Thursday, February 15, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit Day! It's a weird day over here... Supposed to get up into the 50's today, but since it's been cold, it's super foggy. And I think it might rain. But hey, at least it's not snow, which is apparently heading here for the weekend. Crazy!
Since I did sit on my horse this weekend, I have a riding outfit to share! It's pretty weak and not at all matchy matchy though... It's actually kind of clashy clashy... Not quite up to my norm!

Ok, full disclosure. I put the boots on to take the photo, but I did NOT actually ride in them. It was a muddy mess out there! No way was I taking them out in that! But I figured you all could use a break from my Regals.

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
I should have grabbed my blue one, but I was obviously feeling incredibly lazy.

Jacket: Eddie Bauer
Fleece top: Eddie Bauer
All the layers! It was still pretty chilly out, and VERY damp. I've discussed previously my love for packable down. No need to rehash. As for the fleece top, I have mixed feelings. I really love this kind of knitted fleece. it's soft and warm and super cozy. But everything sticks to it! Probably better for lounging at home than wearing in the barn. But whatever.

Belt: C4
I picked this one up from one of the tack sites when they had it on clearance. I think it's fun how it looks like a leather belt with metal bits on it, but it's actually just printed. And yes, I now have a matching cuff bracelet! Though I didn't yet here.

Breeches: Ariat Heritage
Another clearance find! I love that these have pockets. Though I think maybe that makes them kind of manly looking. Also, the first time I wore these a few weeks ago, they were kind of big. I haven't really changed shape in the last few weeks, but after washing these were pretty snug. So I do think they shrink a bit in the dryer.

Boots: Pioneer

I'm really so happy with how these came out. They're a little crazy, yes, but they're so fun! I can't wait to actually try riding in them!

And now, on to today's work outfit:
I didn't get a very good night's sleep and was feeling kind of blah this morning, so I really just wanted something comfy. If I could have worn jammies to work today, I totally would have.

Sweater: Kaisley
I found this I think two years ago on clearance at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. I think I paid six dollars for it. $6 well spent my friends! It's a cotton/poly blend, which makes it super soft, and washable too! I love how oversize it is. Perfect for a blah day.

Belt: Mane Jane
This is the belt strap I won in the Mane Jane contest. I love the dark gray, it goes well with so many things! The other side is pink.

Jeans: True Religion
These definitely have been near the top of the favorites list for awhile now. I think the thick, contrasting white stitching is really fun. And True Religion jeans seem to fit me really well. As long as they're the stretchy ones. Got a not stretchy pair once in error, and well... Those went off to consignment immediately.

Boots: Lucky Brand
You've seen these a million times now. I just love them. They go with almost anything, and are SO COMFY! Plus they fit like a glove.

Arm party:
Nothing fancies up an outfit quite like glitter, amiright? Lefty is donning a pretty little glitter cuff I made along with the apple watch.

Righty is also wearing some Stacie Originals. While the patterns aren't exactly the same on these bracelets, the color are so I think they work together. I love the horsey one!

And that's it for today! What are you wearing? Don't tell me if you're wearing jammies, cause I'll be super jealous.


  1. I love the idea of fleece but I had how static and clingy it gets

    1. This type, that's knit, seems not to do that, which is what I like about it. But it's kind of rough on the outside which is why everything sticks to it.

  2. Definitely in the "not wearing jammies but would like to be" club today..... Ugh. Really looking forward to a long weekend!

    1. Long weekend?! Jealous. We don't get those over there.

  3. I was wearing jammies when i read this but am not now that I am commenting LOL Love the new boots they are special!! And that sweater looks COZY!