Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Truthful Tuesday: The one where we move

Well, we made the big move on Saturday morning! It was ridiculously cold (in the low 20's), and my trailer doors were all frozen shut from the rain the day before. So that was interesting. But we made it over safe and sound. I was pretty amped up about hauling since it's been so long since I've towed horses anywhere. Like YEARS we're talking here. I pulled my empty trailer home about a year and a half ago, and that's the last time I've hauled anything, let alone horses. So due to said angst, I forgot to get any fun photos of the ponies in the trailer. Probably also because it was effing cold out.

I think the kids are settling in okay. I had a couple bumps in the road on Sunday with the staff, but these things happen when you're first moving in. First, when I went to take Pammon out, his wraps were off. I had told the assistant trainer he needs to be wrapped 24/7, but she's off on Sundays. And the Sunday staff is different than the rest of the week, so I'm guessing they just didn't get the memo. I'm sure no harm done as I was there early to put them back on. I can't imagine his leg can get much worse than it already is anyway. The other issue was that Shiny almost didn't get turned out Sunday. She hadn't been added to the turnout board yet, and since Sunday's people are different, no one was paying attention. I mentioned to the barn owner/head trainer and she said AT was redoing the board Tuesday morning. Then made a comment that it's different juggling 40 horses than two. And I made one back that I am aware being I used to manage a stable of 60. Eye roll. The care really is wonderful at this barn once you get into the routine. So I'm not too worked up about these things yet. But those comments drive me bananas. Don't be rude. It's my job as an owner to look out for my horse. It's her job as the one in charge to make sure things happen that are supposed to. But we all know we have a personality clash me and her, so I'm trying to be the bigger person. And my horses are only there for a few months. And the indoor is so lovely with great footing.
So that's the update, but there's not much of a confession in there... other than my shipping angst. I have two actual confessions. The first is that when I was in my barn after the horses moved (had some laundry to do) I got a little sad. I've never not had horses in the barn. There were some times over the years that there was only one horse, and when that happened it was always just Rio. And well... I had a moment. It just feels weird, and really made me miss him. I think having the others to take care of has kept me reasonably distracted. But now it's just really apparent that Rio's not around. Well, no one's around! Weird. And lonely. But it will be worth it when my horses are fit and ready to go come spring time! (Hopefully in the case of Pammon anyway.)
My other confession is that I really didn't use my new found free time very wisely the first day. I was all done with the horses by around 3:30. I was a little productive in that I got the trailer cleaned out and put away. I also put some laundry in and then ran out for a very late lunch (or maybe early dinner, whatever). But after that? I just hung out with the pugs and played around with some photo apps the rest of the day. Talk about lazy! The apps are fun though, I made some floating pony portraits:

So those are my confessions for today! Anything you need to get off your back?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! My riding outfit wasn't overly exciting yesterday but it was cozy at least! Much needed given it was 39 degrees. Gross.

I also wore a coat outside for actual riding. Cause 39 degrees.

Helmet: One K
I'm kind of sad they don't make the snakeskin helmets anymore. I want to have one forever.

Sweatshirt: American Eagle
This is the warmest most snuggly thing I've ever owned. And surprisingly, the hay and shavings don't stick too badly. BONUS!

Belt: Mane Jane
I just went with the gunmetal buckle and plain black strap.

I wore these for Thursday's Threads pretty recently and couldn't remember the brand... And then I forgot to look again. So sorry, I can't remember who makes these!

Boots: DeNiro
Sorry about the mud... it's been raining a lot, and I was too lazy to clean them off first. These bad boys are about 90% broken in and I love them just as much as the blue ones!

That's what I wore last night. Shiny wore a completely mismatched outfit last night, and would be MORTIFIED if she knew I was sharing with you guys...

She's wearing her navy butt cover from Horze that I had to unpack! Grrr. Thankfully it was right on top. I would prefer to use it with her navy pad, but that was clean and packed too, so I just used the black one. She wore her rose gold Punk Ponies front boots and a bridle you guys haven't seen yet. It's by Camelot so it was SUPER cheap, but I really like it. I have one for Pammon also. It has the wide noseband that's popular in hunter land these days, and both horses have their new Boy-O-Boy browbands attached. BOB has a stock one that's pretty close to the boarding barns colors, so grabbed one for each of them. Eros already had one. Back to the Camelot bridle for a second... It's the RCS version which stands for recessed crown strap. Thus not a monocrown. Anyway, the leather is actually pretty decent, especially for the price. And it took oil nicely too. Once oiled, it's very soft. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a prettier bridle on a budget.

Ok, back to outfit day. Here's what I have on at work today:
 Pretty simple for the most part, but I kinda like how it all came together!

Sweater: Le Lis
I got this from an online shop called All the Pretty Pieces. They're going to be scaling down their business soon, so if you'd like to grab one, head to their website this weekend and snag it on sale!

Belt: Unkown brand
I found this orange ostrich embossed belt strap on Ebay years ago. It works with Hermes buckles and with Mane Jane's. I don't wear it a ton, but it's fun with this sweater!

Jeans: Lucky Brand
Marshall's and TJ Maxx had these on clearance awhile back, and I stocked up on them... Lucky Brand fit me nicely, and when you find jeans you like, you should get a few!

Sneakers: Puma
Here is where you'll start to see the theme of today's outfit... It's a little tough to tell in the photo, but those are Gummy Bears printed on these shoes!

Purse: Coach
Coach made a line with these "vandal gummy bears" printed on things... I couldn't resist when I started building my Gummy Bear outfit. This pouch is pretty huge and works as a purse for me.

Arm Party!
Lefty stayed with the orange trend from the  belt and the vandal gummy with this leather bracelet from Hermes. I love that these clasps came with multiple straps so you can mix things up!

Righty is donning a paint splatter band for the Fitbit. The colors worked nicely with everything else! The other three bracelets have gummy bears on them, and they all came from Baublebar. And yes, I totally want to eat them! But they're hard plastic so do not recommend.

And that's it for today! What do you think of the gummies?! What are you wearing today? Have you switched to the winter wardrobe, or still working with fall?

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

What's up Wednesday

You know what they say about the best laid plans right? They often go awry! 'Tis true. Especially when you own horses. So my plan last week was to move the horses on Saturday over to the boarding barn. It was perfect timing as my weekend helper is away on vacation for the first THREE weekends in November. That's pretty much all of them. I was like no biggie, my horses are moving anyway!
Except Fefe didn't get picked up last week. So alas, the horses are still home. I spent the weekend doing barn chores and riding horses though, so no complaints there really! Nothing better than a weekend of nothing but ponies!

I will say barn chores go pretty quickly when there's just two stalls, and the horses don't rotate where they're turning out. Poor Pammon is stuck in the tiny walkout since technically he's supposed to stay in his stall. A little fresh air is good though, and that walkout is only the size of two stalls. A foaling stall really. So technically it's still stall resting. As long as he stays quiet. I think he'll probably lose that luxury when we move, but we'll see. They are able to make smaller turnout areas with hot tape, so maybe he'll still get some outside time.
New OFFICIAL move date is this Saturday. I have the trailer all hooked up, and most of their stuff is packed and ready to go! What we aren't using currently anyway.

Still think all that navy feels weird.
I didn't get to have a lesson with Eros again this weekend. Trainers were at a show Sunday which I forgot about so hadn't signed up for a Saturday lesson. It's been awhile since we've jumped, but I know once everyone is in one place there will be lots of time for lots of lessons. So I'm not stressing about it.

I think Shiny is going to be a bit of a handful when we first move. It's been a little trying to get any work done in my ring. She's not a spooky pony, but she doesn't seem that fond of riding under the lights now that the leaves are off the trees... And after seeing that coyote the other night. She's also gotten super suspicious of the neighbor's side of the ring. (Understandably.) Pammon will be too I'm sure, but he gets magic cookies for hand walking anyway. I'll give him one before we ship too. Just to keep him calm. Don't need any dramatics on that leg!
actual footage of a drama llama.
That's really about all that's happened here the past week. What have you all been up to?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Truthful Tuesday

First, for my US readers out there, don't forget to vote today!
And also, peep that Ariat sweater with a Shiny look-a-like on it! Had to buy it.

Anyway, this Tuesday I have some confessions. I've been missing this guy something fierce lately:
pardon the screen shot, this time change has me feeling a little lazy...
And I'm feeling REALLY down in the dumps about this guy (and his leg):

Portrait mode is pretty fab on the new phone

And I think we all know what happens when I have the sadz. Especially this time of year when sales are everywhere. I'm not easily enticed by your typical 20% or less sale. That's basically retail since stuff is marked up so much... But occasionally I'll fall prey to the 10% discount if it's something I've been planning to order anyway. (What can I say, sometimes the patience wears thin.) Such is the case over at Dreamers and Schemers. I had some digital artwork done for me by @artastride which you've all seen once or twice, and I've been wanting to get them on socks. So I went ahead and got a little crazy designing socks at Dreamers and Schemers and ordered a few pairs. These are just two of the images I was playing around with. Everyone that was around this past year on top and the current herd on the bottom. I also have individual images of each to play with. So it was fun.
by @artastride

by @artastride
I'll be sure to show them all to you when they arrive, don't worry! I'm hoping they come out as cute as I'm expecting. I got a couple pair for my stepmom for xmas too (hopefully she's not reading this).
Anyway, back to talking about discounts... When I see 30% or more I start to get interested. Especially on things that aren't usually marked down so significantly. Like, um... Celeris boots. They had a handful of 31% off discounts for Halloween. That's a pretty big discount on custom boots. So maybe I grabbed a couple pairs. I wasn't going to. I swear. I have so many boots. SO MANY BOOTS. But I want to retire my too short purple ones. And there was something crazy they have that I decided I NEED. And the two really won't work together... so yeah. Two pair of boots coming. I haven't officially ordered yet, just reserved my spots and paid my deposits.

So, to sum up... I'm confessing to feeling kinda sad about the past year of horsing and I'm also confessing to some irresponsible boot purchases. I have zero regrets about the socks though.

Anything you need to get off your back? Share your confessions in the comments!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday's Threads: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween!!!! I think any holiday that allows one to knock on someone's door and threaten them into giving you candy is a pretty great day to be celebrated. Sadly, I didn't have anywhere to really dress up for this year, so no actual costumes to share. I did dress up all in silver last night though which felt festive. Let's call me a robot, shall we?
 I put the CHROME in monochromatic. What PUN! Hahahaha... sorry. I've had a lot of sugar today. Also, I'm probably about to buy more boots, so I'm downright giddy. Anyway... Let's move on.

Helmet: One K Glamour
It's SHINY! Like my pony!

Shirt: Aeropostale
I bought this awhile ago and have nearly donated it a bunch of times thinking I'd never wear it. But now that I own silver boots, I'm glad I kept it!

Vest: Fila
I wound up not wearing this because it was almost 70 degrees out despite the rain. Mother Nature has been drinking again... But I'll take the warm weather!

Belt: Handy Hunter Boutique
Ok, well it's gray and not silver, but close enough. These are on closeout as Handy Hunter is closing up shop if you want one! Comes in purple too... I know there's a lot of purple lovers out there!

Breeches: RJ Classic
When I was a little kid my second pair of breeches ever was exactly this color with the same color patches even. Except they were ribbed and hideous. These are much more attractive.

Boots: Imperial Equine
Spurs: Centaur
Spur straps: Imperial Equine
Second time wearing these, and I'd say they're about 90% broken in. They're not overly high quality, but what they lack there they make up for in shininess. I still think these are amazing. In so many ways. Also super pumped I found spur straps that match.

Shiny dressed to match me kind of...
She wore her bridle with the spiked browband from Dark Jewel Designs:
She kept her saddle set up pretty boring. Her options are limited since she needs the sheepskin lined pads.
And though she does have silver boots, they are out in the shed right now, so we went with her holo boots instead.
Which kind of look like they don't fit her from this angle. But they actually do, just a bad photo. Also, please excuse the messy floor. Farrier came yesterday and I hadn't cleaned up fully yet.

So that was our robot outfit last night! And I have a Halloween themed outfit for work today too.

I've had "Spiderwebs" by No Doubt in my head all day...
I had actually planned to wear these jeans:
But turns out they don't fit me. Someone's giant thighs wouldn't fit inside. Boo. That was a mean trick! Anyway... back to my actual outfit.

Sweater: Jawbreaker
Sorry about the dog hair... But that's just a little bit of truth about my life.

Belt: C4
There are spiders on this belt... I just took the photo from the wrong angle I guess. Hey, never claimed to be a competent photographer...

Jeans: Blue Revival
These lace up like that all the way to the butt, which seemed kind of halloweeny to me. They are backed by fabric so there's not skin showing. Definitely couldn't pull off that look! (See above issue about the other pants not fitting...)

Shoes: Zipz
 So many spiders... Spiders everywhere!

Accessories!!! (This is the fun part)
Bag: unbranded
Why yes, it DOES light up! Thanks for noticing. I snagged this on Ebay last year, and I think it's pretty amazing.

Hair accessory:
You guys... I think I walked into a spider's web.... Do you see anything in my hair?

Arm Party! All of the jewelry came from Ebay I think, so I have no ideas on brands... Just enjoy the photos I guess!

And that's it for today! Did you dress up for Halloween in a costume or themed outfit? What did you wear? Or better still... tell me about your favorite costume you've worn (past or now)! Bonus points if you dressed up your horse.