Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thursday's Threads: Pineapple edition

Happy outfit day everyone! It's a perfect summer day here. Highs in the low 80's and it's not even that humid out, only 50%! I still dressed like I'm on a beach vacation though. #employeeoftheyear
I really don't know what I would do if I had to dress like an actual grown up on the regular. Let's hope I don't get fired any time soon.

Top: H&M
I saw this cute t-shirt in the window at H&M last year, and had to grab one. It's just so shiny and cute!

Belt: C4
Obviously I had to wear the pineapple C4 belt! I have the matching boot socks, but alas, no need for them today. (But I am riding a new horse on Saturday!!! Woooohooo!)

Jeans: Seven
These are probably more like a jegging/jean hybrid. They're fairly heavy like jeans, but so soft and stretchy! Definitely on the favorite list.

Shoes: Lilly Pulitzer for Target
I tried to include as little of my toes as possible. Ew. Still need that pedicure I've been talking about since winter... Anyway, do you guys remember the insanity that was the Lilly Pulitzer/Target collaboration? That was ridiculous. I got to Target the day of the release 10 minutes after they opened and everything was gone. Literally everything. They had even started taking down the displays. I wound up buying these flip flops from some stranger on Instagram. Worth it though, they're so cute!

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing this super dainty pineapple bracelet that I found on ebay along with my apple watch.

Righty is donning this green leather wrap bracelet that I made along with a gold Juicy Couture bracelet. I was lacking in the pineapple themed bracelets, but I thought a crown reminded me of the top of a pineapple... kind of? Ok that's a stretch. Fear not though, I DO have a pineapple bracelet coming soon!

Sadly, that's it for today. I'm hoping to have a riding outfit for you guys next week though since I'm riding Saturday. Have any favorites from today?

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

It was a fun weekend over here! Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful. I had a few horses to braid Friday evening, so that was productive at least. The bottom guy you've seen a few times, but the other two were new manes to me. They were lovely horses. Very polite with great manes!

I slept in a little on Saturday (till 9!) because I didn't get home until well after 1 am. But then it was a pretty busy day! I had a bunch of errands I had to run in the morning. Once those were completed, I got to ride Bradley!
You guys. He was SO GOOD! We just flatted, but we really took our time. I let him warm up however he wanted. Head in the air, short stride, long clumsy stride, whatever. And then I went back to walk and started asking him to pay attention to his body. A little shoulder in, a little haunches in, then both out, etc. Once he was on all my aids at the walk we moved on to trot. Normally as soon as you go to an upward transition he wants to disconnect, get above the bit, and lock up through his whole topline. But this time he stayed right between my aids. It was lovely! I had a little less success at the canter, but we had some nice moments there too. Good boy Bradley!

We got to see some lovely sky writing while we were riding too. Of course it was just an ad... but still kinda fun!
The whole thing said Summer Fun at Mohegan Sun. It's pretty cool how they do this now. Back in the day it was just one plane. But now it's 5 planes and it's like the old dot matrix printers. Seems kind of like a waste to me... but still I was entertained watching it.
After Bradley, it was back home to get my boys out and grab a quick shower before Lobster Fest! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I had a theme appropriate outfit to wear:
Seen here with a similarly appropriately clad neighbor. Why yes, my shoes, bag and dress are all lobster themed! (And my arm party and phone case of course.) This dress even has pockets. Total win.
As mentioned yesterday, we had plenty of lobster for all, as well as steaks for the non shellfish eaters. And other salads and things for sides and/or anyone who doesn't eat the main dishes. While we do Lobster Fest every year, this year we made it kind of a duel purpose party by including a little retirement party flair for my dad to celebrate with his friends. That came in the form of dessert:

But there was also a little surprise lurking behind this island:
Do you know what it is? Here's a hint...
Fireworks! I don't know how she even thought of it, but my stepmom hired a company to put on a fireworks show for my dad. It was an awesome surprise, and he had no idea. My brother made a really neat video from drone footage of the show. He got permission to fly his drone into the fireworks. Don't try this at home, and especially not at a public display! But it is pretty amazing. Check it out here if you have time:

So yeah, Saturday was a lot of fun. And Sunday? Well that was possibly one of my laziest days ever. It happens!
I got up and got the horse laundry started, then headed down to the lake for some breakfast. (Yes! They don't JUST do lobster rolls... haha.) I took it to go though, and sat at the end of the barn listening to some music while I ate it. Next the boys had good groomies and their walks. Rio got to have some grass.

I finished the horse laundry. I had so many dirty wraps it took me 45 minutes to roll them all. Such a slacker.
The short kids didn't do too much. It's been pretty hot which isn't great for Pugs. The asphalt is WAY too hot to walk them on. But we've played in the yard some at least.
The rest of Sunday was spent doing human laundry and attempting to straighten up my disgusting house. This week is fairly quiet. Hand walks for the boys, and I have a few nights of braiding ahead too. No riding on the schedule just yet, but hopefully soon.
Oh and I almost forgot! I wound up getting some photos after all from the Alumni Division at the Skidmore show! Look how cute Sochi is! I think he's a LITTLE annoyed with my general floundering... but he's adorable nonetheless.

 (all photos used with purchase and credited to Shawn McMillen Photography)

I love the candid of us talking with the judge. (They always have a q&a portion during the flat class. Years past have been a bit raunchy, but everyone's a little afraid to push any boundaries these days, so the questions were pretty tame.)

Well, that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do anything fun this weekend? Horse show? Lesson? Something non-horsey?

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

Today's Confession: I've eaten lobster for almost every meal since Saturday evening. I did have an egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast on Sunday, but other than that, all lobster. I'm not sorry.
My dad and stepmom hosted Lobster Fest on Saturday for 70 of their closest friends and family. There was WAY MORE than enough to go around, so I got to take home a giant bag of lobster leftovers. Sunday I ate it right out of the bag for dinner. Because I'm an animal. And it was delicious. Monday I decided to make lobster salad rolls for both lunch and dinner.
And now I'm out of lobster. That's the only part of I'm sad about. I'll tell you all about Lobster Fest tomorrow and the super fun surprise my stepmom had for my dad tomorrow on What's up Wednesday.
Have you ever eaten the same thing for like three days straight? Any regrets? Because I have none. (Except that it's all gone.)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursdays Threads

Happy Outfit Day! Today is supposed to be the last day of our heat wave. I'm not sure we're actually going to qualify for a heat wave day where I am though, as I think the high is under 90. But humidity is at 86% so it's still pretty stuffy out there. I'll take it though. I love summer! Since I shorted you all a riding outfit last week, I'll start with my 4th of July riding outfit this week:

I'm not a big fan of riding in tank tops, but when I finally got to Bradley's barn yesterday it was after 1 pm and 96 degrees before the heat index. So tank top it had to be! (And also Gatorade and lots of water... for both of us!) Fortunately, Bradley's barn is very close to the shore, and they actually had a lovely breeze!

Helmet: One K
Low quality selfie anyone? This is my navy One K snakeskin helmet. Obviously, I didn't get a great shot of it though. I wanted to wear my sparkly Charles Owen navy helmet, but the One K has much better ventilation. So I went with that.

Tank: Rue 21
I'm not sure why, but I really like single color tie-dye.

Belt: Mane Jane
I was at first planning to wear my Duftler spur belt, but it didn't fit in the belt loops on these breeches. So I went with Mane Jane instead. You can never go wrong with Mane Jane! (I also am wearing this today, and forgot to snap a photo. How convenient that I have this one already!)

Breeches: Horseware
I originally ordered these breeches because the color was called cherry, and I thought it would be more of a pink/red. But they are RED. Which normally isn't my color. But I decided to keep them because they are perfect 4th of July breeches! The only problem with them, is they have a lot of stitching and seams on them, specifically in the calf area. It was so hot and sweaty, all of those seams were rubbing yesterday. So these are maybe better on cooler days.

Socks: CHJA Finals
These socks were included in our welcome packet at CHJA medal finals one year. I like them, but they weren't printed very well and have always looked faded. Still very functional though!

Half Chaps: Cavallo
Paddock Boots: Cavallo
Spurs: Colortack
Spur straps: Stacie Originals
It seemed no matter how I turned I was in a shadow, so I included that photo of my leg hanging out of the car for color representation. These half chaps and paddock boots are SO COMFY! The leather is soft like butter. I'm not sure how durable they'd be to every day use, but I do love them!

And now for today's outfit!
Kinda dark for summer I guess? But I've been dying to wear these bracelets I have on, and this top matched. So here we are!

Top: Jessy B
PONY SHIRT! I love pony shirts. Especially when they're disguised as "blouses" and are work appropriate! The colors are fun on this one too. Though so many of these horses are upside down. I think the print might have worked better if they flipped the other way.

Jeans: Hudson
I snagged these on sale at Marshalls not too long ago, and they might be my favorite jeans. I love the color, plus they are really soft and stretchy.

Shoes: Sperry
These were an Ebay find, and not long after I purchased them (for $25 plus shipping) I saw them on Sperry's site on sale for $80. So that was a good deal for me! They're navy patent, but they photograph kind of black.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a vintage Manelli bracelet that came from Poshmark, and my trusty apple watch.

Righty is donning an Hermes wrap bracelet that I negotiated down on Poshmark. I LOVE the color, and I just hope it's actually authentic. Otherwise I overpaid. It seems to be though. Looks exactly the same as the one my parents gave me, just a different color. The other bracelet came from Ebay, and it matches the leather one almost perfectly! Pretty stack!
That's it for today! Any favorites? Did you dress in red, white, and blue for the 4th?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

This week was MUCH quieter than last! Thankfully. I don't think I could survive multiple crazy weeks like that! We've been having a heat wave up here in New England. It's been in the mid 90's with the heat index well over 100 for a few days. I'm not complaining. This is my weather! But I will acknowledge that it is hot. And sweaty.
Our parent company hosts a nationwide BBQ as a fundraiser every summer, and that happened this past Friday. It took place just during our lunch break, which meant that I didn't really have time to hang out and enjoy it since I had to run home for the dogs and horses. But I made sure to take a moment to grab a terrible selfie with my dad. It was his very last work event since that was his last day.
I had ZERO plans for the weekend,  which I was pretty happy about. No horses to braid, and no events to attend! But it was still a full weekend of fun things. The ponies got their walks, but the pups did not. It was much too hot for smoosh noses to be outside for too long, and no way could any pup walk safely on the asphalt in these temps. They were pretty content to stay home.
Saturday was super hot, and I decided it was a good day to do a gross job.
Yep. Both boys had their sheaths cleaned. They're both very good for that fortunately. But ick. Not my favorite equine task. I spent a lot of time to trying to get them shed out the rest of the way. Rio was almost all shed out back in April, and for some reason he grew his coat back. It's shedding, but not that quickly. I may have to clip him if this heat wave continues much longer.
Jampy had a vet appointment last week, and we're able to cut back on his icing. I'm pretty excited to start sleeping more than six hours a night! Still waiting on his blood work results, but fingers crossed we may be able to cut back on soaking the hay soon too. Hopefully, but not definitely. We'll have to wait and see!
Since it's been so hot and I had no plans, I've actually gotten to use my pool this year!

And may or may not have had ice cream for dinner a few times...
I let the pups come out while I swim, but I leave the door open so they can go inside if they get too hot. Artie is from the south and that dog just loves baking in the sun. It's so odd!
Monday and Tuesday were busy at work, but it was worth it to have today off. I spent the morning with the boys doing barn chores, walking them, and giving them both nice cool baths. Jampy got to have a nice roll during his walk:

And Rio got to graze in the shade under the big pine trees. 

I got to ride Bradley today too! I had hoped to go early, but it took me longer than I thought to do chores at home, so by the time I got there it was the heat of the day. Bradley didn't seem to mind, but we kept it an easy workout anyway. I haven't ridden in awhile either, so no need to get crazy!
I spent a long time at the walk with him, really working on getting him to bend his whole body and get his hind end working independently of the front end. Next I let him trot and canter more or less however he wanted. After that, I started asking for some shape at the trot. And he really gave me some fantastic moments. Funny how asking the right way gets the right answer, ins't it?
Bradley was rewarded with a cool bath and some shady grazing.
I had enough time when I got home to jump in the pool for a half hour. Much needed! I was soaked with sweat which is gross, but true. I followed that up with a shower, and feeding all the kids before heading over to my dad's for some 4th of July fun. He lives at the beach, so there were bound to be some fireworks to see. And my stepmom's family is in town (we have lobster fest this weekend!) so it was great to see everyone.
The fireworks were pretty impressive at the beach this year. They were all just random people lighting them off as the town doesn't sponsor any anymore. But boy, those people were pretty serious about it! 
And that's about it. Did you do anything fun for the holiday today (if you live in the US anyway)?