Wednesday, August 1, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

What's up this Wednesday you ask? Eh. Not much really. It's been fairly quiet around here this week, so I guess today's post will be pretty short and sweet!
The boys have been getting their groomies and handwalks in every day. Rio gets to have grass too. Poor Jampy still doesn't. But he does get to roll when he wants to.

Jamp had some weird swelling in his hind legs last week, but we seem to have gotten that back under control. I think it was mostly from the lack of turnout catching up with him and maybe a little tiny bit of scratches? I didn't really feel or see much back there, maybe one little scabby spot? Could have been a bug bite? I dunno, I bathed it in Krudzapper and he was fine a couple days. Then he whacked himself in the ankle when he decided to act like a child after rolling on Saturday. So we had to ice and wrap that for a few days... Also seems to be on the mend now. Thank goodness. He has a vet appointment Friday anyway, so we'll have doc check everything over just to be safe. He gets more x-rays to see how he's doing with the laminitis. Hopefully no new changes. Keep all of your crossables crossed for us!
I went to a party this weekend and got to hang out with these awesome ducks.
Do any of you have ducks? I think they're awesome, and if I was up for more things to take care of, i would totally get a few. But I'm all set with pets for now.
No riding this weekend, but I did finally catch up on the horse laundry. Rio gets wrapped all the way around right now every single day, and Jamp was wearing some front wraps for a few days (and also some hind ones the days before that...) so needless to say, I've had a lot of horse laundry. Took me over an hour to roll all of these!
Also, there's bird crap on everything. Freaking swallows.
I guess that's really all I have to report back on... Slow week! I get to ride Bradley on Saturday, so I'm SUPER EXCITED for that! I haven't sat on a horse since the 14th of July. I've been thinking about maybe taking some lessons somewhere or something. I can't deal with this not riding stuff any more!
Due to lack of content... please enjoy these lovely photos of nature I snapped this past week/weekend.
These geese are all grown up! They hang in the 'hood, and have been around since they were little bitties.

This guy was in the barn when I did night check on Sunday

Sunset on my way home from my lobster roll dinner on Sunday

Rainbow from Friday

crazy clouds and Jampy
 How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Did you show? Have a lesson? Meet some ducks?


  1. Ducks are the dirtiest bastards on the planet. 10/10 do not recommend for a barn. They will poop in EVERYTHING. They have zero shame. Your horse's nice clean water bucket? POOP. Your swimming pool? POOP. Water trough? POOP TIMES A MILLION.

    1. Ugh! I would end up in an asylum. Message received and acknowledged. NO DUCKS!

  2. I really wanted a duck, but my mom grew up on a farm and said they are filthy creatures so I wasn't allowed to get one. Rude. I love frogs though and that frog is so cute! Fingers crossed for Jamps!

    1. Carly seems to support your mom on that one. I'm gonna skip the ducks! They're so cute though!
      Agree on the frogs! I hope he stops by again.
      And thank you!

  3. ducks are adorable but dirty as every one says. BUT I prefer them over geese. Geese can get nasty (mean) and nasty (dirty) LOL (Speaking of my goose seems to have flown the coop sigh...oh well....that is a LOT of bandages. I bet you have as many boots as wraps? Possibly? LOL glad you get to ride this upcoming weekend! Wish you were closer!Glad Jamps legs went back to normal how scary!

    1. I mean, if you count non-riding boots, then definitely? The wraps have an advantage though since they come in packs of 4.