Wednesday, December 13, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Ladies and Gentleman... we have entered the ice age:

 Pretty sure winter is what killed the dinos.

So you know what's NOT up? My saddle on a horse's back that's what. This weather is the pits! Today we're having crazy winds (nothing like CA though thankfully) and the high is 29. So with wind chill, that's single digits my friends. Gross. Anyone wanna trade? (Not you Katepeacecarrots, I know this would be a heat wave up there!)
Anyway, due to stupid weather conditions, this will probably be a pretty short recap. As you remember I got home from FL last Monday, and riding was pretty spotty last week. I had hoped to ride Thursday but by the time I got home from work the ring was getting crunchy already. I had a full night of cookie backing ahead too, so I just gave the boys each a quick grooming and headed toward the kitchen.
So many cookies. SO MANY. I totally cheated and used the dough that comes in the roll. But I think they've changed the recipe as they weren't all that flavorful. I did make my own glaze though, so that has to count for something right?
Friday evening was my sister-in-law's annual cookie swap (hence all the baking) so riding was out that night too. Wahhhhh. I already miss it. How did I survive the past 9 winters?
And then Saturday. The weatherman all week were saying a storm was going to miss us. Then all of a sudden on Friday they were like NOPE! Heading our way! And started predicting one to three inches of snow. Ok, that's tolerable. But by Friday night they were predicting 8-12 inches. Ugh. No thank you! The snow was starting early so no riding again.


I had a 1 o'clock hair appointment to keep me occupied though, so at least there was that.

I made a great decision after my hair was done to stop at the store (after all the crazies had gotten their necessities of course!) and then get enough chinese food to last me the rest of the weekend. Because I'm a healthy eater like that... #moo
Thankfully we only wound up getting a couple of inches. Three tops. Jampy isn't exactly a model riding citizen after a few days off, so I didn't even consider riding him in the snow Sunday... Ok, well I thought about it for maybe 10 seconds then laughed and noped right out of that. Rio however is a perfect prince so I dressed him up in his winter woolies and we went for a stroll around the ring. Neither of them has winter shoes on yet, and this snow was really sticky, so best to err on the side of caution. We don't need any injuries at the old age home!
I set up the phone so I could get some sad little riding media for this week's post.

And then of course I had to give Rio the super model treatment:
Blue Steel

Give me disinterest Rio!

Not my good side mom.
Monday the ring was still snowy so STILL no riding. I don't think traipsing around in the snow in the dark is in anyone's best interest over here. I was hopeful for Tuesday because it rained all day (which means it was above freezing!) but alas, it didn't quite melt everything and left me with a slushy mess in the arena. We've already discussed today's single digits... Fortunately, I'm seeing 40's in the long range forecast, so I'm hopeful riding season isn't over just yet. Keep some fingers crossed for us please!

The puggers aren't really big fans of winter. Artie especially hates being cold. He spends very little time outside and immediately comes in and lays on the heating vent. Smart dog!
stop taking photos and FEED US!
They make wonderful little heaters though, and love to spend their evenings like this:

The rest of my time has been spent frantically trying to finish the holiday shopping and stalking tracking the ponies' outfits for our holiday cards. It's getting down to the wire, but I think they'll be here tomorrow. Chanukah started last night, but we didn't have anything special planned. Trying to figure out when the fam can all get together is proving tricky. During the week, I can't get to my mom's until 6:00-6:30 which isn't that late, but with my brothers two kids, it's late for them. This weekend is my company holiday party Saturday night, and while I'm free Sunday, my mom is working. So tough to juggle everyone!
Well, that's about it from here. How are things where you are? Getting much riding done? Are you ready for the holidays?


  1. While I thankfully squeezed in rides on Sunday (when it was sunny and 50!), I haven't been back on since... Boo. Too much packing and trip prep, ugh. I am so not ready for the holidays! Haha

    1. There's so much to do this time of year, and traveling certainly just adds to it!

  2. Hope your holiday outfits get here soon!!! The time is flying and anytime I think I've got a handle on things I realize I don't bleck!

    1. OMG, they got sent back to the girl who made them! Hopefully they're here for the weekend... Oye.
      Holiday time can be so stressful!