Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday's Threads

Outfit DAY! It's back to winter here again... Might even snow later. Sheesh, mother nature is losing it I think. But, since it was 62 degrees when I got home from work yesterday, I obviously HAD to ride my horse last night! So you know what that means... Riding outfit today!

I really can't wait until it's light out in the evening so my photos don't look like this...

Helmet: Charles Owen AYR8
Greenie! Love this helmet so much.

Top: Eddie Bauer

There's an Eddie Bauer right next to the store where I get dog food, so I popped in there a couple weekends ago when I was passing by. They had 50% off clearance, so figured I should see what winter apparel was cheap. I found this adorable button down and couldn't leave it there. I like how it has two different plaids. I have a pair of boots (not riding boots!) that match the front perfectly. And we all know Jampy has a matching saddle pad to the backside.
Yep, he wore it last night! Not the polos though, because mud.

Belt: C4
Not surprised are you? Love me some C4. Anytime I think, hey I could use a belt to go with (insert theme here), C4 always seems to have me covered.

Breeches: George Morris Collection
These breeches fall around a 6/7 on the like scale. LOVE the colors since they're my farm colors. Like the details. But the fit is kind of meh. Like everything from this brand, the don't stay up and I get the saggy crotch. But they're green and have crowns all over them so that's definitely something.

Boots: TuffRider Regal
Spurs: Evo Equine
Spur Straps: Stacie Originals
I know you're tired of these. But it's muddy out. No new boots in the mud! PLUS I haven't ridden, so I'm not putting on new boots to go die. Nope. Sticking with these grippy knock arounds, thankyouverymuch.

So that's what I rode in last night! And now on to today's work outfit.

My mom and I have tickets to the local (ish) theater tonight and I wanted to wear something nice. But then I saw the weather report and decided to compromise. This is "nice enough" I think. Plus if it's icing and snowing out, I'm not driving 45 minutes into Hartford. Sorry mom. We'll get dinner instead locally.

Sweater: Olive and Oak
I had planned to wear this sweater with some black pants and my burgundy boots. But the black pants were not very heavy, and it's cold out so I switched it up a bit. I love the wine colored details on this sweater. Makes a kind of plain top a little more fun.

Belt: Mane Jane
This one's getting worn a lot lately! I never thought I'd wear so much red... I'm really not a red person, but I guess I'm becoming one?

Jeans: Lucky Brand
These aren't quite a perfect match with the sweater, but they're pretty close. They have frayed bottoms which I love for warmer days with cute little sneakers or sandals. You know, when you can be sockless. Frayed hems are ADORABLE sockless. I can't wait for those days...

Boots: Lucky Brand
You've seen these a ton this year I know. Truth is, I never switched my shoes out for winter, so I have only a few pairs of boots downstairs. I'm generally rushing in the morning because sometimes I'm bad at adulting. This results in me only wearing what's down stairs. Maybe something different next week? Time will tell...

Arm Party!
Lefty is donning this mildly creepy looking horse bracelet from Betsey Johnson. It's creepy, but I still like it.... Not sure what that says about me.

Righty is wearing this stack of bracelets that I made. I really love this silk fabric. Wish I could find more to make a cuff to match!

That's what I'm wearing today! What do you have on? Any new riding stuff you want to mention? How's the weather where you are?


  1. I have no new riding stuff and no fun outfits and generally am just a boring sad human today. And I already complained about our weather on your previous post so I'll refrain 😂 but I loooove your riding outfit and that plaid c4 belt!

  2. I only have 2 pairs of boots, black pull one I have had forever that I will keep and show in, konigs. And brown regals, i get compliments on them all the time.

    I can't imagine having so many choices!! And I hate breaking in boots. Are yours all broken in?

    1. I think the brown TuffRider boots aren't Regals, they had a different name. I had a pair briefly and they were stiff and made me sad so I sold them. They were pretty though! The regular regals don't require breaking in which is why the A. don't last very long, but B. are amazing and I love them so much.
      I HATE breaking in boots too! To answer your question, nope, they aren't! Some are getting there. The La Mundials are pretty close and the Romitelli are pretty broken in. None of the news ones have been on horses yet. Just waiting for spring to so I can get back in the saddle regularly!