Monday, April 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Rio!!!!

 I don't normally post on Mondays, but this is a very special occasion! It's Rio's 22nd birthday! Each year when his birthday rolls around, it's a pretty big deal after all he went through four years ago with his epm diagnosis and extended stay at Cornell. While I'm having some concerns about his overall health, (weight/muscle loss and that pesky front leg injury we're nursing) he's really happy and has been quite sassy the last few weeks. So I think he's feeling good and that's my main goal with him. We have doc coming out next Monday to see how best to manage where he's currently at. But in the meantime, everyone wish Rio the happiest of birthdays! Expect lots of birthday photos after we celebrate tonight!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday's Threads: January in April edition

Ugh. It's outfit day. And I'm still dressed for winter. Why you ask? Because it won't even hit 40 today and it's raining. ALL DAY. I can deal with the rain. It's supposed to rain in April. But it's not supposed to be so freaking cold. WAAAAHhhhhhhhh! But I guess that's enough kvetching from me. Let's see what I'm bundled up in today!

I know. You can't even really see because it's so gloomy I couldn't get a decent photo. You'll see better in the closeups.

Sweater: Candies
long sleeve tee: Old Navy
 The camera doesn't really pick it up, but the speckles are pink, blue, and gold and are metallic. Super fun! And the blue part of the sweater is chenille so it's super warm. The thermal top underneath is from Old Navy. These are a staple when you live in a year round arctic tundra.

Belt: Swanky Saddle
I figured my unicorn belt from Swanky Saddle might help bring a little more sparkle to this gloomy day. It's not really working... But the belt is still amazing.

Jeans: Kancan
Nothing crazy here. Just a comfy pair of stretchy jeans. You've seen these quite a lot lately.

Shoes: Vince Camuto
close up to show sparkle colors, and also some shavings that got stuck to the toe at lunch time...
 More sparkle=more better. Fact. I was born in the 80's so I'm a firm believer that you can't have too much sparkle. (Or neon.) Also, I definitely got these in the kids department. They are not meant for grown ups. Whatever.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a vintage snakeskin bangle that I snagged on Ebay. These were apparently very trendy in the 70's. I LOVE them. I get a new one every so often from either Ebay or Poshmark.

Righty is wearing this fun speckled cork stack that I made. The speckles on the cork are the same colors that are in the sweater. Love them together!

So that's what I wore to work today! And for something different, I'm sharing what I rode in Saturday when we had our only spring day so far this year.

It even looks warm in the photo. I hope someday to have another day like that... Sigh.

Helmet: Charles Owen
Greenie needs no introduction.

Top: Skidmore College
I bought this top last year when I went to reunion. It's one of my favorite sun shirts now. I really like the fit. It's not boxy, but it's also not clingy.

Belt: Boy O Boy Bridleworks
I really love my Boy O Boy belt. I wish I'd sized up a tiny bit so I could wear it with all my lower rise pants. But otherwise it's perfect!

Breeches: Ovation
These are so old they don't even have euroseat! But I love them, and will not part with them until I split them open. (Which might be sooner than later if I don't calm down with the snacks...)

Boots: Fama 4 All
Spur Straps: Mane Jane
Spurs: ? I can't remember what brand these are
I'm really loving these boots! This is I think the second time I've worn them, and I jumped in them! They're a little stiff and new still obviously, but my feet didn't go numb wearing them, and they didn't give me any blisters! And they're so pretty....

And now for Jampy's outfit! Rio doesn't have one to share because he's on sabbatical. He's using the time to study the effect on eating without exercise.

Bridle: FSS
Reins: Tory
Browband: Boy O Boy Bridleworks
Bonnet: SSG
No mom, I will NOT wear my ears for your photo.
Can I just say how much I dislike Tory leather products? The leather is SO meh. And these reins buckle on the outside which I don't like either. But I don't know where else I can find a pair with hunter green rubber so here we are.

Saddle: Hermes
Half Pad: ECP
Baby Pad: Wilkers
Girth: Tough 1
I really like the shimmable pads for Jampy because he's a bit sway backed. It's nice to use one pad instead of a second lift pad. So far my favorite shimmable pad is by Le Mieux, but it doesn't come in fun colors. So to satisfy my ridiculous need to match everything I've bought a few colors of the ECP pads. I like them well enough. They do the job and stay put really well. The only thing I don't like is that there's not a layer of padding other than the shims. The pad itself is just cotton. The Le Mieux pad has a layer inside that's gel or foam or whatever it's made of, and then you can add the shims. And the shims are a nicer material on that one. Similar to like the cachel material sort of. The ones on the ECP are just kind of an icky foam. I actually ripped one trying to take it out. I wound up buying a used thin line pad on Ebay for $25 and cutting it up to use in this pad. I put a piece of that in each pocket, and then used the shims it came with for the lift back. Works well enough.

Boots: Punk Ponies

We really love our Punk Ponies boots! If you ever want to order some though, size up. I have a pair that's full size and the elastics are too short. I had to stretch them out ahead of time before I could use them. This set is oversize and fits Jampy much better. He normally wears a regular full size in other brand boots.

And that's it for today! Any favorites?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

You guys! We had spring here! It was literally only about 6 hours, but it was so amazing. It ALMOST hit 70. Currently it's 38 and windy. But at least the sun is out? I realize we're likely going to skip spring and jump right into summer. I'm totally ok with that, but could it happen now please? I'm so tired of winter coats and wild horses.

Despite the miserable cold weather, I did get to ride every day last week. Though one night I got on just in time for it to start raining. We had a solid maybe 15-20 minutes of trot work before it really started pouring and I called it a day.
I figured Jampy had been under saddle enough lately to hop over some itty bitty jumps on our one beautiful spring day.
I set them about 2' or smaller, nothing he was likely to hurt himself doing. We definitely did not jump the combination!

I mean, technically we jumped a triple bar... A triple bar cavalletti!
 I figured the warm weather would keep his antics to a minimum. He let me use the whole ring warming up which is kind of rare for him this time of year. (He's really much more pleasant when it's warm out.)

We trotted a the x a few times and then the little purple jump. Then I tried to canter to the crossrail from the short turn...
You know, AWAY from the scary end. He lost his horsing abilities completely. I am however, impressed with his rapid changes of direction without actually moving forward. He did put his brain back in and let me jump a few more jumps without further ridiculousness.

Post ride, he had his first scrubby tubby of the year! I was a lot more excited than he was about that I think. But he very much enjoyed some hand grazing afterward.

Rio's on vacation, but he still got to have a tubby and enjoy some grass. Pickings are slim out there. We really need some sunshine to go with all our rain to get this grass to grow!
I left the boys in their Back on Track sheets for the rest of the day, as it was already starting to cool off. It was one of those days where you had to stay up extra late to re-blanket them. I'm not sure how it can go from 68 degrees to 25 in the matter of a few hours, but welcome to New England I guess.
I made sure to get the pups out for a walk before the arctic blast hit too. They were a little silly.

In an effort to be semi responsible, yet still enjoy the last bit of spring weather, I finally picked up all the dog poop outside that had been accumulating all winter. It's not a glorious job, but someone's gotta do it! I will admit that I was embarrassingly sore the next day from all the squatting and forward folding. Someone needs to work out more.
And that my friends was the story of our one spring day in Connecticut. It was lovely, and productive, and I miss it so very much.
Sunday loomed cold, dark, and dreary. I didn't plan to ride because it was supposed to rain heavily. And it was cold. And I was on strike. It never did end up raining, though it felt like it was going to. I probably should have ridden. Monday it rained ALL day. Not like a light drizzle either. It just dumped water out of the sky for a solid 8 hours. Needless to say, I did not ride Monday either. I did get on last night after work, and Jamp was a total poop face. I don't really blame him. It was 41 degrees with a feels like of 37. The wind was BLOWING. But the leaping up and down and acting like a four year old is really starting to annoy me. I think it's time to switch from my nice little rounded spurs to the long-ass pokers.
Our forecast doesn't show any numbers warmer than 55 for the foreseeable future. Today it's actually sunny which is lovely. If it gets to 55 AND the sun is out, it might kind of feel like spring? Will report back on that.
How's the weather where you are? Have you gotten some spring like feels yet? Were you one of the tortured souls who got MORE EFFING SNOW this weekend? If you are, I'm so, so sorry. I wish there was someone we could call about this weather.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

Obviously, since my horses have the winter mostly off, I haven't really done any jumping in quite some time. Which is totally fine. But you know what's not fine? I can't actually remember the last time I changed the course in the ring. I think it's been the same for like two years now. Or close to it anyway.
I did have an old jump casualty last year. My first course of fences when I got my barn was beautiful. All wooden jumps from a local company who also happens to supply a lot of the major horse shows. It was pretty fun practicing over the same jumps I often would show over! But alas, wood eventually rots, so I've been switching over to the Burlingham jumps. They're a little more weatherproof, less upkeep, and a lot lighter to move around. They're not as pretty or as fancy, but they're easier to deal with. But I digress. Since one of my older jumps had to move on to smellier pastures (the dump...) I did move the oxer that used to be part of the outside line.
That one over there on the right
So I did move SOMETHING! I guess changing the course needs to go on the to do list.
I used to get really excited to make a new course and jump around. But that was back when Rio was still jumping. It's a lot more exciting but not in a good way to move the course when Jamp is all I have to jump. He's not good with change. He's not really that good with not change... Poor dude.

I know many of you can't leave the jumps up where you ride, so you're constantly changing the course around. But the rest of you? How often do you move the jumps around?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! So, yesterday they said it would be in the 50's which didn't actually happen, and today's supposed to be in the 60's, so I'm hopeful maybe spring is going to show up? We'll have to wait and see. It's kind of tricky to dress myself in these conditions though!
I opted for a light weight sweater and some jeans. Layers are a must today!

Sweater: Lisa Todd

You thought I was being fairly classy today, didn't you! Nope. One elbow says ouch and the other has a bandaid! Lol! I first saw this sweater at some pricey boutique. I HAD to have it, but not at that price. So I waited VERY PATIENTLY (seriously!) until it went on clearance from the designer's site. I think it's hilarious.

Jeans: Lucky Brand
I try not to make a habit of wearing ripped jeans to work, but I mean, with the sweater elbows, how could I not?

Shoes: Blowfish
I feel like some Converse might have completed the outfit a touch better (like kind of skater vibe right?) but I'm not sure where mine are, and I think they don't match... So I went with a nod to the Canadian Tuxedo instead with these denim shoes. They're comfy like slippers so that's also a bonus.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a fun spike bracelet from Ettika and a cute little friendship bracelet, that I'm not positive the brand. It may also be Ettika?

Righty kept the denim trend going with a little stack that I made awhile back.

I have a riding outfit to share too! This is from Sunday.
Those are some NON flattering breeches right there! One of the most comfy pairs though... I guess you can't have it all.

Helmet: One K Defender Snakeskin
I had forgotten how very ventilated these helmets are until I wore it this weekend in the 42 degrees. Brrr... Maybe better for warmer weather!

Sweatshirt: Skidmore College
I have a pretty extensive sweatshirt collection from my Alma Mater. How could I not? We have the same taste in colors and mascots! This one is the softest most amazing sweatshirt I've ever owned. It leaves little fabric pills everywhere which would be annoying, but it's so amazing I let that go.

Belt: Sandy Duftler
You guys. I got this belt on ebay for $5 plus shipping. It barely even had a wear mark on it from the buckle! For reference, this is the same brand that makes the really pretty spur belts that are $125. Deal of the century!

Breeches: Ariat
Though not particularly flattering, these are one of my favorite pairs of breeches. They're really stretchy and have great pockets.

Socks: Swanky Saddle
Why yes, that is my barn logo on my socks! Swanky Saddle can customize their socks with any logo or initials or whatever. I LOVE how these came out. I'm a fan of Dreamers and Schemers because the patterns and prints are so fun, but I much prefer this type of nylon sock. And how fun to have my logo on them?

Boots: Pioneer
Glitter boots!!!! I took these out for their first ride on Sunday finally! I was smart this time and slathered that patent leather with some Guder Sits before I got on, and they were much better than the time I tried the blue ones on their own. As is the norm with any new boot (other than Regals) they were stiff and kind of awful in that new boot way. But they fit great, and I think they're gorgeous! Can't wait until they're broken in!

Pony outfits! The boys wanted to share what they wore to ride this weekend too.

 Bonnets: No brand
Rio:Royal Sports
Jampy: Da Vinci

I found these on Ebay after I had gotten the pads. I was so excited to find matching bonnets!

Saddle: Hermes Essentielle
Saddle Pads: Lettia
Girths: Jack's Mfg.
regular pad
baby pad
I picked up the smiley face pads at Jeffers on super duper clearance. The pad was marked down to $17 and the baby pad was $6. How do you not buy them?

Rio: HKM Sportboot
Jampy: HKM Glockler
I really like the sportboots that Rio's wearing. We have them in a bunch of colors. I think I'm not supposed to put them in the dryer as they have cracked in a few spots, but overall they're holding up pretty well. The jump boots I LOVE! I had seen them awhile back with the crowns and was like NEED. But they had already been discontinued and I couldn't find them anywhere in horse size. And then randomly I stumbled across them on Ebay from a shop in Florida. It was very exciting!

That's it for today! Any favorites? What are you and your horses wearing today?