Wednesday, August 8, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

While last week was pretty quiet and I had very little to talk about, this week is the opposite. I feel like I somehow did ALL the things. I guess I had to make up for the week prior.
I already mentioned that I had the vet out for Jamp on Friday. It was good timing because the day before Rio did this to his eye:
Well more specifically, to his eyelid. The eye itself was fine, thank goodness. (I swear, this horse WANTS to blind himself...) I had the vet take a look and he said it looked like he had just rubbed it too much and gave himself conjunctivitis. Yep. Pink Eye. But not an infectious one, thank goodness. We've been doing drops and a ointment three times a day, plus a little extra banamine for him. It was looking just about normal last night, so I think I can stop them after today. He's also been wearing a fly mask 24/7 because he's still wanting to rub it. Always something with these boys! Thankfully it's nothing major.
When I was putting that fly mask on him, I noticed that it really was looking its age. I also know the sheets are definitely on their last season. We have the hunter plaid Kensington fly sheets and masks. I really love them. They match my barn colors perfectly, and have held up for about 8 years now. BUT they don't make that color scheme anymore. Which I find super sad. All the options are really bright and while fun, not what I'm looking for. I wish they would either bring back the hunter plaid, or offer some solid color options. Anyway, I ordered some cute fly sheets for the boys, but based on the price point, I'll probably only get one summer out of them if I'm lucky. We went with these:
The little dragonflies are green and tan colored, so they're sort of our colors. And I think these are pretty lightweight and cool being white. I'm sure they'll be filthy and I'll hate them. But at around $40, I figured I'd give them a shot. I ordered some new fly masks too.
We've already covered how amazing Jampy's vet visit went yesterday, so I'll skip over that, bringing us to Saturday.
Saturday morning was pouring buckets. I think the sky was falling. We got something like 4 inches of rain in two hours. Crazy. But I didn't have time to let that slow me down, because there was lots to do!
First on the agenda was a few errands (boring) and then riding Bradley (FUN)! I got to the barn and the rain had slowed down to a normal rain. I got him all tacked up and then the deluge started again.
Needless to say, neither of us were in a big hurry to go out there... There's an indoor at Bradley's barn which I was definitely planning to ride in, but it's not attached to the barn. We decided to wait a little bit for it to slow down before heading out. Finally there was a little break and we made it with minimal soaking.
Look! Mirror selfie!
Once on, it started deluging again. I'm not sure poor Bradley has ever been in an indoor when it was raining like that. He got very nervous. I could feel his heart pounding against my leg. But he's a perfect dinosaur and listened to me when I said it was ok. I let him walk around awhile and get used to the sound though. He was really great. Like my last few rides on him, I let him warm up however he wanted to. And once I put him to work, he was very willing. He actually looked for the contact and carried himself for some of the ride. The canter is still a work in progress, he's not all that interested in lifting his belly and softening his topline at that gait yet. But the trot is really coming along! We both were a sweaty mess when we were done. It wasn't super hot, but the humidity was insane.
Fortunately the rain stopped for us to go outside and get him hosed off. He even had some grass before it started again.
Then the rain returned, so I brought him in to hang on the crossties and dry off a little more.
While he was doing that, I was entertained by this mini donkey:

And then this baby deer:
And then it was time to head home to the boys to feed lunch and get them out.

Rio had been out in the morning (in the rain, and he was happy as can be getting soaked, weirdo). But Jampy hadn't. I wasn't about to go walking in that weather, so we made do with a little in barn hand walk. That's the only time I wish my aisle was longer. Hand walking in a 50 foot aisle, is pretty silly. But we got it done! All that matters. Both boys enjoyed a grooming too.
An old friend of mine has a summer party every year, and that was on Saturday evening. They had flip cup, beer pong, an ice luge... you get the idea. Lots of fun, and partying like we were still in college. Well sort of. I had to drive home eventually, so I had some wine early on, and then behaved myself. Aside from shenanigans, they also had a great band.
I got home around 12:30 (not too crazy!) and tucked the boys into bed. Then I hung with the puggers for a bit because they'd been home alone most of the day.
Sunday I tried to fit in all the Sunday Things I could! I started as normal with a trip to the Farmer's Market where I stocked up on veggies and cheese (omg the cheese!) and grabbed a breakfast sandwich. The pugs and I hung out by the pool while I stuffed that in my piehole.
Then I went out to weed Jamp's walkout. No grass means no weeds either. The horses haven't been using those walkouts all summer, and there was a whole ecosystem growing out there... (Don't get me started on my landscapers not landscaping...) That took awhile. But it was worth it to see my boy so happy out there. I stuck Rio back out in his small paddock too. Two turnouts in one day for him!
Afterwards, they both had groomies and a walk. I wanted to get to the lake for my lobster roll and the band, but that wasn't until 6. I got done in the barn around 4, so the pugs and I headed outside for some pool time.

It was nice to have an hour to relax with the short kids. It's been too hot to really do much with them outside lately (or rainy, depending on the day) but they enjoyed some lounging in the shade.
Next up was feeding dinner, and then lake time!

One of the Snack Shack guys even gave me a freshly grilled ear of corn. YUM! But my day wasn't quite over yet. I had to do a Walmart run for cleaning supplies. But you know what's right down the road from Walmart?
You are correct if you said Ben & Jerry's. Not a bad way to finish up your Sunday. I spent the rest of the evening straightening up the house.
This week has been pretty normal. Work, horse groomies, handwalks. No riding plans as of yet for this weekend, but I do have a braiding job. So that's horsey at least.
Badger hasn't sold yet, but he's been tried a bunch. One trainer is coming back to see him again, and another is scheduled for this weekend too. So keep those fingers crossed for us! I grabbed this adorable photo of him off trainer B's Facebook page.
He's just he cutest ever. Someone buy him!
How was your week? Did you do any showing? Have a lesson? Hide from the heat?


  1. can you steal that donkey for me? thank you! send him Fed Ex. Thanks.

    I almost bought that flysheet for Tate but they didn have his size boohoo....

    I love Badger and shocked he hasnt had an offer on him yet....whooooo then we get to go horse shopping for you once he is sold? YAY!??

    and wow your week makes me exhausted. LOL :) Glad you got to ride!!

    1. You probably could have it. The horse he lives with is like 100 and sadly I think on his way to the great beyond. Rumor has it when the horse dies, the barn gets to keep the donkey... and I'm not sure they really want it!
      I paid a little extra for the fly sheet at Chick's because all the cheaper sites were out of the size I needed too. Still was reasonable though!
      Agree about Badger! But he's definitely picky about his rider. So that's not making it as easy. It does make me feel better though, it's not just me he hates!

  2. That is a super cute sheet. Weatherbeeta really knocks it out of the park with their prints.

    1. I'm usually all NO PRINTS ON THE PONIES, but these are pretty much our barn colors, so I had to allow it! I do love the other prints too though.