Thursday, December 26, 2019

What's Up Wed.... Thursday.

Um... well. Wednesday was busy. So I guess it's What's Up Thursday this week. Lots to catch up on!
Let's start with the horses. The vet checked in with me and said all is going well with Pammon. But he hasn't done another ultra sound yet, so I don't really know if the treatment is working or not. No estimate on when he'll come home yet either. But he's in good hands. Miss that goober though!
Last Friday (which seems like ages ago, but apparently isn't quite a week yet) Shiny came out on three legs. Because I mean, it is her turn right? I couldn't ride that night so I had her down for a training ride. Assistant trainer texted me in the morning to let me know. You guys, I think I'm just numb to this crap now. I was like well yeah, sounds about right. Anyway, they were pretty sure it was an abscess and called the farrier for me. Farrier was in agreement and we've been doing the obligatory soaking and hoping since.

It looks to me like it's trying to come out the coronet band, but she's still very painful, so I'm not sure it's really worked its way up there yet. Another call in to the farrier today, so hopefully he can come out and take another look soon. If not, we'll get the vet out. Poor girl. 

Eros has been wonderful as always. We had a lesson Sunday that was great, even jumped a few 3' fences. Moving on up guys! Today's lesson though, he was WILD! Which is hilarious and kind of fun. But a little hard to ride. The worst thing he really ever does is grab and go. Not much of a bucker or spooker which is a nice change for me! It's a total body workout trying to ride through fresh Eros, but it's never scary. And I love that he's feeling good.

Horses aside, it's been a ridiculously busy week! Friday my brother rented out a movie theater so he could watch the new Star Wars movie with 175 of his closest friends (and family). Now you know I have an inner geek. But it's geekdom by relation mostly. Anyway the movie was great if you're into Star Wars.

Saturday was a horses in the morning and present wrapping forever kind of day. We had our family Chanukah party (Mom, brother, and his fam) on Sunday, and I had a LOT of wrapping to do.
Pretty relieved I got it all done before 10 pm, and had time to hang with the pups. They thought my present wrapping was a real waste of time. I took them for a walk earlier though, so they weren't TOO angry with me.
Sunday I had my lesson early, and then did some wrapping for Christmas/Chanukah with my dad and other brother before heading over to Mom's for Chanukah dinner and presents.
So many presents. In no time, it was nothing but carnage.
The holidays really are a ton of fun with some kiddos around. 

Monday was a work day, but after work we had ANOTHER family gathering. Our annual Festivus dinner. It's all my parents (mom, dad, stepmom) plus my brother's family, plus my sister-in-law's family. And enough Chinese food for a small village. I'm still full. 

This year, for the first time ever, my company was closed for Christmas eve. Free paid day off? This Jew will take it! Somehow I had to make not one, but two trips to Walgreens for things I forgot... But also got to ride Eros and soak and wrap Shiny. So it wasn't all chores. I also ate my weight in chocolate and cookies. Tis the season.

I frequently have complaints about the boarding barn. But one thing I really appreciate is that they let us come see the horses and ride on holidays. So Christmas morning I got to do just that. But not until after the pups got to open their santa presents.
Santa/Chanukah Harry left presents for the horses too, so I had to deliver those.
Pammon's are waiting for him in his locker. Santa wasn't sure how to get to the vet's barn I guess? Once deliveries were made, I cleaned our stalls, gave Eros a light hack, and took care of Shiny and her foot.
Then it was off to Christmas dinner with my little brother's 99 year old Grandma. Followed by dessert and Christmakkah with my dad, stepmom, and brother's family. So much family stuff in so few days... But it was lovely getting to spend time with everyone. And all the food. Oye. So much food. 

Which brings us to today! I did the horses early, dropped the pugs off with their grandma, and now I'm in Florida! I felt mildly terrible leaving Shiny with her sore foot, but that is the one nice thing about boarding. She's in good hands, and will be tended to appropriately. Hopefully by the time I'm home next week she'll be as good as new. I have the vet coming out on the 3rd to check her neck and if need be, that foot. 

Not much planned for this Florida trip. My brother and his family are with us, so I imagine a lot of kid friendly stuff. But I hope to visit trainer at her barn at least a couple of mornings. I'm also going to tag along with stepmom when she rides Fefe. We may try and get a lesson together one day too. So that would be super fun!

And that's it from here! I hope you all had a nice holiday break. Do anything fun? Get any exciting horsey gifts? I didn't this year really (horsey stuff I mean, I got lovely gifts, just not horsey ones!), but did get security cameras for the barn which I'm pretty stoked about.


  1. Fingers crossed for both Pammon and Shiny - you deserve for your horses to be healthy and happy.

    1. Thank you! I'm sure they'll both come through this stuff eventually!