Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday's Threads

It's a short post today because sadly I have no riding outfit to share this week. I was really excited that I would get to ride over the weekend, but this is the current situation over here today:

Gross. With highs in the 20's for the next couple of days, riding by Sunday doesn't look good. It's pretty slippery out there and they don't get their winter shoes until next week. But I do have a cute work outfit to share today!

We've had corporate people here this week so we're on the no jeans policy. Of course, I haven't seen a one of them, so probably could have just gone the jeans route afterall. But I'm a good rule follower so here I am in my dress pants for the third day in a row.

Sweater: Tommy Hilfiger
I'm loving this sweater! It's like a sweater/cape hybrid. I especially love that it has sleeves, and the slits aren't super high on the sides. Very cozy!

Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
These are nifty little dress pants. They're almost like fancy leggings... But much thicker. Maybe more like fancy yoga pants? Either way... they're super comfy like jammies but LOOK like dress pants. And they are flattering, no lumps or bumps evident. (And believe me, I have plenty.)

Shoes: Boemos
So admittedly, I picked up the outfit whilst out holiday shopping on Monday night. And I had shoes I knew I could wear with it... But then at my last stop that night (TJ Maxx) I saw these shiny, blue, leather booties and well... I knew they'd be perfect with the outfit. So I got them too. Happy Chanukah to me?

Arm Party:
Lefty is wearing a pretty little braided leather wrap bracelet from Fornash along with my apple watch. Generally, I don't like to purchase things I can make myself, but this was on closeout for much cheaper than I could make it!

I have a bunch of gold and lapiz jewelry because it matched my old watch. And it looks great with my navy outfit today! First up is a stretch bracelet that I put together myself, followed by a little rhinestone wrap bracelet from Fornash, and a cuff that I think came from Zulily.

And that's it for today! I'm hoping really hard to get to ride by Sunday, so maybe I can have a riding outfit next week... Any favorites from today? How's the weather where you are?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Ladies and Gentleman... we have entered the ice age:

 Pretty sure winter is what killed the dinos.

So you know what's NOT up? My saddle on a horse's back that's what. This weather is the pits! Today we're having crazy winds (nothing like CA though thankfully) and the high is 29. So with wind chill, that's single digits my friends. Gross. Anyone wanna trade? (Not you Katepeacecarrots, I know this would be a heat wave up there!)
Anyway, due to stupid weather conditions, this will probably be a pretty short recap. As you remember I got home from FL last Monday, and riding was pretty spotty last week. I had hoped to ride Thursday but by the time I got home from work the ring was getting crunchy already. I had a full night of cookie backing ahead too, so I just gave the boys each a quick grooming and headed toward the kitchen.
So many cookies. SO MANY. I totally cheated and used the dough that comes in the roll. But I think they've changed the recipe as they weren't all that flavorful. I did make my own glaze though, so that has to count for something right?
Friday evening was my sister-in-law's annual cookie swap (hence all the baking) so riding was out that night too. Wahhhhh. I already miss it. How did I survive the past 9 winters?
And then Saturday. The weatherman all week were saying a storm was going to miss us. Then all of a sudden on Friday they were like NOPE! Heading our way! And started predicting one to three inches of snow. Ok, that's tolerable. But by Friday night they were predicting 8-12 inches. Ugh. No thank you! The snow was starting early so no riding again.


I had a 1 o'clock hair appointment to keep me occupied though, so at least there was that.

I made a great decision after my hair was done to stop at the store (after all the crazies had gotten their necessities of course!) and then get enough chinese food to last me the rest of the weekend. Because I'm a healthy eater like that... #moo
Thankfully we only wound up getting a couple of inches. Three tops. Jampy isn't exactly a model riding citizen after a few days off, so I didn't even consider riding him in the snow Sunday... Ok, well I thought about it for maybe 10 seconds then laughed and noped right out of that. Rio however is a perfect prince so I dressed him up in his winter woolies and we went for a stroll around the ring. Neither of them has winter shoes on yet, and this snow was really sticky, so best to err on the side of caution. We don't need any injuries at the old age home!
I set up the phone so I could get some sad little riding media for this week's post.

And then of course I had to give Rio the super model treatment:
Blue Steel

Give me disinterest Rio!

Not my good side mom.
Monday the ring was still snowy so STILL no riding. I don't think traipsing around in the snow in the dark is in anyone's best interest over here. I was hopeful for Tuesday because it rained all day (which means it was above freezing!) but alas, it didn't quite melt everything and left me with a slushy mess in the arena. We've already discussed today's single digits... Fortunately, I'm seeing 40's in the long range forecast, so I'm hopeful riding season isn't over just yet. Keep some fingers crossed for us please!

The puggers aren't really big fans of winter. Artie especially hates being cold. He spends very little time outside and immediately comes in and lays on the heating vent. Smart dog!
stop taking photos and FEED US!
They make wonderful little heaters though, and love to spend their evenings like this:

The rest of my time has been spent frantically trying to finish the holiday shopping and stalking tracking the ponies' outfits for our holiday cards. It's getting down to the wire, but I think they'll be here tomorrow. Chanukah started last night, but we didn't have anything special planned. Trying to figure out when the fam can all get together is proving tricky. During the week, I can't get to my mom's until 6:00-6:30 which isn't that late, but with my brothers two kids, it's late for them. This weekend is my company holiday party Saturday night, and while I'm free Sunday, my mom is working. So tough to juggle everyone!
Well, that's about it from here. How are things where you are? Getting much riding done? Are you ready for the holidays?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Truthful Tuesday

Ugh. You guys. I'm so stumped on what to get my dad for Chanukah. Which starts today! Yikes! Fortunately, we usually just lump our Chanukah and Christmas gift giving all into one day so I have some time still. But not that much!
I like to think that I do a decent job of gifting things I know the recipient will love. Friends often come to me for gift suggestions, so I have evidence to back up this claim. Some examples that you guys have to promise not to tell (seriously, these peeps don't read the blog, so make sure they don't find out!): Step Mom has been wanting to get back to riding. I currently don't have a safe beast for her, so I'm getting her a couple lessons and a pair of Regal boots. My mom is a HUGE Hillary Clinton fan, so she's getting a signed copy of HRC's book. (Plus a bunch of other stuff cause she's my momma). My little brother who lives in the wilderness without electricity? Hammock.
But. There's one guy that I just have the hardest time finding gifts for. My dad! The man has everything he could ever want. And his taste is far and above my budget. He doesn't have much in the way of hobbies other than sport fishing. Let me tell you, there is nothing in my price range to get him for THAT.
So what am I going to do you ask? So far I got him a case of his favorite nostalgia candy:

Seriously. He loves these things. But that's not exactly a significant gift. So probably he's going to get the old standby that he gets EVERY holiday (we're talking Chanukah, birthday, AND Father's Day). Yep. 2 Polo shirts and a sweater. So original.
Do you guys have any suggestions for the man who has literally everything? He doesn't drink at all and doesn't golf if that's helpful (I know, not at all).
Do you have anyone really hard to shop for on your list? What do you end up doing for him/her?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday's Threads

Happy Outfit day everyone! It's pretty chilly here today, but hopefully will be enough above freezing to get to ride tonight. Fingers crossed! If you follow my Instagram or personal Facebook accounts you've already seen a sneak peak of last night's riding outfit, so let's start there!

So fun fact about me: I don't particularly like the color red. I tend to avoid it 98% of the time. The other 2% is when it's buffalo plaid because for some reason I LOVE red and black buffalo plaid.

Helmet: One K
This one's been getting a lot of wear time lately! I just saw that Samshield makes a winter liner, anyone know if One K does too?

Quarter zip fleece: Avalanche
Vest: Chaps
These plaids are SLIGHTLY different, but when you're riding outside in the dark, it's not at all noticeable. I was excited it was warm enough for my first horse to not need a jacket over top. Too many layers and I can't really move my arms.

Belt: C4
This C4 belt gets a fair amount of use since it matches all of my buffalo plaid. It's starting to show some wear though which is kind of a bummer.

Breeches: Smartpak
You've seen these before. They're a nice dark denim breech. I had wanted to wear black breeches, but they were all dirty. Or I hope so because I couldn't find any!

Boots: Tuffrider Regal
I still think they're the most comfortable. I stole my "keep in the trailer pair" to send to Florida for the winter and they were perfectly comfortable the very first ride. I wish all boots were this comfy out of the box.

Ok, enough about my outfit, wait till you see what the boys wore!

Truth be told, we nixed the quarter sheet because it wasn't that cold out. I thought it was going to be worse than it was. Their entire outfit was custom made for us by Hopeful Equestrian. You can find her on Etsy, and she's awesome. I can't wait for the Chanukah outfit to come for our holiday card photos! (Shut up, yes I know it's late... But also, if anyone wants a card email your address to me: I order lots so don't be shy!)

Bonnet: Hopeful Equestrian

The ears are a little too long on the bonnets, but whatever, they're so freaking cute!

Saddle set ups:
On Both: Voltaire saddle with Evo Equine rainbow gloss stirrups
On Jampy (first photo): Baby pad from Hopeful Equestrian and half pad by Dura Tek
 On Rio: Saddle pad by Hopeful Equestrian and half pad by Le Mieux
Polos: Hopeful Equestrian

I got a set of four so they could each wear two. Their legs are SO FURRY! Ugh... Time for some clipping I guess.

Quarter Sheet: Hopeful Equestrian
We wound up taking this off, but it's really cute. I kind of like that the sides are a bit short so he will feel my leg.

I would be lying if I didn't kind of want the same set in green buffalo plaid... Maybe next year!

Ok, on to today's outfit!

It's a sweater and jeans kind of day!

Sweater: Elsamanda
I can't photograph this sweater and do it any justice... It's a chunky knit sweater with teeny tiny little sequins throughout. Just enough to be cute and fun, but not so much that it's gaudy and I can't wear it to work. It's stupid warm too.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is the gray side of the belt I won from Mane Jane. I've worn this so many times already! So excited about it!

Jeans: Twenty One Black
These are the fancy brand from Rue 21 which isn't terribly fancy. But they're very soft and stretchy and wonderful in their own right.

Shoes: Joe's Jeans
I still haven't switched my summer and winter shoes over, so these have been getting a ton of wear. I found them last year in Florida at Marshall's for some crazy low price. I like the chain detail, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how comfy they are despite having pointy toes.

Arm Party!
Left is wearing a sparkly cuff from Express. It's tough to see, but it is gunmetal, and super pretty!

Righty is donning two Stacie originals. I made these a few years back, I think during one of the hurricanes. I love them, and I really wish I had more time to work on new arm candy. Purchased bracelets are nice and all, but I love wearing something I've made myself.

And that's it for today! What are you wearing? How's the weather where you are? Any favorites from above? Ever dress yourself and your horse in matching outfits? No? Why not?!