Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Truthful Tuesday: The one with the hackamores...

This will definitely be one of those ones where you all judge me hard for... But that's ok, because while expensive, this is kind of hilarious, and very drawn out. Awhile back, Amanda over at The 900 Facebook Pony posted about the PS of Sweden Hackamore bridle, and I immediately had major FOMO and wanted one (or three).

Unfortunately, they were out of production at the time, and I couldn't find one. Also, they retail for a lot of money. And while I love buying stuff, I'm also kind of cheap frugal about what I spend on stuff. So I was trying to find one on closeout (since they were at the time discontinued) but all I could find were cob size. Womp womp. Next I considered the Dy'on hackamore, but I really didn't like it as much. But THEN, I discovered you could buy just the cheek pieces! I thought that could work.
To back up, you all know I'm insane. So I have a black and a brown bridle for Rio with different hackamores on them to match certain outfits... (You guys haven't seen them yet!) So I was hoping to replace both. Since I was only buying parts, that shouldn't be unreasonable cost wise right?! Hahahahaha! Stay tuned.
So anyway, I could only find these sold alone from a European website, but hey, it's before the tariffs start so no biggie. Also no hurry since it was winter when all of this was happening. What I didn't love about the Dy'on bridle was that the cheek piece buckle was really high, like above the eye. So I thought maybe if I got a cob it would sit better. But I knew these were going to take awhile to come in, and I wasn't positive that would work, so I ordered horse and cob. In both colors. Yeah. Four of them. Shut up. Best to be prepared!
Next I decided I should get crown pieces too so I found some I liked on ebay for pretty cheap. I got a black and brown, and they were lovely. I already had the browbands I wanted to use, so that was all I needed! Eventually everything came in. Turned out the crown pieces didn't match that well. The black was fine, but the brown wasn't. And then the browbands were kind of too big because the bridle they came on initially was wider. It would work once on though since the horse's face would hold it up. But I did find that annoying.
Meanwhile, at this point Rio was out of work so I never really got to try them anyway. Fast forward a few months and guess what was back on the market?! The PS of Sweden Hackamore. Still more than I wanted to spend though. I had a semi- ok set up and wasn't riding anyway.
But like... I couldn't stop thinking about it. And while stalking the hackamore online I discovered that the Bossy Bridle sold the PS of Sweden bridle parts! Sooooo.... I could get just the cheek pieces and the crown piece (because they needed to fit AND match for crying out loud) for cheaper than the whole bridle. I had the browbands and hackamores already. I've been hoarding my money from Used Horse Stuff forever and have way more than I needed in my square account from there to pay for the parts.... So you can figure what happened.
Add to cart. Yep. But then I remembered that I also have the unicorn hackamore and if I was going to replace two... I might as well set that one up too. So I got two brown and one black. And I threw in the Back on Track quarter sheet that was on sale for $85 and also the new green PS of Sweden polos because they were my barn colors. (Fear not, my Used Horse Stuff fund paid for ALL of it with money to spare.)
I'm waiting impatiently for the parts to arrive so I can rebuild my bridles. And then I had a realization. I didn't have another browband for the unicorn hackamore! The horror! So I'm currently in talks with Dark Jewel Designs to remedy that. I imagine that will be ready around the same time the parts finally arrive (I think they are coming from Sweden).

So basically, at this point, I've probably spent like $1500 bucks on three hackamores that I can't even actually use. Which, if I'd just bought the PS of Sweden bridles in the first place it would have cost like half that. And THAT my friends is today's confession.

I know. Ridiculous. And so much for being frugal. But I think they're going to be beautiful! At least I hope so since they're basically just going to be wall hangings in my tack room. Perhaps we should start a tack ho support group. Because clearly I'm teetering on the edge of the deep end here. Anyone else?

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day! It's boring today, no riding outfit. Boo. Probably not next week either. Double boo. I will probably have a running outfit to share next week though, so I guess that's something. Despite no pony clothes, I do have a fun pineapple outfit today! (I know pineapples again!)

SHINY pineapples! I love me some sparkles. Just, you know, not on my horses' clothes.

Top: H&M
Aren't they cute?! Sequin pineapples > regular pineapples. What I especially love about this top is that the decorations are on BOTH sides. I really hate when just the front is adorned.

Belt: C4
You all saw this last time I wore pineapples. I still haven't made this belt end into a bracelet though. Soon!

Jeans: Rebrand
I actually bought these to use for my Yankees jeans, but then decided on a different pair. They were on clearance for $8 though, so I kept them anyway. I kind of love light jeans for summer.

Sandals: Lily Pulitzer for Target
Sorry. I still haven't gotten my feet prettied up. Gross. Anyway, these sandals I told you about last time. I was going to wear a pair of my Soludos shoes that have pineapples on them, but they are a different denim color than the jeans and it wasn't working... So I went back to these. Which always work! So cute.

Phone Case: Ebay find
Phones like to dress up to you know.

Necklace: Zulily find
I really love amber. So when I saw this pineapple with amber I got grabby hands.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing this really fun bracelet I got from Etsy years ago. It's my name! It's super delicate, so I don't wear it too much. I don't want to ruin it.

Righty is wearing a bar bracelet that I found on Ebay. It's pretty fun, you actually screw that bar in as the clasp. The middle one is a stretch bracelet from Buena Vida with the cutest little pineapple bead in the middle! And the little cuff at the end was another ebay find.

So that's it for today. Sorry for the lack of riding outfits, I know that's what most want to see. Someday those will be weekly again. Thanks for being patient and coming back to visit anyway! Any favorites from today?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

You know what's up today? A cold shower. That's what. No hot water this morning, and I couldn't for the life of me find the freaking reset button on the heater. Doh. Oh well. I survived and I'm clean. You're welcome co-workers. Hopefully the HVAC guys get back to me so I don't have to take a cold shower tomorrow too.
Anyway, it was both a busy and a not busy week here at the farm. We had a lot of rain, but it wasn't constant so it didn't really interfere too much with what needed doing.
Friday was quite busy. After work I quickly fed the boys (no walkies on Friday!) because I was meeting up with my best friend to go see A Chorus Line and grab some dinner before hand. Dinner was great, we split a delicious, bad for us appetizer, and both got salads (I know... But they were chipotle ranch salads with corn and avocado among the boring veggies) and a glass of rose. For dessert we had boozy coffee, which totally canceled out those salads.
The show was fantastic. I actually never knew what the story line was for this show, and it was even better than I thought it would be.
After the show, I was supposed to go braid a horse. Obviously, I had my phone off during the show and I got this message from his owner:
Um... Do I go? Do I not go? It was 11:15, and her barn is 30 minutes from me. So I sent a text to see if she was still up. No answer... Finally I decided to just go. I could always just not charge her, but I would hate for her to get up for the show and have no braids! So I went.
I got a text at 6:00 am asking if I braided! Haha! Not sure why I heard the phone, but I did and let her know he was all set. She was like Yay, thanks! So all good. Phew.
Saturday was mostly errands, and walking ponies in between rain drops. And then I had another braiding job. It was funny, they asked me to come at 4:30 in the afternoon. I usually do them later, less time to rub ya know? But whatever, that was way more convenient for me, so I was like sure! Check out this barn you guys:
It's so beautiful there! And only a half hour from my house! I had heard of it (we use the same vet!) but I've never seen it in person. And I thought it was farther away than it actually is. Anyway, the horse was adorable. A little appendix mare. The kid was showing at a local show, so I have no idea why she wanted a tail braid, but who am I to argue? She came out cute.

She was a little ticklish for the tail, so I had trouble keeping it straight. But it wasn't terrible. I didn't really have anything else planned for the evening, so I got to work on a craft project I've been wanting to get done. Backstory: I'm (finally!) going to a Yankee game on Sept 1st and I decided I was tired of wearing my same old Yankee jeans. They're super old, and aren't very stretchy, and are very heavy denim. Blech. So I decided to make some new ones. But also I'm lazy. So I bought iron on patches online. I tried once before with the iron ons, but they fell off as soon as I put the pants on. I was planning to sew the patches this time, but decided in one last lazy effort to try gluing them instead. I think it's going to old, I tried them on, and they stayed put. Ok, so back to the pants. I have a cute Yankees tee shirt with a minion on it wearing a Yankees hat. And I found patches to match! Can you believe it? I couldn't.
Minions on my butt.
and a small Yankees emblem on my hip
But when I was patch shopping I also found some really cute Derek Jeter ones. I of course have a number 2 tee shirt too, so figured eh, why not have some Jeter pants too? I mean, I know he's retired, but he's basically a legend.
I love the farewell one on the right.

and a number 2 in my pocket!
Now I have to decide which to wear to the game. I'm leaning toward Minions.
Wild Saturday night huh?
Sunday was more of the same. It was rainy on and off. And then the sun came out, and then it rained while the sun was out. But the boys got their walks in. They also got their manes shortened. They look much less feral now.
Jampy, with his mane on the wrong side.

Rio with his perfect locks. Also, he finds haircuts very relaxing.
I took some body photos of them too. Jamp is definitely looking better already, after just a week on his new diet.
Not looking quite so emaciated anymore. He's still pretty ribby, but that takes time to go away.
Oh, almost forgot to mention, I threw Rio on the lunge line last week, and unfortunately, he's still quite unsound. So no riding. Boo. It was odd though, I took this photo of him on the lunge line (snacking, not lunging...) and he looks fine right?
Good weight, handsome boy... But then when he's standing with his head up, he looks like this:
Skinny. I don't like it. I decided to add a little of the empower boost to his meals too. He used to eat that before the EPM, so I know it agrees with him. We took him off it because it's not that tasty and he wasn't eating it well. This time, I'm feeding it along with his Triple Crown Senior and he's gobbling it right up. He's really been having a tough time chewing his hay, and I don't think he's  getting enough of it in his belly. He eats the chopped hay well, but I don't really want to give him MORE of that. It's pretty expensive, and he's getting quite a lot three times a day as it is. On the other hand, I prefer to feed hay or hay products over processed feeds, so maybe that is what I should do... I'm not sure. I'll conference with the vet the next time we talk. But hopefully the couple handfuls of Empower Boost will do the trick.
Anyway, back to the weekend. During one of the downpours, I got the laundry tended to again... how does this keep happening?

And check out this rainbow from Monday:
Nice full one!

But look! It's in front of the trees!

I've never seen this before, and thought it was pretty neat!
No pot of gold though. Lame.
And lastly, I will end with some of the stuff I bought for the boys last week that arrived.

That is the hideous blinged out fly sheet. Both boys can wear it, so that's nice I guess?

I saw these adorable ice boots and figured I'd grab a pair. I still ice Jampy after we take our walks, and a few of the ones I had gotten are leaking (ew), so doesn't hurt to have a good pair.
Riding Warehouse has these rope and leather halters for pretty cheap. And in my barn colors! So how could I not add to cart? It's not great if you really need a rope halter, because there aren't any knots. We don't really need one... but I figured it could be Jamp's walking halter. I ordered the matching lead too, but it was back ordered.
And I'm putting this out there in cyber space to hopefully hold me accountable... I'm trying to get back some fitness and what not, so I've started running again. I'm starting short and slow to set myself up for success this time. Monday night I ran 1 mile on the treadmill. It was super hot in my room, so I ran half, took a little break for some water, and then ran the other half. It was fine. And this morning I made myself get up and head outside for another single mile. I ran the whole thing with no breaks, and while it was hard (running is the WORST) it felt pretty good. I'm hoping to keep it up and get back to running some distance again. Baby steps though.

That's about it from here this Wednesday. No riding, boo. But lots of pony time and new pony presents, so that's fun!
How was your week and weekend? Do anything fun? Did you show? How'd it go?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Truthful Tuesday

I have a few random confessions today. First, I finally shortened the boys' manes this weekend. They may be mostly retired now, but that doesn't mean they need to look feral... But they really were starting to. That's not my confession though. My confession is that I got a blister cutting manes! (And yes, I cut them. There are rules for cutting. Horses that get braided only get their manes cut if they are thin. Jumpers can have them cut any time since I don't have to braid that mess. And retirees are also allowed to pass on the pulling. I'll share photos of their new 'do's tomorrow. But here's my booboo:
Thankfully that won't interfere with my braiding this weekend. THAT would be annoying.

My next confession is that I unintentionally bought something ridiculous last week. I already mentioned that I ordered the boys new turnout fly sheets for next year. Well, when I was checking out, they had another fly sheet on sale for 19.99. It's not a turnout one, just like a scrim. I've been wanting to get one for hand walking since the flies are getting ridiculous and I figured $20 is the right price for such a thing. And it came in hunter green! What I didn't read was the description. You guys. It has BLING on it. Lol. Sorry boys.
That string of bling goes all the way down the side... On both sides! Hahahahaha! It's hilarious. I mean, we all know I love sparkles and glitter... but not really for the boys clothes. Oh well. It will still do the job. I could probably remove it if I was feeling so motivated. But I'm not.

And lastly, speaking of shopping... I'm the sucker that falls victim to all the crap they put by the check out at Marshall's. Or Walmart. Or the dollar store... Wherever really. This weekend's round up of things I absolutely should never own but do:
A cactus pen
I mean it looks right at home on my work desk right? Clearly a useful thing to waste my money on. It actually writes nicely though... so I mean... I'll use it at least?

A fake cactus in a dinosaur
Also fits in perfectly on the work desk... My t-rex highlighters definitely needed an herbivore to prey on, am I right?


I'm not sure I'll ever be a responsible adult. I mean I'm middle aged, and I still buy this crap on the regular. But that fake cactus/dino make me smile every time I look at them, so I guess it's money well spent?

Do you ever fall victim to this crap? What's the silliest thing you've ever bought that makes you really happy still? Or just the stupidest thing. Whatever. Commiserate with me in the comments!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! It's a lazy, hazy day of summer here in CT. We're on day 5 of our heat wave (which is just what all of you in the south call summer... heat waves are made up of at least three days of highs over 90). I don't mind it one bit, but lots of people are getting pretty whiny. To be fair, the humidity hasn't fallen below 80% so it is a bit... stuffy out there. Anyway, I kept it super casual today... with a ridiculous homage to the avocado.
I've had "avocado outfit" on my list to do for awhile, but it was never quite ready... I had all of the accessories, but I didn't have any avocado clothing. Until recently anyway. My mom and I met up one rainy evening and went to the local outlet mall. There is an Old Navy there (talk about cheap!) and you guys! They had this:

Top: Old Navy
Avocado tee shirt! And it was $8. So I mean... How do I NOT buy it?

Belt: C4/Dreamers and Schemers
This awesome avocado belt is a collaboration between C4 Belts and Dreamers and Schemers boot socks. I have the socks too. And if I was riding tonight, I would definitely wear them.

Jeans: Indigo Rein
I think these two-toned, color-blocked, whatever you want to call them jeans are pretty fun. I can't decide if the make my giant legs look bigger or smaller though... I like them either way.

Shoes: Soludos
I have a few pairs of these espadrilles from Soludos, with different themes of course. They're ridiculously comfortable. I sometimes feel like they might be a little small when I first put them on, but then they perfectly mold to me feet and I never want to take them off. I think the fun embroidery on them is great too.

I got this adorable necklace from Etsy ages ago. I love the little spoon! Ha! So cute.

Arm Party:
Lefty is wearing this awesome handcrafted bracelet from Gypsies and Debutantes. She sources her textiles from south America and then adds the jewels herself here in New England! While this isn't exactly avocado themed, the greens in there fit right in.

Righty is wearing a coupld of vintage Manelli bracelets from ebay. They are definitely avodao toned! And then this silly charm bracelet (which is also awesome, clearly) came from Etsy. Believe it or not, it was not from the same seller as the necklace.

Purse: Betsey Johnson

I know. Seriously. I love the little fobs it comes with! The salt shaker has a mirror on the other side. I wish the lime had been a change purse though. It's not, it's just decor. And that there on the backside of the purse? That's a guacamole recipe! I'd like to try it!

But that's not all today, kids! Well, that's it for the avocados. But I also have a fun riding outfit to share! FINALLY!
It looks a little boring from afar... but it gets better up close!

Helmet: One K
Terrible photo, but I wore my black One K helmet with the snakeskin. These helmets are so comfortable!

Top: TKEq
Heh, horse humor. I bought some cute shirts from TKEq when they had a sale a few weeks back and this was one of them. I'm not sure why I thought this was so funny? But I do, and I love it.

Belt: Sandy Duftler
I have mixed emotions about the Duftler belts. They're kind of too big for most pants, but I do like how they look.

Breeches: Piper by Smartpak
I kind of love these Pipers. Not so much the fit because I really don't love how Pipers fit in general. But I definitely love the fun pattern and the trim on the pockets. That's my love/hate issue with pipers. I like the price point and the color combos. But I wish they fit a little better.

Socks: Dreamers & Schemers
I mean... there's never a wrong time for the F bomb socks is there? Ok, maybe if there's little kids around... But whatever. I had boots over them at the barn. I have seen evidence that there is a matching C4 belt out there for these, but I haven't found where I can obtain that just yet... It's on my need list though. Any suggestions, please throw them at me!

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
It was a rainy, muddy mess on Saturday, and there was zero chance I'd wear any of my nice boots out in THAT! Plus I just love these crappy boots. #sorrynotsorry

That's it for today! Probably no riding outfit next week, but we'll see. Rio is going to jog for me on the lunge line soon, and if he's looking pretty sound, I may start tack walking him. If that happens, riding outfits all the time! So fingers crossed if you like to see those... but also cross them anyway, because I'm dying to sit on a horse regularly.
Any favorites from today? Yay or neigh on avocados?