Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

We're riding some kind of crazy weather roller coast here in the northeast. One minute it's raining, the next it's snowing, and very rarely, the sun might pop out. This weekend was pretty much all of the above.
But before we get into the weekend, enjoy these photos from my braiding job Thursday night. I hadn't done any braiding in quite awhile, so was really happy these turned out so nicely. Helps to have a great horse with a nice mane to work on.

 Also, check out this crazy piece of wonderful I found at the craft store this weekend:
It's a folding seam ripper! No more losing the cap and stabbing myself! Any of you that have to take out braids should definitely consider getting one of these. So smart!
Ok, now on to the weekend...
Saturday morning I got all the errands run early so I could do something with the horses and clean out the trailer. The ring was a sloppy mess, so riding wasn't really likely. But the one corner that gets the most sun was usable for lunging. It was still pretty wet, but it wasn't frozen at all, and the footing wasn't slippery or sticky. I think the horses were channeling their inner four year old splashing around in the puddles.
Flying Jampy!

Rio... definitely not flying.
They were WILD. Like bronco wild. Glad I opted to lunge and didn't decide to do a tack walk instead. Spring fever has arrived... in February. Maybe by April they'll be civilized?!

After lunging ponies, it was time to tackle the trailer tack room project. I already bored you all with those details yesterday so we'll just gloss over that... I did find this gem though:
This was my junior hunter's cooler. It has an interesting story. I saved up my money for a long while to buy this custom cooler (well not this exact one... you'll see why keep reading) when I got to Harrisburg for the first time. Back then these cost around $200. Well, I got this beauty at Harrisburg and sent it along with my horse and trainer to Washington while I went back home to go to school for a few days. Bud showed in the pro divisions as well as in my junior classes, so he always got to go ahead of me. Anyway, trainer was flatting Bud in the ring one night and someone grabbed the cooler from the rail. We never saw it again. I owned it for a grand total of a week and a half. All that hard saved money for nothing! (Listen, when you're 14 with no job, that's a lot of money!) I saved all year to get a new one at Harrisburg the next year. Only they had gone up in price to $350. I only had $200. I was telling the story to the nice owner at Personalized Products (where I'd bought it) and she felt so badly, she offered to sell me the new cooler at the old price. I thought that was really nice of her. Years later, this cooler got caught by the tractor and dragged through the mud. Thankfully it didn't rip or anything, but I had to have it dry cleaned. It shrunk from a size 80 to a 76. Womp womp. I keep it around because it's fit some of the little horses like Ducky and even Romey. I mean, this cooler and I have so much history, I could never get rid of it! Plus I lost Bud in college so his stuff is all pretty special to me. (Such a sap.)
Sorry for the tangent... back to the weekend! I was pretty pooped by the time I finished the trailer stuff. So I spent the rest of the evening hanging with the Pugs and watching the Olympics.
They were clearly excited about the games!
And then Sunday looked like this:
Gross. Fortunately it was pretty warm during the day, so the melting started immediately. Not fast enough to be able to do fun horsey things in the ring, but I'll take what I can get. Plus that actually left me the entire day to finish up the great closet purge of 2018. I tried on so many pairs of pants, I actually got chaffed. (Maybe they're all a little snug. shut up.) So many pants. It took the whole day. But it's DONE! I still have a dresser to go through, but the closet part is over at least. Thank goodness! I have the Veterans coming Tuesday to take all of the old stuff away. It feels so good to get stuff out of the house and support a great charity.
Monday it rained. Which was gross, but it helps get rid of the snow, so that part is nice. Of course it leaves mud. So much mud. Thankfully? It was super windy over night which helped dry things up. And yesterday? We had this:
Yep. 62 degrees! It took everything in me to go back to work after lunch. I wanted to stay home and work ponies. The ring was still pretty gross though, so I decided to adult responsibly and go back to work. When I got home it was still really sloppy, but I lunged them each a little in the one corner. Jampy was great, and not overly nuts. Rio looked pretty lame but I kind of think he was trying to avoid the puddles. He's so awkward that it's hard to tell when he's actually lame and when he's just confused as to where his feet should land. He also may still be a bit sore from his weekend antics. At 21, that stuff takes a toll!
Know what else happened last night? My Fama boots arrived! I wasn't expecting them because the tracking hasn't worked. I was in touch with them about it, and she was working on tracking them down. And then they just arrived! Woohoo!
The fit is a lot better this time. They're a bit snug, but they'll stretch, so I'm not worried about that. I think they could have been a smidge taller, but they're just fine. My only real complaint is that they did the toe wrong. I realized when they sent me pics that they hadn't put the tan crocodile leather on them, but I overlooked it because they're gorgeous. What I couldn't tell from the photos was that they made the toe pointy instead of square. I don't really like the pointy toe.
But seeing as to how they made these half price after the not fitting debacle, I'm not going to complain about it. They're gorgeous despite the toe, and the fit is so much better than last time. Plus, that green! Ah! SO PRETTY! They even started to soften up just in the few minutes I wore them around the house. I think they'll break in pretty quickly.

That's about it from here. What's up with  you this week? Did you get to ride? Show? Something else? Did you get new boots?! (I can't be the only one, can I?)

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Truthful Tuesday: The one where I almost waited too long to ask a question

Last week I got a very exciting call that my new trailer has arrived! Woohoo! Fortunately, prior to scheduling my picking it up, I remembered to ask a few questions about my trade in. The most important being, am I supposed to have a title for this thing? Answer: Yes. Poop.

Many moons ago when I was still boarding and being frustrated about only being able to show where my trainer wanted to go (if she wanted to go) I decided I should get a trailer. My dad, who really was not a big fan of said trainer, was totally on board, and even offered to buy it for me. (My dad is awesome. He also assisted in my purchasing my house and getting my mortgage because he would do ANYTHING for me to not board there anymore... But I digress.) Since my dad technically owned my trailer, he too would have the title. And if not, he needs to be the one to obtain a new one from the DMV. That doesn't sound like a big deal, but he was in meetings the rest of last week and unable to go check the safe deposit box and/or go to the DMV. And now he's in South Africa for two weeks on a super fun vacation. So this confession is that I can't pick up my new trailer for awhile, and I totally should have asked that question months ago. My bad. But hey, at least I didn't wait until I got there with trailer in tow to have to turn around and leave... Right?
On the bright side, this has allowed me plenty of time to clean out Tina the Trailer before she leaves me for her new home. I tackled the tack room on Saturday:

This was after the first load was removed. I also keep a wheelbarrow up there
I decided to schlep everything into the barn before neatly tucking it away in an empty stall. I also had gone to Walmart earlier in the day and gotten a few tubs to store anything I was concerned might get chewed on by the F*&(#$ing rat I haven't killed yet that's in my barn. (That's a story for a different day.) After many loads like this:
I got everything into the barn aisle for inspection and (mental) cataloging. It was actually nice to see what I still have, what I need to replace, etc. Not that I'm in any hurry since showing is likely not in my immediate future. But still, a good chance to take inventory.
So much stuff. Holy crap. I was disappointed to realize what bad shape my show blankets are in. They all seem to have some holes and/or are either stained or faded unevenly. But then I stopped and really thought about it. Those blankets are all at minimum 12 years old. And most of them were everyday blankets when I was a boarder. I guess they don't owe me anything. Next show pony will be getting some new clothes!
Another kind of surprising thing was that all of my show girths are so small! Jampy was quite lean when he was a show horse. There was one that was labeled a 51" (weird right?) which I think was Rio's but all the rest were 48" and smaller. Another thing I won't have to worry about until I have a show horse again, as who knows what size he will be.
The only real casualty was Jampy's show bonnet from when he used to be a jumper.

Pictred is a said bonnet, and a girth that would never fit him now.
It seems a little critter chewed the ears up and ate off some of the scallops on the bottom. Just one more thing to add to the if I get a jumper again list.

After a few hours work, everything was organized and stacked away neatly.
And Tina the Trailer has an empty tack room:

But the real confession here? I was SO SORE for like two days after this. So much schlepping! Clearly, I need to get back to working out more.

Anything you need to confess today? Trouble with rodents where you are? When was the last time you fully emptied your trailer out?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's a weird day over here... Supposed to get up into the 50's today, but since it's been cold, it's super foggy. And I think it might rain. But hey, at least it's not snow, which is apparently heading here for the weekend. Crazy!
Since I did sit on my horse this weekend, I have a riding outfit to share! It's pretty weak and not at all matchy matchy though... It's actually kind of clashy clashy... Not quite up to my norm!

Ok, full disclosure. I put the boots on to take the photo, but I did NOT actually ride in them. It was a muddy mess out there! No way was I taking them out in that! But I figured you all could use a break from my Regals.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
I should have grabbed my blue one, but I was obviously feeling incredibly lazy.

Jacket: Eddie Bauer
Fleece top: Eddie Bauer
All the layers! It was still pretty chilly out, and VERY damp. I've discussed previously my love for packable down. No need to rehash. As for the fleece top, I have mixed feelings. I really love this kind of knitted fleece. it's soft and warm and super cozy. But everything sticks to it! Probably better for lounging at home than wearing in the barn. But whatever.

Belt: C4
I picked this one up from one of the tack sites when they had it on clearance. I think it's fun how it looks like a leather belt with metal bits on it, but it's actually just printed. And yes, I now have a matching cuff bracelet! Though I didn't yet here.

Breeches: Ariat Heritage
Another clearance find! I love that these have pockets. Though I think maybe that makes them kind of manly looking. Also, the first time I wore these a few weeks ago, they were kind of big. I haven't really changed shape in the last few weeks, but after washing these were pretty snug. So I do think they shrink a bit in the dryer.

Boots: Pioneer

I'm really so happy with how these came out. They're a little crazy, yes, but they're so fun! I can't wait to actually try riding in them!

And now, on to today's work outfit:
I didn't get a very good night's sleep and was feeling kind of blah this morning, so I really just wanted something comfy. If I could have worn jammies to work today, I totally would have.

Sweater: Kaisley
I found this I think two years ago on clearance at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I think I paid six dollars for it. $6 well spent my friends! It's a cotton/poly blend, which makes it super soft, and washable too! I love how oversize it is. Perfect for a blah day.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is the belt strap I won in the Mane Jane contest. I love the dark gray, it goes well with so many things! The other side is pink.

Jeans: True Religion
These definitely have been near the top of the favorites list for awhile now. I think the thick, contrasting white stitching is really fun. And True Religion jeans seem to fit me really well. As long as they're the stretchy ones. Got a not stretchy pair once in error, and well... Those went off to consignment immediately.

Boots: Lucky Brand
You've seen these a million times now. I just love them. They go with almost anything, and are SO COMFY! Plus they fit like a glove.

Arm party:
Nothing fancies up an outfit quite like glitter, amiright? Lefty is donning a pretty little glitter cuff I made along with the apple watch.

Righty is also wearing some Stacie Originals. While the patterns aren't exactly the same on these bracelets, the color are so I think they work together. I love the horsey one!

And that's it for today! What are you wearing? Don't tell me if you're wearing jammies, cause I'll be super jealous.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

I still don't have a ton of horsey stuff to report on. The elderly boys are doing well, enjoying vacation. Though Jampy really needs to get back to work soon. He's driving everybody crazy with his pent up brainwaves. He even kicked the wall when I was getting dinner ready yesterday! He NEVER does that. Both of them are really patient about meals, and really don't paw or anything while I get it ready. Except Jamp when he hasn't been in work for awhile. Naughty.
They did nothing exciting last week after work. They had some nice grooming sessions and plenty of snacks, but that was about it. I was holding out strong hopes that we'd get to ride this weekend. Saturday seemed like the best possibility, but it never really got as warm as it was supposed to. Plus the sun wasn't out, so that didn't help thaw things out any quicker. Finally at 3pm I decided to take Jamp out and give him a little lunge on the one soft corner of the ring. It was muddy and sloppy, but a couple spots seemed frozen underneath still. We opted to walk/trot on the lunge a bit and then do a little tack walk.
Rio stayed in. He doesn't need to be worrying about footing. Instead he had some curries and shed out another small pony. I really don't know where he hides all this hair. It just keeps coming out! And it's only February!
You already read all about the rest of my Saturday hunting for the non gift for my dad. The good news is, part of his gift arrived today! It's a book containing the front page of the New York Times for every birthday he's had so far. Kinda neat, right?

Sunday was a total washout due to lots of rain. I was just glad it wasn't snow. My day started with a Galentine's brunch hosted by a friend. She always goes all out with these things, and Sunday was no exception! For those unfamiliar with Galentine's Day, it's from the show Parks and Recs and is about ladies celebrating ladies. Much fun!

Since it was still raining after brunch, with a promise to start raining HARDER, I decided to let the horses have a lovely day of napping and eating hay. What I should have worked on was finishing the great closet purge of 2018, but instead I decided to do some crafts. I've been saving all the ends from C4 belts because I knew I wanted to do something with them. I just hadn't been sure what that something was. But this weekend I decided to add snaps to them and make them into cuff bracelets.
Not to sound cocky... but it was a great idea! They're really cute!
I actually have a few bunch more, but I ran out of snaps. I had picked up a few packages so I'd have enough, but turns out the new ones I picked up were too short. Bummer. Back to the craft store I go this weekend!

After craft time it was back out in the rain to meet the family for Dad's birthday dinner. It was lovely, and we enjoyed cake back at his house afterward. And then finally the pugs and I did a lot of snuggling and watched the Olympics.

Ok, well I watched. They did not. How cute are these lazy little loafs?
I did remember to bring the blue boots out to the barn to get a better photo of them:
See?! Blue! I love them. I can't wait to ride in them. Also, good news, I must have been having a fat day when the boots arrived because the gold ones zipped right up over the weekend. Yay!

And that's all that's really up here this week. We might see 50 tomorrow and Friday, so maybe Jampy and I will try and brave an after work ride in the dark. I may have a braiding job tomorrow though which may get in the way of that. Saturday is back below freezing, so not looking promising for weekend rides this week either. But time will tell!
What's up with you? Been riding much? Do you celebrate Galentine's? Or Valentine's for that matter? I don't do much special for Valentine's being an old spinster. But I do like the holiday. Mostly because I can wear hearts on my sweater and eat lots of chocolate. Can't complain about that. All that said though, it's kind of a silly holiday. People in love should celebrate that year round, not need a day dedicated to it. But since it comes with chocolate, I'll keep that opinion more or less to myself ;).