Thursday, July 5, 2018

Thursdays Threads

Happy Outfit Day! Today is supposed to be the last day of our heat wave. I'm not sure we're actually going to qualify for a heat wave day where I am though, as I think the high is under 90. But humidity is at 86% so it's still pretty stuffy out there. I'll take it though. I love summer! Since I shorted you all a riding outfit last week, I'll start with my 4th of July riding outfit this week:

I'm not a big fan of riding in tank tops, but when I finally got to Bradley's barn yesterday it was after 1 pm and 96 degrees before the heat index. So tank top it had to be! (And also Gatorade and lots of water... for both of us!) Fortunately, Bradley's barn is very close to the shore, and they actually had a lovely breeze!

Helmet: One K
Low quality selfie anyone? This is my navy One K snakeskin helmet. Obviously, I didn't get a great shot of it though. I wanted to wear my sparkly Charles Owen navy helmet, but the One K has much better ventilation. So I went with that.

Tank: Rue 21
I'm not sure why, but I really like single color tie-dye.

Belt: Mane Jane
I was at first planning to wear my Duftler spur belt, but it didn't fit in the belt loops on these breeches. So I went with Mane Jane instead. You can never go wrong with Mane Jane! (I also am wearing this today, and forgot to snap a photo. How convenient that I have this one already!)

Breeches: Horseware
I originally ordered these breeches because the color was called cherry, and I thought it would be more of a pink/red. But they are RED. Which normally isn't my color. But I decided to keep them because they are perfect 4th of July breeches! The only problem with them, is they have a lot of stitching and seams on them, specifically in the calf area. It was so hot and sweaty, all of those seams were rubbing yesterday. So these are maybe better on cooler days.

Socks: CHJA Finals
These socks were included in our welcome packet at CHJA medal finals one year. I like them, but they weren't printed very well and have always looked faded. Still very functional though!

Half Chaps: Cavallo
Paddock Boots: Cavallo
Spurs: Colortack
Spur straps: Stacie Originals
It seemed no matter how I turned I was in a shadow, so I included that photo of my leg hanging out of the car for color representation. These half chaps and paddock boots are SO COMFY! The leather is soft like butter. I'm not sure how durable they'd be to every day use, but I do love them!

And now for today's outfit!
Kinda dark for summer I guess? But I've been dying to wear these bracelets I have on, and this top matched. So here we are!

Top: Jessy B
PONY SHIRT! I love pony shirts. Especially when they're disguised as "blouses" and are work appropriate! The colors are fun on this one too. Though so many of these horses are upside down. I think the print might have worked better if they flipped the other way.

Jeans: Hudson
I snagged these on sale at Marshalls not too long ago, and they might be my favorite jeans. I love the color, plus they are really soft and stretchy.

Shoes: Sperry
These were an Ebay find, and not long after I purchased them (for $25 plus shipping) I saw them on Sperry's site on sale for $80. So that was a good deal for me! They're navy patent, but they photograph kind of black.

Arm Party!
Lefty is wearing a vintage Manelli bracelet that came from Poshmark, and my trusty apple watch.

Righty is donning an Hermes wrap bracelet that I negotiated down on Poshmark. I LOVE the color, and I just hope it's actually authentic. Otherwise I overpaid. It seems to be though. Looks exactly the same as the one my parents gave me, just a different color. The other bracelet came from Ebay, and it matches the leather one almost perfectly! Pretty stack!
That's it for today! Any favorites? Did you dress in red, white, and blue for the 4th?


  1. We were on the river yesterday and I'm just now realizing I missed a prime opportunity to wear my star star spangled bikini 😂 #fail

    That riding outfit is super perfect though!

    1. Total missed opportunity! I too have one of those, but it is no longer appropriate on me... I need either a serious diet, or a large bikini... or maybe a one piece version? Ha!

  2. I like your loafers! Your heat wave is ending but ours is just starting lol

    1. Thanks!
      Ugh, I hope yours is less humid than ours was!

  3. The 10 year old in most people loves pink and unicorns. My inner 10 yo hearts tyedye! Love the outfit

  4. LOVE the 4th of July outfit, although I agree that I'm not really a fan of people riding in tanks. Those red breeches and half chaps though! Lovely!

    1. Thanks!
      Yeah tanks are reserved for when it's SUPER hot out.