Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit Day everyone! It's a sun shiny day out there (for now at least). My favorite kind of day... even if it feels like a steam room out there. I'll take it, I love summer! Still no riding outfit this week, but I should have one next week finally (YAY). Here's what I'm wearing today (with a cameo by Pia):
I kept it super casual today...

T-shirt: Cupio
I've had this one awhile. Yep, those are indeed yellow taxi cabs all over it! It's silly and fun.

Jeans: True Religion
I paired my taxi cabs with some gray jeans. I was going to do black, but these were right on top of the dryer, so you know... #lazy

Shoes: Kate Spade
I had been eyeing these adorable taxi shoes from Kate Spade for a long while, but I can't justify the price tag on Kate Spade at retail prices. Fortunately, I eventually found them on Ebay for WAAAAAAYYYYY less. Fun right?!

Arm Party!
It took me a few minutes to decide how to dress the wrists today... I don't exactly have a ton of taxi cab jewelry... But for me, seeing a cab makes me think of the city (NYC obviously) and so I decided that this New York skyline bracelet was perfect with my cab outfit. I think it's from Zad.

Heh... I said I didn't have a TON of taxi jewelry, not that I didn't have any! This cute bangle is from Kate Spade. I got it second hand on Poshmark for a steal!

And yes, I absolutely have a taxi handbag, but I was running a bit late so I didn't switch to it. Next time though!

So that's it for today. Blogging sure has been short and sweet this week. Hopefully lots of fun content next week though! (OR some at least. I'll settle for some.) Any favorites from today? Anything you want to see on Thursday's threads?


  1. Have you seen the show taxi? lol

    1. Haha! I have! In reruns though. I'm old, but not quite that old.

  2. love the taxi theme. And I didnt really like show Taxi. It was in my timeframe (yes I am old) but I never thought it was as great as others said. I always think of Taxis as smelly and dirty so love seeing clean taxis (i.e. shirt, shoes and bracelet) so cute. God i am lucky if i get dressed each day LOL WFH can make you a slob :)

    1. I've only seen it a handful of times. Agree, most taxi's are smelly and dirty, but THESE taxi's are adorable. Though I guess in time the shoes will be smelly and dirty too! Haha!

  3. I think we readers need to make suggestions, and see what magical wonders come from your closest.

    Llanas, have you done llammas? Or I want to see an outfit based around pie.

    1. Dammit I have 2 degrees... I do know how to spell llamas... Just sayin...

    2. Ha! I should do that! Take requests for outfits and see how I do.
      I think you picked the only two things I don't really have stuff for. No llamas or pie... I do have a fair amount of cupcake items though.