Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! Since I got to ride this weekend, I have another riding outfit to share! Though I have to be honest here, I think I'm having some kind of mid life crisis/nostalgia thing going on because I wore another Skidmore sweatshirt this weekend. Hey, at least it's a different one! We'll start with the riding outfit since it's not looking like we'll have one next week.

I was feeling a bit... fluffy this weekend. And therefore decided to base my outfit around the biggest, comfiest breeches I own. I think I was successful! Ha.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
Yeah, I have not yet cleaned it like I noticed I needed to last week. Still a great helmet though! Even if it's dirty.

Sweatshirt: Skidmore College
During the great closet purge of 2018, I discovered this sweatshirt way in the back of the closet WITH THE TAGS STILL ON IT! Unacceptable. First off, I'm pretty sure I bought this at my 10th reunion which was in 2012. Secondly, it's the softest, comfiest thing I've ever touched and I don't know how or why I would let it get buried like that. It's definitely found it's rightful home in the FRONT of the closet. So sorry sweatshirt.

Belt: Swanky Saddle
I decided to tone down the green by matching my belt to my boots instead. I really love this belt from Swanky Saddle! I mean, it says LOVE right on it in my favorite motif!

Breeches: Horze
These are old, and you've definitely seen them before. As mentioned, they're one of my bigger pairs, though you wouldn't know that currently... (Someone needs to join the biggest loser contest at work.) I like them a lot, but they are starting to look pretty old.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
They really need no introduction. Do they?

So that's what I wore riding! I wish it was spring and I could actually get some leg back and wear some of my fun boots (none of which are full broken in yet...) But alas, it's just the start of February, and we have three snow storms in the weekly forecast. Boo. On that note, let's see what I wore to work today!

STARS! I think stars are having a moment. Before I started my spending freeze attempted to cut back on my shopping problem, I picked up a few pairs of jeans with stars on them. And then I found this sweater at Marshalls. I had zero intentions of pairing the star sweater with star pants, because that's like way too many stars. But upon searching for a boot cut jean in my closet, I stumbled across a very old pair... that happened to have stars on them. but just a few, so I think it's ok. More on them later.

Sweater: Marled
This sweater is nice and thick and super warm. Plus it's covered in adorable stars. What's not to love?

Belt: Louis Vuitton
While I DO have a belt with stars on it, it's purple which wasn't going to work with my shoes today. So I went with this simple LV belt that matches the sweater quite nicely.

Jeans: Rue 21
These are a total throwback Thursday piece. They're boot cut AND low rise. They had to be from sometime in mid 2000's? I don't even know. I can't believe I got into them. But the stars are super cute, and they look great with the sweater.

Shoes: Wild Diva Lounge
More stars! This time in rose gold. I think these would have worked better if they were silver, but alas, I didn't buy the silver ones. I bought the rose gold ones. But they're still super fun, and I think it's sort of working. Whatever, no one at my work is the fashion police anyway.

Arm Party!
I figured I'd wear my practice bracelet from the other day. No point just doing nothing with it! Clearly, I need more practice with these, but it has my boy's names on it, so it's cute. (Sorry for excluding you Badger, but I only had room for two.)

Ha! You thought I wouldn't have a star bracelet. But I DO! It's adorable and sparkly too. The other is a beaded string bracelet I made years ago.

And that's it! Any favorites from today? What have you been wearing? Get anything new and exciting to add to your wardrobe lately?


  1. Every time I think to myself "she can't possibly have shoes to match that", you prove me wrong 😂 I love it haha.

  2. I love that belt! And I feel ya on the fluffy thing...

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah... winter's been rough on the size of my backside.

  3. I am with ConfessionsofaDressageBarbie - that comment was spot on. I go I LOVE that sweater. And then I see the matching shoes. And pants- You always impress me.

    Katie @ Katie Wanders

    1. Haha! I'm not sure it's a talent to be proud of... but hey, it's something!