Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday's Threads

So sorry guys, still no horse clothes this week. But the vet comes tomorrow, so let's cross our fingers that Eros has a miraculous recovery and I'm back in the irons for next week. In the meantime, here's what I wore to work today:
I went for comfy, yet classy today. It's cold out you guys! I need all the layers I can get!

Sweater: En Creme
I have absolutely no idea where this oversized sweater came from, I just found it when I switched the clothes over for winter a few weeks ago. Glad I have it though! Long enough to keep my bum warm!

Belt: Mane Jane
Had to throw SOMETHING horsey into the mix right?

Jeans: DJeans
These are probably more jegging than jean.... but they have a functional button and zipper plus back pockets... So I'll let them pretend to be jeans.

Boots: INC
Do you guys remember these? These are the boots I bought in Florida that time when I was flying home to a snow storm and had only packed boat shoes. I get so much use out of these, it was absolutely a good purchase, even if if unexpected.

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning an unbranded bangle bracelet that pays homage to the super pricey Hermes enamel bracelets. I wish I could figure out who made this because I'd love another one or two.

I hope you guys don't get tired of the Hermes saddle nail looking bracelets, because I'll be wearing them all the time I'm sure. Anyway, that's the first one, the middle is from Juicy Couture, and the last is one my sister-in-law gave me years ago from Rebecca Minkoff.

And that's it for today sadly. Hopefully you'll see some breeches and boots next week! And honestly, even if not on Eros, I need to get on a horse soon, so maybe I'll see if there's something I can take a lesson on or something. This girl needs some saddle time!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

Um. What's Up Wednesday? Not much really, honestly. I've just been hand walking Eros while I wait for the vet to come out. He's scheduled for some time on Friday. Hopefully by the time he gets there, Eros will be sound again and we can just go back to work! Fingers crossed anyway. My stepmom is home from Florida for a couple weeks, and I think she's pretty bummed she can't ride him.
I mentioned yesterday that the boys all got their hair did. That was pretty much the most exciting thing to happen in the last week. Haha! Sometimes quiet is nice though, right?
Sunday I met up with some friends to finally do our holiday gift exchange. You guys, they came up with the most creative gift! And I forgot to take a photo... Sorry. Bad blogger. But anyway, they got me Coke bottles (glass ones!) with the names of my horses (and mine) on each one! I didn't even know you could do that. I do like Coke as a treat now and then, so once I drink them all, I'm going to fill them with colored sand or something and keep them on the windowsill. Or maybe use them as bud vases? I dunno. I just think it was the most creative gift!
They look like this, but each had a different name on it:

Oh! We did have one wild hour of fun at the farm this week! My friend/neighbor is fostering a couple of pugs (available for adoption if anyone is looking!) and we obviously had to get them all together for a play date. (Along with her boxer, because she fits right in.) Did you know a group of pugs is called a Grumble? I did, and now I can see why!

And that's really it for this week. I already miss riding. I'm not sure how I made it through the summer. Anyone needs something flatted within an hour of me, let me know, I'm your girl!
How was your week/weekend? Do anything super fun? Take a lesson, go to a show? Play with a whole pile of pugs?! Let's chat in the comments!
In closing... please enjoy this photo of the barn goat helping himself to too many snacks:
No, it's not preggo, it's just fat.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

The one positive about not riding, is that hand walking takes up less time, so I have a bit more free time for doing things that have been shoved aside. Which leads to today's confession. I had really let my horses' appearances go as of late. I don't really trim the old men's whiskers and ears anymore. I know they are there for a reason (the whiskers anyway) and it's so cold, they appreciate the ear hair I'm sure. But I do like to try and keep their manes tidy at the very least. I did attempt to trim Eros' face a few weeks back. I had bought some new cordless clippers that I was REALLY excited about, (Wahl Cordless KM pro for those wondering) but alas, I got a defective pair. So I went out with good intentions but the trimming never happened. In summary, my horses were looking feral. I decided this weekend was the time to change that.
I started at the home barn with Jampy. His mane is a little ridiculous in both the before and after photos since it's on the wrong side. PLUS he has more cowlicks that I can handle, so it looks uneven even though it's not. #foreverferal
Next up was Rio. That horse grows hair faster than any I've ever known. (And no, surprisingly, no cushings! Just a hairy beast.)
I think I should have done more in the middle. He's got a little bit of a bowl cut happening... but it's definitely better than it was.
Last was Eros. His mane wasn't as bad to start, but also, my before picture is a little misleading. I forgot to take one before I started, so the "before" is actually after I had done some pulling.
His mane will definitely be a bear to braid. It's at least as thick as Jamp's. Maybe he should just be a jumper instead...
Anyway, they're all looking MUCH better now with their hair under control. Are you good at keeping them trimmed up in the winter? Or do you let them get a little feral too?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Ariat edition

Outfit Day! As you might have assumed, I do not have a riding outfit today, but I did wear an equestrian themed outfit to try and make up for that. So here's what I wore today:

So much Ariat. Ariat all over!

Sweater: Ariat
Shirt: Ariat

I had the bright idea to try layering this sun shirt under a sweater, and frankly, I'm not sure why I haven't done this sooner. It's super comfy and they look adorable together! Also, this sweater that looks boring is actually super cute with the yellow stitched elbow patches. It doesn't come with the dog hair though, my short kids added that for me.

Belt: Rebecca Ray

I thought a bit belt would work great with this theme, and was super excited when I remembered that the one I have is navy like the sweater.

Jeans: True Religion
These were a little bit of a fail. I pulled out like three options for jeans, and they were all ankle length. I didn't any more time to hunt down some appropriately long jeans, so I just stuck with these. They look a little silly, but whatever. I sit at a desk all day.

Shoes: Ariat Cruisers
They matched my shirt so I had to have them. Cruisers are really comfy, if you don't have a pair, definitely add them to your next birthday list.

Purse: Rebecca Ray
I snagged this purse during the holiday sales, and I have to tell you guys, I LOVE it. It was not cheap, and I was sure that I would be disappointed, but I'm totally not. It's canvas, but very sturdy, and the halter details are really thick and high quality. Huge fan.

Arm Party!
In keeping with the bit theme, I loaded up lefty with my most favorite bracelet I've ever gotten (the green bit one) and the tan bit bracelet that I made.

Righty is donning some new additions. Whilst in Florida, I had a particularly good thrifting day on the interwebs one morning. I found this ADORABLE full cheek bracelet on Poshmark for half what the retail is. And it's basically brand new. Then, on Ebay, I discovered an Hermes bracelet like the one you guys all see all the time, but in gold tone. Had to have it. And they look perfect together! (Also, no more shopping for awhile.)

That's what I'm wearing today! Sorry for the lack of riding attire, but hopefully the fun bit theme is a suitable substitute. Any favorites from today? Do you have a pair of Ariat Cruisers?

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

What's Up Wednesday

It's kind of hard to believe that a week ago I was still in Florida. Funny how you just roll right back into real life, isn't it?
So Thursday, I boarded the plane to come back to reality.
It was cloudy and drizzly in Florida because Florida was sad to see me go. But I was ready to get back home to all the four legged kids. I miss them when I'm away!
I scheduled Eros to have a training ride on Thursday, but requested he flat only since he'd had the week off. I knew I would land with enough time to ride, but I also wanted to spend some time with the boys at home and needed to get the short kids. I figured it would be easier to have him ridden that day, and it would appease the BO by our paying for a ride. Win-win. One would think.
Unfortunately, I'm privy to some information that suggest Eros may have jumped during his training ride. After a week off. But I decided not to address that until I rode him. If no harm done, then it's not worth raising a stink about it. Well. I got on Friday and he was not sound. I played dumb though and just said "you only flatted him, right?" Well after a ten minute delay in response she said oh yeah, just flatted and he was awesome!
Fishy. But I can't absolutely prove he jumped, so I dunno. Maybe she's telling the truth? Either way, my horse is unsound. I am NOT happy. She said in person that they did just flat but she really made him work. Which made me question why? He had a week off! Just sit on him and let him move around. Ugh. Anyway, I've been on him everyday, mostly tack walking with a tiny bit of trot to see if there's improvement. There hasn't been, so I'll have to touch base with the vet I guess. So frustrating. I really wish people would do what's best for the horses and not what's best for their wallets and egos. Hopefully he's just sore and this passes quickly. But I can't pretend I'm not ridiculously frustrated. Eros and I were really clicking and things were going so well. And now, I'm back to walking horses. Every day. So much walking. How many equine must one have access to in order to ride with any regularity? The answer is not 3. I don't think it's 4 either. Maybe it's 5?
In other less cranky news, the old men are doing great. They've both put on some weight (I think... it might just be hair) and are looking good. They're also shedding like crazy.

We are VERY overdue for some mane attention. Maybe we'll get to that this weekend. They're really starting to look feral.
Saturday it rained pretty much the entire day, but Sunday was nice (other than some crazy wind) and even fairly warm in the 40's. I decided to throw Rio on a lunge line to see how he's looking.
Not bad, right? Hey, maybe this one will end up rideable some day soon? He looked quite good to the left, but still off to the right. I'm not sure if it's mechanical at this point though? The epm left him with a bit of a curve to the body, which had gotten a little worse after his last flare up. I'm not actually planning anything for him work wise, but we'll see how he looks when spring arrives. It would be nice to at least sit on him and wander the yard this summer. But if not, that's ok too. He can do whatever makes him happy!
That's about all that's really going on here. Walking everyone, lots of grooming, and also a fair amount of pug snuggling.

Any thoughts on this Eros situation? Curious how others might handle things. Right now, I think I'll wait to see what the vet has to say, and then form a plan from there. I'm not sure it's worth addressing, but for future would just not let anyone on him while I'm gone. I dunno. Tell me your thoughts!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

I was going to share a story about what happened with Eros while I was away, but I don't want Truthful Tuesday to turn into a regular whine session about the boarding barn, so I'll save it for tomorrow. Instead, I'll admit that I did it again. Ugh. I don't want to tell you. I'm kind of ashamed....
 It all started innocently enough... The other night I went looking for the Samshield clip on sunshield, but for less money. I buy a lot of ridiculous crap, but only for the best deals! Anyway... I found one in the UK (and the winter liner too!) for a reasonable price from Equiport. I've not shopped with them before, but I figured I'd give it a shot. They use paypal, so I have protection if things go awry. Happy to follow up later if anyone wants to shop with them in the future.
Anyway, whenever I find a new to me tack shop online, I generally browse their site to see what they have. Especially if it's European because they get cooler stuff sooner than we do. Know what I discovered? Ridiculously good prices on De Niro boots. Like, those can't be right, good prices. But I didn't act! No I didn't! I did not buy new boots that day. Though I did find a pair to lust after that just happen to match my navy One K snakeskin helmet perfectly...
Pretty right? I know. It's all I've been thinking about since I saw them. I do have navy boots already... But they're patent on the inside calf and kinda  very slippery so I'm not in love. Plus, these match my helmet. I haven't tried De Niro boots yet, but I've heard good things. Normally they're stupid expensive in the states... And did I mention the great price? Because it was really great. Even with shipping added in, they were right around $400 with semi custom sizing. Can't really go wrong there, right?
Alas. I couldn't hold out any longer. I placed the order this morning. In 8-10 weeks hopefully I'll be able to introduce you all to them.
And yes, I still have the Celeris AND the Fama's on the way. Shut up. I have a problem, and there do not seem to be any support groups for boot-a-holics. What's a girl supposed to do?

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Kind of a lame outfit day for you guys, but at least there is a riding outfit (mostly)! Let's start with the riding outfit, of which I don't have a full photo, unfortunately. Sorry.

Helmet: Samshield
Ok, I guess I don't really have a helmet photo. But here's a partial. I told you this edition would be a little lame...

T-shirt: Um... I forget the brand here... Seriously this post is rough.
This is probably my most favorite shirt ever. It's so appropriate. I also have it in a tank.

Belt: Longchamp
I love the Longchamp logo, but not the price tag. So when I saw this one on super closeout I jumped right on it.

Breeches: Ariat
Another fabulous photo from me... I stocked up on breeches a few months back when sales were aplenty. These were one of my purchases.

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
This is my Florida pair of Regals. They're a lot younger than the pair you're used to seeing. So they still like nice boots.

That's what I wore to tack walk trainer's mare on New Years. But I also have today's travel outfit to share:

Told you it was comfy.

Fleece: Skidmore College
You guys have seen this one before. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Top: Ronner Design
Another repeat. This has really become a favorite for me.  I won't ever wear it as an actual show shirt, the neck is way loose on me, but I LOVE it has a casual top.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is my plain black belt strap, the other side is hunter green, and the shiny new gold buckle too!

Jeans: Vintage America Blues
I really like the sort of distressed look to these gray jeans. The color is distressed, but not the pants! I can't wear ripped jeans at work, so it's nice these aren't torn at all.

Shoes: Sperry
These are my black Sperry's with the gold soles and laces. We all know my love of Sperry, no need to rehash that.

I don't have an arm party to share today. I was quite lazy and didn't bother with bracelets for travel day. So that's it for my lame outfit day. Any favorites from today? What are you wearing?