Wednesday, July 11, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

It was a fun weekend over here! Thursday and Friday were fairly uneventful. I had a few horses to braid Friday evening, so that was productive at least. The bottom guy you've seen a few times, but the other two were new manes to me. They were lovely horses. Very polite with great manes!

I slept in a little on Saturday (till 9!) because I didn't get home until well after 1 am. But then it was a pretty busy day! I had a bunch of errands I had to run in the morning. Once those were completed, I got to ride Bradley!
You guys. He was SO GOOD! We just flatted, but we really took our time. I let him warm up however he wanted. Head in the air, short stride, long clumsy stride, whatever. And then I went back to walk and started asking him to pay attention to his body. A little shoulder in, a little haunches in, then both out, etc. Once he was on all my aids at the walk we moved on to trot. Normally as soon as you go to an upward transition he wants to disconnect, get above the bit, and lock up through his whole topline. But this time he stayed right between my aids. It was lovely! I had a little less success at the canter, but we had some nice moments there too. Good boy Bradley!

We got to see some lovely sky writing while we were riding too. Of course it was just an ad... but still kinda fun!
The whole thing said Summer Fun at Mohegan Sun. It's pretty cool how they do this now. Back in the day it was just one plane. But now it's 5 planes and it's like the old dot matrix printers. Seems kind of like a waste to me... but still I was entertained watching it.
After Bradley, it was back home to get my boys out and grab a quick shower before Lobster Fest! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I had a theme appropriate outfit to wear:
Seen here with a similarly appropriately clad neighbor. Why yes, my shoes, bag and dress are all lobster themed! (And my arm party and phone case of course.) This dress even has pockets. Total win.
As mentioned yesterday, we had plenty of lobster for all, as well as steaks for the non shellfish eaters. And other salads and things for sides and/or anyone who doesn't eat the main dishes. While we do Lobster Fest every year, this year we made it kind of a duel purpose party by including a little retirement party flair for my dad to celebrate with his friends. That came in the form of dessert:

But there was also a little surprise lurking behind this island:
Do you know what it is? Here's a hint...
Fireworks! I don't know how she even thought of it, but my stepmom hired a company to put on a fireworks show for my dad. It was an awesome surprise, and he had no idea. My brother made a really neat video from drone footage of the show. He got permission to fly his drone into the fireworks. Don't try this at home, and especially not at a public display! But it is pretty amazing. Check it out here if you have time:

So yeah, Saturday was a lot of fun. And Sunday? Well that was possibly one of my laziest days ever. It happens!
I got up and got the horse laundry started, then headed down to the lake for some breakfast. (Yes! They don't JUST do lobster rolls... haha.) I took it to go though, and sat at the end of the barn listening to some music while I ate it. Next the boys had good groomies and their walks. Rio got to have some grass.

I finished the horse laundry. I had so many dirty wraps it took me 45 minutes to roll them all. Such a slacker.
The short kids didn't do too much. It's been pretty hot which isn't great for Pugs. The asphalt is WAY too hot to walk them on. But we've played in the yard some at least.
The rest of Sunday was spent doing human laundry and attempting to straighten up my disgusting house. This week is fairly quiet. Hand walks for the boys, and I have a few nights of braiding ahead too. No riding on the schedule just yet, but hopefully soon.
Oh and I almost forgot! I wound up getting some photos after all from the Alumni Division at the Skidmore show! Look how cute Sochi is! I think he's a LITTLE annoyed with my general floundering... but he's adorable nonetheless.

 (all photos used with purchase and credited to Shawn McMillen Photography)

I love the candid of us talking with the judge. (They always have a q&a portion during the flat class. Years past have been a bit raunchy, but everyone's a little afraid to push any boundaries these days, so the questions were pretty tame.)

Well, that's what's up this Wednesday! What's up with you? Do anything fun this weekend? Horse show? Lesson? Something non-horsey?


  1. What a FUN weekend! Love the lobster ensemble so much!!

    I had a pretty tame weekend, worked on Saturday, lessoned Sunday then came home and took a long nap, grocery shopped and made dinner!

    1. It was fun! You were responsible this weekend! I was not. I never did make it to the grocery store. Pickings are getting slim in my fridge...

    2. but with all the lobster who needs food in the fridge? I myself don't like lobster (I know my sister and dad disown me on this) HA

    3. I ran out of Lobster on Tuesday!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend to me (especially with all that yummy lobster!)