Thursday, January 16, 2020

Thursday's Threads: Retro Pop Culture edition

Outfit Day already?! I kind of lost track of time again (sorry) and forgot to take outfit photos last night. But I do have flat Stacie photos of last night's riding outfit, so that will have to do... We'll start there.
It was pretty mild here yesterday, with highs reaching 50, and it wasn't too bad last night either. So not too many layers required! That's coming to an end though. Tonight is supposed to be 18 overnight, and weather is coming on Saturday. I guess it is still winter after all!

Helmet: One K
Recycled photo... I haven't been very good about bringing fun stuff over to the barn to wear. This guy has been my go to most of the winter.

Top: Friends
I'm not positive where I got this Friends sweatshirt. But I love the show, and am happy to represent some pop culture from my younger years!

Belt: Mane Jane
I wore this with the black side out and the gun metal buckle.

Breeches: RJ Classics
These look kind of tan against the wood floor, but they're actually a light gray. You've seen them before, I actually wear them often.

Boots: DeNiro
Another recycled photo. So mayday guys.... the zipper is breaking on right boot already. My blue ones haven't done that, and I think maybe it's a defect and hopefully not indicative of De Niro quality.... I need to get an email off to see what I can do. I haven't had these all that long!

So that's what I wore to ride last night, but I have a fun leopard outfit on at work today!
It's kind of 80's tastic isn't it?! Ha!

Top: H&M
A few years ago Marc Jacobs did a collab with MTV and had a sweater similar to this one with the retro logo. I couldn't drop that kind of money on something so ridiculous, but I discovered that H&M had done a similar collab at some point. I found this sweater on Poshmark and maybe did a  little happy dance.

Belt: Mane Jane
Purple belt strap to match my purple sweater.

Jeans: Unionbay
Nothing special about these blue jeans. Just stretchy and well... blue!

Shoes: Miz Mooz
I saw these on Zulily awhile back and HAD to have them. I knew I had tops to match, and I just couldn't resist the pink leopard and the purple starburst on the side. They're amazing.

Purse: Marc Jacobs
So funny story about this bag. A few years back I was shopping at the fancy outlets with my dad and stepmom. We saw these AMAZING Marc Jacobs bags in the store, and they were marked down 85%. Making them still kind of stupid pricey cause Marc Jacobs, but my stepmom was drooling over them. (I think the other one was pastel animal prints.) My dad loves a good bargain, so he treated us each to one. And that's how I got it. And I think it's pretty amazing.

Arm Party!
Lefty kept it classy today with just the Fitbit and the apple watch.

Righty however, not so classy... I'm sure it shocks exactly no one that I happened to have a pink leopard bracelet to match. And then these two shades of purple are exactly the same shades that are in the sweater. Plus the lighter one matches the purple on the shoes. All three of these came from Rustic Cuff.

So that's what I'm wearing today (and last night). Any favorites? Thoughts on 80's and 90's pop culture references? 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

I don't really have a whole lot to report on this week. Things are plugging along. Shiny looks to be feeling great despite having several chunks of foot missing. She's walking really well, and things seem to be healing up nicely. Vet comes back on Friday, so we'll see if we have any change in protocol once he sees her again. This weekend we had AMAZING weather:

so she got to have her walks outside and even "grazed" a little on what we pretend is grass in the winter.
I was a little unsure if she'd behave walking outside (she's been a bit sassy without regular turnout) but I think she was just as grateful for the nice weather. She was a perfect little pony!

Eros has been perfect as usual. Obviously. BUT, he has reverted back to Mac Truck Eros lately in our lessons. I think it's time for a bit change, but I'm not really sure what to try next. What I've  been jumping in (that was working great up until recently) is a pelham similar to the Sprenger dynamic RS. It was a cheaper version I got from the UK, but looks the same. We're going to use a segunda in my next lesson, which I know does the job, but I just kind of hate that much mouth piece. So any suggestions would be welcome! The handful of needs and knows are this:
-I need something I can use in the hunters
-he HATES jumping in a two or three ring (but also see first bullet point)
-he prefers something rubber or plastic, but also, not a deal breaker since we've been using metal anyway
Really though, I think what he REALLY needs is some body work. But our body work lady is overseas serving our country. I honestly think getting some work done might make a big difference. And I'd rather that than go crazy with bits. But I gotta do what I gotta do in the meantime until I can get him worked on.
He too was pretty happy with the weather this weekend, and we spent some time enjoying the "grass" and outdoors too.
I'm not a huge fan of all the stripes on this sheet, but I love that the top portion is terry cloth and the lower is just like a fly sheet. Perfect for helping the back dry but keeping him cool at the same time.

I didn't do much other than play with ponies and snuggle the pugs this past week/weekend. I'm still getting over this plague, so figured it was best to lay low and maybe keep trying to organize the chaos that is my house. Oh and on Saturday night I did a kids craft, cause I'm kind of a dork. How cute are these though?!
So really, that's about it from here. How was your past week/weekend? Do anything fun? Take some lessons? Go to a show? Tell me all about it in the comments! And bit ideas too please!
I shall leave you with this adorable photo of the short kids snuggled under a blanket:

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Truthful Tuesday: I like my logo on everything possible edition

I think we all know by now that I love to label my stuff. I love when stuff matches. I love when all my stuff matches and has my logo on it. Like. ALL MY STUFF.
So Equi-prism had a good deal happening for the holidays and I decided to get a couple of stall guards and stall signs for if/when I ever get to show again. (It seemed slightly more realistic at the time!) Whilst perusing the site I also decided to add some new stockings for all the horses to my order. Cause why not? I needed new stockings for the new horses anyway. Everything arrived and turned out so much better than I even thought they would! (I forgot to snap pics of the stall signs though, sorry.) The stall guards we had to alter the logo slightly because it needed to be so large. So for the horse part of it, we did just an outline, rather than filling the whole thing in.

I LOVE how it came out! I've been trying to figure out how to make the logo work on green clothes, without it being just tan and brown (cause ew... too much dirt color.) and I think this would work great, outlining the horse like that.

The stockings came out equally adorable. The feet on them are a little long, which looks a tad awkward, but it's actually kind of nice for stuffing them. So no complaints there!
The toe is not as long as it looks in this photo, bad angle.

So then recently I got an email from Artscow with an enticing coupon inside. Have you ever checked them out? You can get anything you want printed on pretty much anything you could imagine. Shipping is astronomical kinda, but the prices aren't bad for the items so it all balances out. Plus most things are 35% off right now with the coupon. (Just visit the site, it's in the header.) I have no idea if stuff will come out nice or not. But I thought, hey worth a shot! Let's try it! So I found an app to tile my logo in all different ways and set about trying it on stuff. All kinds of stuff... I may have overdone it... but the following items are in production for me.

I did get a warning that my resolution was low on the image, so they all may come out blurry and awful. Time will tell. Worst case the jacket and vest only get worn at home in my own barn. Best case they get worn everywhere cause they're amazing. I'm hoping for option two. And also can we take a moment to appreciate the shoes?! SHOES! With the logo! It's like heaven. Not quite as amazing as my logo tall boots of course. But a close second for sure.

So that's today's confession. I've gone logo crazy and labeled everything I could think of.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! I'm feeling less like I'm dying today, and am back to work in the office. Good thing, or Thursday's Threads might have been me in my jammies.... I didn't remember to snap pics of last night's riding outfit (sorry, plague induced memory lapse) but I will have a fun riding apparel surprise at the end to make up for my lack of riding outfit. So here's what I'm wearing at work today:

It's actually cuter in real life than I managed to capture here. I swear.

Sweater: John + Jenn
You all should know by now how much I love neon. So when I spied this sweater in the clear the rack sale on nordy rack online, well. It's mine now. And for under $20!

Belt: Bestey Johnson
I've had this belt for ages, and it's sadly starting to show... But works great with the neon sweater today!

Jeans: Blue Revival
I wanted to pair this sweater with black jeans, and this was the first pair I pulled out. I almost put them back in exchange for a non decorated pair, but then decided this lacing was kind of 80's tastic and that totally works with neon, so... Here we are.

Shoes: Steve Madden
Admittedly these shoes BARELY work here... I'm not really sure they actually do. But I was running super late so I went with it. They actually look pretty awesome up against the sweater directly. But definitely less awesome with pants this short and socks... Oh well. At least my ankles are warm!

Arm Party!
Notice something different? After five years, my trusty apple watch has been letting me know I will need to upgrade soon. And the newer version has this fall protection app which I think is awesome for when I'm riding alone at home. When I was getting ready to buy my new computer, Apple was offering 6% back on all Apple purchases with the new Apple card. Apple doesn't have sales. EVER. So this was a pretty big deal, and I took full advantage. So meet my new Apple Watch friends! It's here with a neon initial cuff from I think C Wonder... I can't remember for sure though. And my fitbit is there at the back.

I have no idea where I got any of these, but they're neon and awesome, and I love them with this sweater!

So that's what I have on at work today. A bunch of brightness to chase away the rest of this virus.

I mentioned above that I don't have a riding outfit to share, but I do have a fun surprise that arrived early to show you! Remember back in November I admitted to buying more boots from Celeris because they were 31% off on Halloween? And I maybe bought two pairs? Well. I definitely bought 2. And the first arrived super early, just before I went to Florida! And here they are! (Some of you may hate them, but my inner six year old is absolutely giddy!)

The color isn't perfectly accurate here, but you can see a better view if you scroll Celeris UK's Instagram. They're DEFINITELY Pepto Pink, and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! The toe cap and cuff are purple patent with purple suede for piping. I wasn't totally sure I made a good call with the patent/suede combo. When I saw the first photo online I was like, oh maybe that was a bad choice... But in real life they actually look great together. You'll have to trust me. I'm not sure I'll wear these at the boarding barn... They might be a bit too much for that crowd. So not sure when you'll see them on Thursday's Threads. But anway... Here they are!

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

What's Up Wednesday

It's been pretty quiet around here this week, just settling back into the routine. I got home from Florida on Thursday, and went straight to pick up my pups at my mom's and then to the barn to see the kids. Shiny hadn't seen my vet yet at that point, so I soaked her and wrapped her foot up. And I got to ride Eros. I missed him while I was away!
Friday the vet came, and we covered that yesterday. I rode Eros before the vet arrived and then was just there waiting my turn for the rest of the day. It was like the good old days of being a barn rat! Saturday I was able to handwalk Shiny as she was feeling much better with that splinter removed. Sunday I got to have a lesson with Eros. It was a great lesson, though we did nearly part ways at one point. We were supposed to do three jumps on an S turn. We came through the corner to the first fence, I saw a nice distance and just softened to get to it, but I think I surprised Eros by just letting go of his face entirely. He tried to chip, but didn't make it, and we sort of crashed into the jump. There were several moments where I thought we were parting ways as he picked his way out of the jump, but somehow he kept me on. We went back and tried again and got it done quite well actually. AND the whole course was 2'9" to 3" so we're getting somewhere in our quest for the adult hunter ring. Yay!
The rest of this week has been a total waste. I caught some kind of virus and have had a fever since Monday night. These guys are pretty happy to have me working at home:

Feeling a bit better today, but still working from home. Hoping to ride tonight though. 

How was your week? Do anything fun? Have a great lesson lately?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Truthful Tuesday: The one with Shiny's foot

Well today's confession is that my pony had a GIANT PIECE OF WOOD in her foot and I couldn't see it. So that explained the abscess that wouldn't pop completely. Warning some photos below are a little icky, so if you're not into that feel free to not continue.
So backing up, Shiny had that abscess that just wasn't getting better. It would start to come out, but not all the way, and she continued to be pretty painful on it. We had the farrier out twice, and then while I was away one of the local vets looked at it. He put her on an antibiotic and some Banamine, but it still wasn't resolving.
I had her scheduled with my regular vet for Friday for something else, so I had him look at the foot. We started with x-rays. Not sure why the other vet didn't start there. But anyway...
The x-ray didn't really show the wood. We thought that black spot was the abscess on first look. But I actually do think it was the splinter as seen from above. All of that kind of shaded area along the right side is inflammation. And all that inflammation has caused some bone loss on her coffin bone. Because why wouldn't it right?
So after the x-rays Doc blocked the foot to try and do some digging. And whilst trying to dig out the infection he found the splinter. It was HUGE.
When he first pulled the smaller piece out I thought it was bone! So gnarly. So what we figure happened was she must have kicked the wall and managed to wedge this piece of wood up into her foot. She's barefoot, so if she'd been shod this probably wouldn't have happened. The piece went in so far that it was flush with the foot so you couldn't see it. It just looked like hoof. And then the abscess probably pulled it farther up as it tried to find its way out through the coronet band.
So prognosis is good, and she's feeling SO much better without that wood stuck up in there. We have to wait for the hoof to grow back before she gets back into work, and we'll have to wait and see how much that bone loss will bother her. But hopefully she'll be ok in a bit.
It's not surprising that it wasn't JUST an abscess. But sheesh. I hope little miss learns a lesson from this... Don't kick the walls!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! Today's outfit doubled as a travel home outfit and then morphed into a riding outfit. I was supposed to come home last night, but the flight before ours was delayed, so we opted to come home this morning instead. We'll start with the travel version.
Also... I don't have an arm party to share today. Sorry! It was kind of a long day.

Top: Ariat
Vest: Eddie Bauer
Florida was pretty warm, but I wanted layers since I knew CT would not be all that warm. Adding a vest to a quarter zip is the best way to layer for a trip north!

Belt: Mane Jane
I don't wear this side nearly enough! I love the patent croc pattern, and the chocolate color is really pretty with this top.

Jeans: True Religion
I love the two toned heavy stitching on these pants. I also love True Religion jeans in general because they have room for my bum in them!

Shoes: Sperry
These are aging for sure... but I love the metallic color of these!

Once I got home, I was SO excited to go get the short kids, and then head to the barn to see the tall kids! So I figured it would be quickest to just alter my outfit for the barn.

I swapped the vest out for a warmer jacket. But otherwise just changed my pants.

Helmet: One K
Recycled photo, but that's the helmet I wore.

Top: Ariat
Better view of the print! I think this hunt scene is super cute.

Belt: Mane Jane
Same belt! Looks even better with the breeches!

Breeches: Horseware
I really love corduroy breeches for the winter. These are the tan ones. I have them in chocolate too.

Boots: DeNiro
Also a recycled photo, but those are the boots I wore today. It was so great to see and ride Eros. I missed that boy!