches better, but as I said earlier, I was running super late. And these were accessible. Good enough!

Arm Party!
Lefty kept it pretty simple with this Hermes bracelet and the apple watch. These little clasps came with two straps each, and I didn't think I'd wear this white one. But here it is!

I had to have some sparkle somewhere, obviously. Righty is donning the fitbit in front. The middle is a wrap bracelet and the last is a cuff. I made those two awhile back. Love me some glitter!

I also have a riding outfit to share! AND it's from riding at my HOUSE! So excited to get back to my old normal.

Do you see Rio back there?
I wore this Tuesday. It was a beautiful evening, but breezy. And that breeze was CHILLY. So more long sleeves. And also... yes, blue again!

Helmet: Charles Owen Elumenayr
I was never that happy with the fit of my navy Charles Owen Jr8. Just after the holidays Carousel Tack had these eLumenAyr helmets super on sale, so I decided to replace the old sparkly blue helmet. I really like this one! You can't see it in the photo, but it has an interesting clasp on the harness. Seems very secure.

Top: Ariat

I was really into the Ariat tops with bits on them. I think I own all the different ones they made last year. This one is great because I can wear it to work too. Also it has elbow patches which is super cute.

Belt: Mane Jane
I went with the navy belt strap to match the bits on the top. And that's the gunmetal buckle, which matches the breeches pretty nicely.

Breeches: Equine Couture

I have mixed feelings about these pants. I love the bit and ribbon detail there on the bum. And they are super soft, like a knit material. But they run pretty small, and I feel like a stuffed sausage in them. I probably should have sized up. They stay put though, so that's nice!

Boots: DeNiro
So real talk  here. I dug out a new pair of Regals to use until I can get the zipper fixed on the broken pair, and they gave me a blister! Can you believe it? Regals?! So rude. So I needed to go with the most comfy boots in the closet while that heals itself up. Which is definitely these.But they're also so cute, so I'm sure you all don't mind seeing them frequently.

So that's it for today! Any favorites? What are you wearing?

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

What. A. Week. Seriously. Let's just get right to it. As you already knew, my saddle wasn't going to even pretend to work for Shiny, so I didn't plan to ride her until the weekend when I could pick up my old saddle at the barn. (I had it there to attempt to sell.) Which was really a good plan, because Friday I had to have an endoscopy anyway. Just a let's make sure everything is good in there kind of thing, nothing to worry about! And all is good, so glad that's over.
Anesthesia always leaves me pretty exhausted afterwards, so I took the rest of the day pretty easy. I wasn't allowed to drive myself anywhere, but my mom stuck around and we ran some errands and had a nice lunch together. The horses got fed and that was about all I did with them that day.
Saturday was a big, busy day though! I was up fairly early because Fefe would be arriving, and I had to get all of her stuff set up at the barn.
I rode Eros first, and he was a good boy, as usual! And then my stepmom and I got busy putting away all of Fefe's stuff while awaiting her arrival. She got there around noon time, and unloaded like a perfect lady.
We really didn't fuss with her Saturday, since she had a long trailer ride up from Florida. Andrea went back later in the day to groom and hand walk her.
I spent the rest of my day with the kids at home. Rio had a nice groom and a graze. And I finally got to ride Shiny!
I'm big on her, but not TOO big at least. This saddle fits her  better than my regular one, but it doesn't actually fit her, so I have something with a wide tree coming on trial. Hopefully soon.
As for the ride, she was exactly as advertised. Very quiet, and very green. But she went around fine, despite my neighbor being noisy and dropping tools every so often... (Seriously, that guy.) I had a really hard time getting her to canter, but when I did, her canter was a dream! So smooth!
I had to rush a bit after getting her put away. They got fed, and I hopped in the shower super fast. I had to pick my mom up for a 6:45 dinner reservation at the casino. My mom turned 70 on Tuesday, so we were celebrating over the weekend. My brother and sister-in-law got a sitter, so it was just us grown ups for a REALLY nice meal.
Why yes, that is three types of mashed potatoes. A flight if you will.

23 layers of delicious.

Happy Birthday Mom!
It was a late night, but mom had a great time. And I didn't lose all my money at the casino, so that was nice too.
Sunday was another BUSY day. But I guess I best get used to it! My barn helper had the day off, so I was up early to get the kids fed, turned out, and their stalls cleaned.
Photo not actually from that morning. But Rio is the cutest in his walkout.
Once chores were done, I headed over to the barn. I met up with stepmom so we could see how Fefe was feeling about the new barn. The plan was to throw her on a lunge line and I would ride her that day. I opted to stay indoors as they were having jumping lessons outside. They don't like us to lunge during those. It worked out great, and Fefe seems like a pretty cool girl. She wanted to look around, but she wasn't wild nor spooky. She seems like she can maybe getting rolling along a bit at the canter, but if you ask her to slow down, she does. We didn't do too much for that first day. I just wanted to see what we were working with, and let her stretch her legs a little.
I rode Eros next, and he was wonderful. No more of the complaints he had last week!
Next I went home to tend to the other kids. Shiny was a good girl again, though I really feel like I'm fighting the saddle more than I'm riding the pony. Can't wait to try something else on her! Fingers crossed the first one will work, because this one isn't!
Rio had some more good groomies, and a little grass eating too.

Last Thursday, before I had a saddle to use, I gave Shiny an extra evening turnout. While she was out, I took Rio out for grass. And they met face to face for the first time.
You guys. He LOVES her. Probably too much. And I think he put her into heat. Sheesh. Mares. Now I remember why I have a no mares rule. They're so gross! But it's pretty cute that they love each other, and get along. I do fear she'll get a little clingy, as she does call to him when I take him out for grass. I'm not sure if that's about him though. Probably she just wants grass too.
After work Monday, I fed my kids, but gave them the night off. Instead, I headed over to ride my old buddy Big Brad!
He was really good, and even got round at the canter! Something that's been hard for him in the past. Not only that, but he even gave me some nice bend both directions at the canter too! Not easy things when you're as big as he is. It was a fun ride. I've missed him!
Which brings us to last night. I got on my pony last night, and well. She wasn't very good. She was snarky when I put my leg on, and a couple of times when I asked for trot, she sucked back, kicked out, and tossed her head up and down like she was contemplating a rear. I don't feel good about this, it reminded me very much of Ducky. But. Here's the thing. I really think it's the saddle. So I don't want to pick a big fight until I find a better fitting saddle for her. At the walk, I was able to get some really nice work out of her. She actually came up through her back onto the bit. But when I asked for the trot in that frame, I got the above behavior. And I think it's because she's uncomfortable. I hate to make excuses, and I don't want to let her get away with bad behavior. But I also don't want to punish her for telling me she's uncomfortable. If that's what's happening.
Still gives the snuggles though.
 This is the hardest thing about not knowing a horse. It's hard to judge when to be a trainer, and when to be a listener. I'm going to listen for right now, until I get a better fitting saddle. So tonight maybe we'll just lunge. Or have a turnout. And I'll see about getting that saddle shipped asap. I'm also not going to let naughty behavior linger. Once we have a saddle that fits, if I'm still having trouble, I will bring in a trainer to set everything straight. This is a lovely pony, and I don't want to mess her up.

And that's where we are at. Saddle limbo. Have you guys been through similar issues with a new horse? Think I'm taking the right approach? Any suggestions for deciphering bad behavior from uncomfortable behavior in a horse you don't know?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

Today's confession? I'm super behind at life! But for good reason. I got to play with ponies ALL WEEKEND! But alas, I haven't really read any blogs since I think Wednesday. Maybe Thursday? I promise I'll get all of your posts read though! Hopefully soon...
My other confession is that it felt super weird to actually ride a horse at my house again. I got on Miss Shiny Saturday (FINALLY!) and it was just so strange to be riding at home.
 Not bad of course, just weird. It's been so long. About a year and half I guess. I'll tell you all about our rides tomorrow. But I won't leave you totally hanging. She does seem to be exactly as advertised, which is a big relief! Very green under saddle, but calm, and not spooky. At least not yet. Hopefully I don't make her spooky!  Still working out the saddle situation, but I have a temporary solution and something to try potentially on the way too.
Anything you guys need to confess today? Share in the comments!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursdays Threads: The Blue Edition

Outfit Day! I unintentionally have two very blue outfits to share... So without further ado, here's the blue edition of Thursday's Threads! We'll start with my riding outfit from Sunday.
It was cold AGAIN. So it was back to giant hoodies for me. Come on Spring, do your job!

Helmet: One K
Recycled photo... sorry.

Shirt: Ariat
I love blue bandana print! I've worn it before in the form of a denim shirt, but when I saw this Ariat hoody I added to cart pretty fast.

Belt: Mane Jane
I went with the light gray Mane Jane strap and the gunmetal buckle.

Breeches: Ovation
These are super non-fancy. Nothing special about them. But they're like your favorite old pair of jeans. Always there for you. Always comfy.

Socks: Mare Goods/ Dreamers and Schemers
I love small businesses, especially equestrian minded ones. So these are win-win since they come from a collaboration between two horsey small businesses! And they're adorable.

Shoes: Ariat
Maybe I bought the shoes with the sweatshirt. Shut up.

Boots: DeNiro
Another recycled photo... sorry. I was at first wanting to wear my Celeris this week for Thursday's threads, but Eros needed a little attitude adjustment as mentioned yesterday, and those boots are not broken in enough for such things. So I went with the most comfy option instead.

That's what I rode in, but I have a work outfit too. Here it is:

See? More blue. So much blue.

Top: Cynthia Rowley
I found this light blue linen top hidden on the clearance rack at Marshalls for stupid cheap. Like $12 maybe? It's really nice. Classy enough for work, but super comfy. I love the summery feel to it.

Belt: Mane Jane
Same gunmetal buckle that I rode with, but I switched to the navy belt strap today.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I really like Lucky Jeans. They're super comfy and the length is great for me.

Shoes: Ariat
My Ariat Cruiser collection is starting to rival my Sperry collection... I actually got these for "barn shoes" since they are exactly Eros' barn's colors. But I've been wearing them everywhere because they're super comfortable.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing the wrap bracelet from a stack I made awhile back. (You'll see the rest of the stack on righty below.) The denim colors work really well with the top and jeans!

There's the rest of the stack! I haven't worn one of these horse bracelets in awhile. I do love them, will have to worm them into the rotation more often.

And that's it for today! Any favorites? What are you wearing?